Monday, February 27, 2012

Camim Momot in action! -Part1-

Hye guys! Dah lama dah didn't send any new entry kann?
So tonight I decided to post about this cute little girl.
My momot bobot..
Nama dia Syamim Arina.
I do write about her often before.
Tp today entry will be si camim momot in various action and pose.
Budak momot ney mmg allergic gila dgn camera..
Pantang nampak camera tu kene hulur kat dia..
Macam2 posed akan kuar..
So bawah ney were few of her pose..
Akan dibuat dalam beberapa part sbb I have too many of her photos in my lappy.

Ney ntah anak singh mane sesat ney ha.. hahaha...
Baru balek dari majlis ape tah mase neyh...
*actually atas pale momot tu is cuar dalam yerr..*

*asereje..ha..lehe..leha sakit leherrrr..*
Hahahaha.. Dgn aktif nye...dgn momot nyeee..
Still maintain comel..

Hye guys! See! I'm wearing new set of baju! :0
Baru balik shopping ney tau! Terus je sarung pakai..

I'm wearing abah's shade.. Hahahaha..

Marilah menuju kebenarann...
Ada gaya2 anak ustaz Azhar tak? hahahaha

Okeh ini shades mak..
camim pinjam je...
Sebab camim tau camim comell.. kan????

Oh no..
Please stop snapping me..
I'm too tired! Hahahaha
*actually dia nanges sbb i'm going to leave her*
Sian diaaa..

Okeh..Nie posing momot paling comel..
Ney gambar first dia yg ktorg snap..
Dah pandai nak lentok2 kepala..
Bahaya budak neyh...

Dah..Habisss... Momot saya pun dah penat fer today..So going to be continued next time.. Okeh? Sementara tu saksikan lah kecomelan si momot saya neyhh!! Love u adek.! Muaah2.!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thank You ALLAH

And all the praises goes to HIM..
Thanks for the unexpected things.
For things that I wish..
And now there is this one semester left.
And I know I've to work harder then before.

More prayers.
Less worries.
Yes it is.
And I'll never stop praying.
For HIM is the best place to share every single problem.
HE that will listen to every of our single prayers.
Du'a and tawakkal.
That is the main keys of success..

Alhamduillah..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah Ya ALLAH..
I've made a wrong things before by ignoring YOU after achieving success..
And I'm not going to do it anymore.
All the praises goes to YOU Ya ALLAH..
Thanks for hearing my prayers.
Thanks for returning this smile for me..
Thank you so much..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's all about final year.

Lepas nie hidup dah taktau macam mane lagi.. Dengan terpaksa amek extra credit hour nya. With the ongoing thesis lagi and for sure study lagi.. plus dgn settle hal2 pasal praktikal lagi.. Memang tak terkejar rasanya.. Ney belum betul2 masuk sem lagi.. Result for last sem pun belum dapat lagi... Keputusan dari pihak Ptptn pun masih dalam ketidakpastian. Haaakanayatakudahbungabungacintaaa!

I regret that I'm not putting my 100% effort for the earlier semester. I know I can do it but I'm just too ignorant and no I'm regretting it.. I wasted lots of my time doing nothing and didn't study.. I envy those from my batch that were able to get flying colors in study and yet they enjoy their teenage life as well.

Maybe my own time management was wrong from the start. I really want to enjoy those time and yet strive for my studyl But I don't know how to do so.. Hope this sem will be far more better...

Just my thought!

Saw this post early this morning.
And my thought was like. 
"Why on earth this is happening?"
Who should take the blame?
Who fault that all this thing happens?
As a sports lover.
No matter which game involve.
Despite of any match.
This kind of things shouldn't happened.
As this concern our beloved country's name.
This concern our pride.
Too many people who realized about this condition.
Rather then pointing fingers and blame each others.
Why not make some effort to enlightened back our future.
In football.
In badminton.
Or in any other games.


Raikan cinta.

 Hye guyss... 
Ramai ke yang buat maksiat dimalam Konon2 valentine tuuhhh? 
 Alamat nye bulan 11 nanti penuh la surat khabar ngan berita buang bayi bagai... kan3?
 As for me, I dont need special day as valentine
 to expressed my feelings towards all those people that I love.. :) 
For me, everyday is special if we know how to appreciate the one 
we love and cherish every single moment together..
And the one we loves,
doesn't mean couple/boyfriend/girlfriend/teman maksiat.
It can always refer to those who close to our heart.

This big hearts were specially for the most important person in my life.
My beloved daddy and mummy.
We cherish every moment that we had together.
Always show our loves.
Despite of places and times.
That's y the 'konon2' valentine days was just another ordinary days.
Because we share loves everyday.

And these 3 hearts belongs to my siblings
My rock stars.
My crime partners
We fight alots.
We laugh a lots more.
We cry a lots.
And yet we enjoy our childhood as much as we could.
And we involve in many problems since small
But our togetherness will always able to solve those problems

And all the hearts above belongs to those friends
That never fails to be there when I'm in need.
That always have their words to console me.
Treating me like their own siblings.
Letting me to share their experiences.
And we do creates lots of good and bad memories.

I love you guys. Forever in my heart. :)
You guys were the most valuable yet sincere lovers that I've ever meet!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'll miss her!

I've spend the whole holiday with this little baby..
She's succa adorable kiddo..
With her cute face..
Big eyes..
Totally make me melts! Hehehe
Below is some picture of her.. 


I love lying on other's lap. *sooo Comfy*

Mummy's wallet is sooo yummy..

Mummy..! Let's go to playground..

Ohmenn.. Was that chicken? Yummy...

My sulking face that never fails to trick people. hehehe..

I love this one so much. She is in her own world.


I'm in my own world.. Hehehehe..

Yes.. I'm a big girl.

