Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Post-ViVA (Part 2)

After a loooooooooooonnnnnggggggg break from the computer/laptop screen, here we go again.

and sadly after the loooooooooonggg break, I just realize the cracked on my laptop (believe to happen during the accident I had the night before my final oral presentation).

Nasib baik lah I'm done with all the corrections (and submitted my hardbound--jyeah!) Itu highlight untuk part two. Haks! Alhamdulillah everything went well, ViVA, correction, sampai lah second printing process for the hardbound. Semua dipermudahkan.

Now nervously patiently waiting for my final result before I can finally apply for any job application.

Nampak tak alasan dia nak honeymoon. Hoi! Pakai result last sem pun boleh apply kerja lah! banyak kau punya alasan!

...I'm also in the dilemma whether I shall straightly go for my doctorate. Hem.. Idea guys? T.T Having a hard time weighing all the options available. (Sigh! it's not as easy as how I come to decide on doing my master!)

Takpelah..Still got time for some more thinking and istikharah.

For the time being, masa-masa yang terluang harus la digunakan dengan bijak.

1. I'm spending my time reading books. Motivational, poetic and religious books mostly. Saje. Macam penat mengadap papers and journals, so why not, aite?

2. Revising primary school grammar (I'm having a super hard time while doing my thesis writing though, still wondering how I can score full marks during my degree thesis and my report passed without any grammatical error! *insert shocking face here* I didn't even have anyone to proofread that one, but my sv and examiner said it was among the best). Tp writing master punya thesis punya lah sampai oxford mintak tlg orang proofread *nangis*.

3. Belajar tajweed. Haha. Macam sekolah rendah tak? :P Kesah lah! Jujur yang penting. Bukan tak tau tapi mengingat kembali. Revising to get a better knowledge. Tak salah, kan? :P

4. Ini belum start, but I'm considering on restarting my artwork yg dah setahun setengah tak berasah. I guess my hand pun dah stiffed gilos. Haish!

Okay la, that's it for now. See ya!

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