Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The New Born. :)

Phewww.. Baru hari ni dpt upload entry ney. Actually bertangguh2 nye sebab asek malas nak transfer gambar dari BB, nak buat entry pakai BB almaklumlah belum berkesempatan mengexplore application tersebut. Heee.. So this is the story. :)

Tanggal 22 February lepas, (22.02.2012) *cantekkan tarikh dia) hehe I receive a BBM sounds like "Ehem, angah dah jadi ayah" and reaction aku mcm biasa kalau benda yg melibatkan baby dan kanak-kanak was like


Hahahaha..tu anak org tu.. belum anak sendiri lagi.. hehehe..Yes my first anak buah selamat dilahirkan oleh ibunya. hehe. Around 10am in the morning I receive a picture through BBM.

Nahh!! Abah dia punya kerja! Sebesar2 muka anak dia nak capture.. heheheee.. 
Once I saw this picture, my hearts melt...
Alahaiii comelnyeeeeeeeeeeee....
Geramnya auntiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....
Nama dia?
*Putera Pintu Syurga yg Terpuji*
Wah. Seindah dirimu sayang. :)
Semoga Rayyan bakal menjadi seperti nama yang telah abah dan ibu rayyan pilih untuk rayyan. :)

Actually angah is my cousin and since ktorg memang dah anggap dia abg sendiri, and I'm also dah start rapat ngan his wife since her early pregnancy. *due to me studying far from hometown, I'm the only one who always missed any occasion held at home* Hehehehe.. Tp sungguh macam sedar taj sedar je masa yg berlalu ney. 22 April genal Ameer Rayyan 2 bulan. Alhamdulillah. Semoga terus membesar menjadi anak yg sihat, soleh dan membahagikan ibu dan ayahmu ye sayang.

Seriously, aunty cant  wait to see you. Wanna hug u, kiss u. hehe.. Tangling with you. Nanti dah besar sikit bleh wrestle2 lagi. hehehehe.. Down here got some more picture of him. Dah besar, tambah bulat and dah pandai posing, pandai tenyum2.. Gerammmmmm.. Hehehee...

owh ye, forget to mentioned. From my observation, Rayyan sgt suka termenung most of his picture yang ibu dia hantar, mesty dia macam termenung je.See..dalam gambar ney pun mcm tgah termenung... Maybe masih memikirkan 

"agak-agak aku ney ikut muka ibu ke abah.." hehehehehe....

Alamakkkk!! Sy dah botakkkkk!!! heeeeee... Pandai senyum dah si bam bam ney. Bulatnyeeee pale diaaa....hehehhe..tambah2 geram nak jmpe..nak jmpe rayyannnnnnn..hahahahaha.... Sampai sini dulu. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I treasure them much. :)

Hye guys. Not so long after my last post right?
Actually been very busy with this and that but manage to steal some times to make new entry. :) 
This entry is all about those people I love. 
That I met here in Sabah. 
Those who never fail to lend me the hand to help,
Their shoulder for me to cry on.
Or at least their ears to hear me. :')
I treasure them as much as I treasure my ownself. 
The picture below is taken during the time I'm here
From the first semester until now. :)

Nahhh...Muka suci lagi baik hati sebelum bertukar jadi sekarang. :P

Ni actually berangan2 jadi mcm siti nak nyanyi lagu Nirmala. Background dancer je kurang.

Haa..Ney jgn ditanya kenapa. Ada cerita disebalik kejadian.
Lokasi Kejadian: Watson 1B

Haaaa...yg all black lady tu bapak payah nye nak amek gamba dia. Introduce u, wawa n ziqa. :)

Haaa.. Ney si panjang ngan si.... #unmentioned. hahahaha..During Family day Intech :)

Okeh. Bab makan serah pada yang pakar. Again MPJ. :)

Here, my 2 lovely dear darling, my friends, my buddies, <3 :)

This is during our outing time. Love them both to death. :)

Here.. Miss World. :) Anne..

Again, I think my laptop disk space is 85% occupies by their face. :P Amie, ziqa.

