Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spectacular 2017

Let's start the story of 2017 with this one.

I spent my last weekend attending an awesome event powered by Herbalife Nutrition.


Ever since I was still back in Pahang, Spectacular 2017 had been one of the most awaited event. We had been planning for the 2 days trip since the last time we get back from LDW2016. It was indeed an eye opening event with a lots of inspiring people giving us advice and knowledge.

The world is huge, so those the sea of knowledge. never stop learning guys. During the event, we were listening to the nutritious talk given by Dr Luigi Gratton who is also medical doctor from USA. There is so many things too share that I think the given time is not enough for him to tell us everything that he want to ahaks!

We also had the chance to spent the two days with Cindy and Kurt O'Connel..!

I met up with hundreds of inspiring people who already change their life to the better and keep on spreading awareness on nutrition and healthy active lifestyle.

Team Pekan - Rumah Sarapan Sihat Pekan (East Coast Region)
Awesome coach she is! On the stage to receive the recognition as an Active World Team Member.
I'll surely joined you one fine day Ibu!

And to be able to spend time with this little pumpkin. She really become the center of attraction during the whole event..
Literally everyone was so geram with her trying to take her away from me. Sorry sis! She's all mine for the weekend... Miahahahahahhahahahahaa... 

SO..that's more or less everything about it. See you guys again on next event aite?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 -- Part 2

Before I fully moved myself into 2017, here's a last post on 2016. Looking back at 2016, seriously man, IDK how I even survived! Haha! The worst of 2016 have to be the moment when I entrust my heart, my life (for the first time of my entire life) to someone who didn't even worth it. And just watching how my trust crumble to the ground, it hurts me -- TWICE.

But hey, I came back stronger apa, and that can be considered as fair lah kan? Walaupun I doubt myself to ever put my trust in human being anymore (okay, exaggerate sangat, meh!) haha..

Okay enough of speaking about my stupidity. Let's move on to the brightest achievement -- losing weight. haha. (Okay, my Master is one of it, but considering that I was supposed to grad in 2015, so yeah, let it be the best moment of 2015).

Losing weight. All my life, memang saya gemok. Masuk sukan sekejap2 turun then balik makan, naik balik. Dulu I always blame the gene

"nothing could be done"

"it runs in the blood"


Duh! that fact really hit me hard. Hence i start my weight loss journey. and guess what, under 5 months, i lose a good 15kg ! side effect of a healthy balanced lifestyle? hmmmm not much..

I just feeling healthier, my jeans were downsized 3 times smaller, i gained more energy, I managed to love myself more! hahahahaha

Guess I'll start sharing my weight loss journey punya story tak lama lagi.. Siapa nak ? ehe!
Okay, let's just wrapped 2016 up already. I'm done living in the past!

Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 -- Part 1

It's been a year since I last posted any entry. Life had been disastrous and 2016 had witnessed too many thing happen in my life.

From success story, to broken heart, 2016 surely had been overwhelming for me.

Lets skipped the long (read boring) part of the story. I'll just summarized everything into one post before I start 2017 with another wish of being active on my blog (every early of the year though) cait!

So, what happen in 2016?

1. I graduated from UiTM with my Master in Information Tecnology (Mummy is so proud of me!)

2. Broken heart (ah it happen all years though)

3. and by end of 2016, I kicked started my career path at SEGi College Subang as an Admin Officer. (they said to be able to get the lecturing position, one have to be equipped with massive industrial background) okay. got it.

That's all.

Looking forward to a more active-blogging in 2017. :P