Thursday, September 3, 2015


While accomplishing my master journey, my supervisor had been encouraging me to produced some papers to be submitted to conferences and proceedings. One of it is ICSCDS2015. 

Read as International Conference on Soft Computing in Data Science 2015. 

It was my first ever experience preseting in an international conference! Sumpah cuak, ketor segala ada. Plus I had a very longggggg journey before I arrived to the venue. 

The conference were being held in Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya from 2nd to 3rd September and my parallel session falls on the 3rd. We spend the first day of conference attending keynote speech and makan all day long. (Except i missed the dinner due to some misunderstanding during the registration process) deng! 

My parallel session runs very smoothly despite of me not being in my best condition. (Too much transits and travellings make me sick!) and my work did received some attention from the floor. It was a splendid experience indeed. All thanks goes to my supervisor for the supports and encouragement. For helping me throughout. 

Till next time, see ya! 

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