Saturday, June 23, 2012

A paused for the 3 years friendship...

It have been aged since I last post any new entry to my blog. Its just that I'm too tired looking at the computer screen. After 6 days resting now only I feel like writing a new entry and the tittle was no other than the last week of the last semester for this last year of my study in University Malaysia Sabah. A sad moment and weeks going through by each and everyone of us. Everyone with their own reason and story behind it. And some just because they value friendship and other things they have very much. Me? I'm kind of person that treat everyone as friends. As long as they didn't do something that can hurt me/people I love, then i'll have no problem dealing with 'em. And as one person make trouble against me then enough said that I'm . done to be good to 'em. :)

Proceed with our last moment together. We have opportunity to spend most of out last few weeks together despite all those busyness. We had our last dinner together, we spend time overnight together, we watch football together until dawn and watch sunrise together. *even me watching from inside the car only*. While I also make space for those special one who're very close to my heart. We had our dinner together before Amie leaving for her flight. We have our dinner together at Pizza Hut after our last final paper. We talk, we eat, we show love to each other. After, Amie said that he gonna meet me before her last flight but it didn't happen the way that we plan when she go back without us meeting for the last time. Quite sad but I think it's ok, there'll be another time for us for sure. :)

Then another sad moment when the next day after we spend time overnight was already my time to go back home, It's the moment for my flight. Lagi tambah sedih bile all my dearest darlings were there. sending me off. To avoid 'em overlooked at my tears, I insist for 'em only to send me at the parking. I don't want them to send me until the departure hall. I know I'll never can resist. Despite that sedihnye masih terasa, menusuk nusuk. Lagi-lagi tengok muka mereka-mereka yang sangat saya sayang. :( Those who had been together with me for 3 years. Crying, laughing, sharing our moment together. Haruslah sedih. Bertahun makan sama-sama, belajar sama-sama, tidur sama-sama *opps*, haha. most of our time, we spend it together, usually me, ziqa, amie, marta. Makan-makan, gambar-gambar, movie-movie dan sebagainya. So sangat terasa dgn perpisahan ini, I think enough until here. Dah bergenang balek ney. :( will continue later. Much love.