From left: Marta,Ziqa,Mag2,Amie. During our girls day on semester 5.
Location: Shangri-La hotel lobby

On our way back. Dah macam nak buat cover album kan? :P

Ney dah tak tau kenapa masing2. Berlagak duduk hotel konon. Puihhh..

You wanna know something guys?
Each time I scroll into our pictures.
And reminiscing about the memory we created along the three years journey here.
The first time that come into my mind is.
"Will we ever get the chance to go through all this again?"
Can we re-create the memory the for the very last time before we going to start with our own path?
We're you guys gonna appreciate all this like I do?
The most scariest question that pop outtaf my head is.
Are any of you guys gonna forget me after on?
Yes. That's the scariest question.
But as for me,
As long as my brain is not damaged,
Or I didn't yet fall into the 'deep sleep'..
I'll always remember all those memories that we had created.
You guys were one of the most gift given by God, for me.
This promise I made. 
Even if I lost my mind, I'll surely kept you guys in my heart.
So that even if my heads knocked and I forget the other things.
But deep in my hearts, I always know that I had once know you guys.
The beautiful treasure that I ever found in this path I've chosen.
The people who teach me the real meaning of friendship.
The one who appreciate me for who I am.
And cheer me up when I'm at my worst,
Always be with me when I'm at my best. :')

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I miss this little boy. :)

Sy sangat rindukan this little boy.
As how we remain as baby for mummy and daddy.
That is how he will remain as the little baby for us.
The only small baby that we have.
Active and yet manja berabisss!!
takde adek la katekannn...
SO manjan melampau...ehehehee..
I miss u dekkkk..
Miss you so much..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mid-Semester Break

Mid-semester break..
Others were planning to go here and there..spending this very last semester with friends.
And me?
Here, with books and notes and thesis.
Yes. Like my brother said I don't have life.
Padahal this is my teenage life.
Yet I'm struggling so much with books and notes.
What a wasted teenage life right?
I should enjoy it more. =,=''
But for me, this will be meaningful sacrifice when later I'll be able to see a smile form mummy and daddy during my graduation day.
That's the imagination that I'm having right now.
That make me strong to go through all this days.
I'll surely make mummy and daddy proud of me.
And also you my love. :)
I know u also expecting something from me right sayang?
Having you by my side during these time had help me a lot.
Yes darling.
Even when u jadi mangsa kemarahan I.
U jadi tempat I lepaskan geram.
U'll always able to cheer me up and pretend that nothing happen.
*eh eh dah lari topik*
This is only the start of the mid semester break.
I'll be crazily busy starting tomorrow.
Have to go back and forth to faculty and do my thesis.
After this mid-semester break then half of the testing part will be considered done!
Can't wait for that.
I'm planning to spend 2 days in SKTM and another 2 days in SSS
Hurmmmm..Pray to ALLAH that everything will run smoothly.
Now I've to get back to my thesis and books and notes.
Gonna give you and update later when I'm free
Much love. -xoxo-

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quotes Part 1

It have been ages since my last post. ait? Heee.. Been buzy with lotsa stuff and thingy. Have a little time for my own social life. Ney pun actually tgah working on assignment and preparation for tomorrow's quizzes but curi masa to make new entry.. *wondering if anyone out there missing my entry?* Perasan sudehhh.. Hehehe..

For this entry, I've decided to make some change in my label. Label yang photography tu akan dimasukkan sekai beberapa gambar yang mempunyai quotes2 tersendiri, this is inspired by Jejari Runcing and seems that the idea is overloaded dalam memory otak aku hence I'm going to spilled it out here. Some of the quotes is fresh from my own otak, some were quotes from others and some were the combination of my own ideas and combine with existing quotes. :)

Down here ada 2 sorry sebab baru sempat buat 2.. Too busy with my study and FYP sampai takde masa nak buat photo walk pun! *pathetic me kan? no social life at all! Tu la bahan yang sering digunakan oleh sang abg untuk hentam aku* and jawapan aku? :ADE AKU KESAH? hahaha,, Opps.Ooppss.. dah lari tajuk.. hehehe..okeh continue with my explanation. Since those photo were originally taken by me and during my owh photoshoot session, hence I will put all those pictures with quotes and the fresh from cammy photos under the same label. Start with the 2 picture below! :)