Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

2013 wishlist.

Yahhh.. I know its kind of late to post this entry up.
I have been working on it like since 1/1/2013
But I just cant think anymore of what I want for this year.

..and while typing this entry I still ask myself what I really want. haha.

Let me now begin with my 2013 wishlist.

1. Of course will be the well being of my dearest family members. I'm wishing that each and everyone of them will lead a happy and another success year ahead. Wishing ALLAH to blessed my dearest parents with good health and long life. Berdoa semoga rezeki setiap dari kami dipermudahkan In Sya ALLAH.

2. A JOB

I just finished my degree and now looking for a permanent/part time job that can help me to earn money. wuuwuu.. Yeahh Nowadays susah nak cari kerja.. So that I decide not to stick only to my degrees and looking for a job that related only to my course taken. *because I dont think I can perform well either* hahaha. I'm going to apply in any available post/department so that I at least can gain knowledge and also experience. Wish me luck guys! :)


FYI, I already reject 2 job offer because of the -own a transportation- and -willing to travel- issue. Seriously I'm like "I dont have any problem about travelling and all because I do really like to travel." But since I only have a B2 license hence it is too impossible to travel by bike. ait? Takkan dari KL nak travel p Penang naik motor? Keras la wehhh!!! >.< So I'm aiming for this. Hehehehe... 


One of the places that I really want to go. Sebab? I'm so in love with Mr. Mickey. :) Yes. Sangat sangat! If ada peluang nak travel oversea than this will be my first choice! 


Been in Sabah for 3 years and I already go to many island. But this time I'm aiming for oversea's. hahaha..Gambar tu dekat Maldives which is extremely impossible for me. *unless ada anak raja ke anak dato' ajak kawen* hahaha.. Tak kesah lah even bukan Maldives pun. Crabi dah cukup baik. Hahahaha...


Those who know me will know how was my passion toward photography. But I sold my DSLR because it's just to big to be carry and sampai tahap malas nak berusung. So I'm aiming for a compact camera and Lumix memang my favorite brand of camera sbb is produce a very beautiful picture. Mula mula had thought on aiming for Samsung Galaxy (SG)  camera but then I already have my Note and SG camera tak boleh tukar lense. So I shifted back to Lumix. 


Hahahaha...tamak seh perempuan ni.. Well what can I do? I'm just so in love with BB.. But one thing that made me worry sekarang is.. Bold 3 still ada jual yang firsthand punya ke? Sebab last year around June when I ask those dealer they said that BB Bold 3 maybe dah tak keluar yang baru. huhuhu. 


Nahhh.. I am a gadget freak... and due to my forever addiction to music, I really wish that I could owned one of these ipod. But I still prefer the old design. Huhuhu. anyone? 


The picture cuma sebagai hiasan but still there are few places in it that I really want to go. Macam Paris, Rome, London, Tokyo...I have to made lot and lots of money to achieve this dream. Hehehe.. But before tu I want to tawaf satu Malaysia dulu. hehehehe... :D

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Berlagak sangat awak niiii...

Tak perlu nak gebang kat inbox aku cakap kau pakai note 2 ke s3 ke.
Sumpah aku tak rasa apa apa.
Sebab bagi aku cukup la dgn apa yg aku ada 
Sbb apa yg aku ada hasil usaha aku sendiri. 
Kalau buat kerja riak bukak chat semate mate nak ckp
"weh. Aku pakai note 2"
Apa yg aku baca dah jadi
"weh. Aku pakai ni. Kau ade? Kau takde. Kau ketinggalan zaman." 
Bla bla bla. 
Tunjuk lah riak tu.
Kalau depan mata aku note 2 ke s3 kau jatuh terhempas jgn marah aku meloncat loncat sambil nyanyi lagu waka waka.
Senang. Kan?


Kalau betul hati boleh menangis. 
Mesti hati sy dah banjir 
Kalau betul setiap kali hati akan terluka bila rindu kan seseorang 
Mesti hati sy dah hancur sbb terlalu rindukan korang semua. 

Setia Hujung Nyawa

Setakat ni cerita yang betul2 mampu tarik emosi aku

Setia Hujung Nyawa. 

Boleh cakap kalah adam dan hawa. 
Entah lah. 
Kalau ikut kan pelakon dia biasa je.
Takde Aaron Aziz pun 
Tapi cerita dia betul dapat tarik emosi aku.
Time sedih aku boleh menangis sama.
Time happy aku rasa gembira dia.
Time bercinta lakonan diorang sampai ke jantung aku.

Tak tau kenapa.
Kalau adam dan hawa tu part best paling2 pun aku sengih sorang2.
Cerita ni boleh buat hati aku kembang.
Dan part sedih dalam adam dan hawa aku takde rase sedih pun.
Tapi dalam setia hujung nyawa ni aku menangis

Masa El menangis.
Masa Zain tahan ego sampai bergenang air mata.

Tahniah untuk penulis novel ni dan crew production termasuk barisan pelakon kesemuanya! :)


In the end.
Those who you had fight with before
That stay with me up until now. 

Thanks awak awak sekalian.
Sebab sudi gaduh dan masam muka dgn sy dulu2
Tapi berusaha kekalkan persahabatan ni sampai sekarang.

Convocation. :)

ah yes. this happen a few months ago.
orang kate dah basi, saya kata biarlah.
right after the convocation ramai sgt yang post gamba convo
That's why I choose to post it a lil bit late. 

A memorable day which I will never forget
It's a reward after 3 years of struggling with books and notes.
After 3 years hard work.
It really paid-off.

A million praise to Allah.
Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.
Thank you Allah for such a great blessed.

A thousand thanks to mummy and daddy who always be there
in time of suffer and joy
who teach me and raised me up so well.
for guiding we through the path of life.
for giving more than I ever deserve
Thank you. Thank you.

the same goes to my 3 other half.
which always support me despite of the distance
who always be there when I need someone.

and to my dearest lecturers.
who teach us and never tired of giving us knowledge.
who guide us through the hardest path
those who enlighten us during our darkest time.

and to my fellow friends.
3 years will never be enough for us
its a very short time for us.
but time doesn't really matter
thank you thank you.
for always be there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
always too kind to lend me a helping hand.
and those memories we had spend together will
i promise that i will cherish it for life time.
thank you again. from the very bottom of my heart.
insya-Allah. We will meet again someday.