Feel the warmth.

This picture is actually taken at the same morning with the house picture.
I'm fond into the beautiful sky.
The crusty skies.
The cloud.
And the sun rising behind the water tank.
It give me such a warm feeling. 
That I'll surely missed a lot after this.
This were taken the day before I come to KL.
It was such a breezy cold Saturday morning.
ALLAH please grant me more opportunity to watch YOUR great creation.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This is where I belong.
From birth up until now.
Here is where all the memories were kept.
And might more memories could be created here.
This one is captured in one fine morning.
I love the clouds.
And the house make it looks perfect.
It is where we siblings grew up together.
Sharing our childhood memory.
And get lots of scars and wound around here.
I love the house placing here too. 
I love everything about this place. 
And all the people in it too.
With Love.


I love vespa so much.
I wish that I could own one of them.
Then I'll make it either blood red or dark violet.
It doesn't need any messy accessories..
It will be a simple vespa.
Look simple but will be elegant enough.

Enough to make people turn their head twice.
Above one is my favs.
Their color looks expansive.

And this one is also one of my favs.
So anyone?
Ade yang baik hati wanna buy me one? 

Blast yesterday.

Hye guyss! Sorry I didn't make any entry these few days. Had been very busy running errands. Going here an there. And yesterday was the best day that I ever had since holiday started. I went to Kuantan with my best girlfriends and have a great day together. We first had our lunch at OLD TOWN before going to ECM for movies and shopping..

We decide to watch Chronicles since my other friends tanak tengok cerita hantu.. I nak tgok Kum2.. Tp sebab ikut kata major, so terpaksa la korbankan kum2 and go for Chronicles instead.. Quite a nice movie.. About superpower and benda2 yang seangkatan dgnnya.. After habis movie ktorg jalan2 around2 ECM sbb Tina nak carik kasut.. Me too actually tp keep it for my self first.. Hehehehe..

Then I just get myself a watch.. Dah lama teringin nak beli jam..Ney baru lepas.. After adek Tina finished their movies, we set to Teluk Chempedak.. Before sampai sana, ktorg singgah to my aunty' house to take some things and later we head to TC.. Dekat TC lagi lah kelakar okeh.. Kalau kat Sabah me suka lari daripada anjing, sini lari dari monyet.. Hahahahaha.. Monyet situ sangat ganas and main kejar2 org.. Hahahaha.. Sementara yang bedua and bertiga tu smangat2 amek2 gamba bagai me and Fahila went to McD for some evening snacks.. Hehehehehe...

After tu ktorg gerak balek Pekan sbb nak kejar Gemersik Kalbu last episode.. Hahahaha..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Time wasted!

I think I've wasted my holiday bila I only making a few entry in my blog. Nak buat macam mana.. Dah sepanjang cuti pun not much activity.. Asek sakit je.. huk2... And my holiday is coming to it's end.. And I still didn't ready to go back to uni. How lah? ;(

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Al-fatihah adik.

All this time, this label contain only people who inspired me through their writing, through their strength. And who can ever expected that today I'm writing about someone who I had knowned in my real life. He is my world's close friend younger brother. He just sit for his SPM examination and didn't even get the chances see the result of his hardwork effort.

We might not be really closed but still we do have our own memories too. Right? There is time when we able to talk freely, when we make jokes of each others, when we do laugh to the fullest and enjoy the time.. But that was years ago, when I'm still in my high school and you were just a little boy.. And as time passes by, we become awkward to each other. Time do play their own roles and make us become total strangers. But still, without a long conversation or teasing each other, you never fail to give me sweet smile when we met.

But today, 5th February 2012, you left us. In the most tragic way that we can never imagine. Getting a call from your kakak telling me that you involve in an accident didn't really shock me. But once I heard about there is one person who died in the accident my heart automatically beats faster, and the third call where your sister were crying so much, I know that there is something happen. And yes, your kakak cry while telling me about you. Whatever she was before, just know that she loves you guys very much..

I'm not good in expressing feeling. That's why I choose to write this. Once hearing about the news, I rushed to your to look after the other. Maybe people will see that there is so much difficulties, but as far as I can see, you were chosen by HIM right on the birth date of our beloved prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W... HE loves you, that is why he choose you. And upon hearing from your sister that you were smiling while arriving home, I'm a relief. At least your face doesn't show that you're in pain. At least, you're giving them the best impression before going far away.

I dedicated this post to you because for me you are as much as a little brother that I've always wished to have. Just know that your mom, dad, kakak, and the others really love you very much. And they were very strong to send you away. Be happy and might ALLAH place you among the people that HE loves. Amin..

Al-Fatihah Ahmad Saiful Nizam B. Amer Nordeen.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I love photography?

Kenapa? Kenapa? Kenapa? Hahahah.. Sanggup perabeh duit untuk camera and accessories lain.. Then pantang ada masa lapang je segala event yg didengari nk join.. Kelek camera besar gedabak tu kesana kemari.. tp y still I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY SO MUCH?

Heeee... Jawapan yang pasti is sebab minat, passion, hobby, dan cinta pada seni.. Yes.. Tu lah jawapan yang tepat!! PRECISE bak kate org kampung aku.. Duit boleh cari babe, simpan duit bebanyak pun bukan bleh bawak masuk kubur... kan3?  Setiap event yang ade harus di join kalau ade masa lapang..sbb biasanya pada event2 macam ney lah dapat jumpe dgn photographer2 lain and bertukar2 pendapat.. Camera besar? Rilek lah..kau ke camera lagi besar? Hah?? Jawab2!!!

Hehehehehe..Kalau org baca entry ney mesty ada yang cakap

:"Aaahh banyak lah alasan kau tenn"

Ye what.. sape yang tanak baca aku mebebel sila benti sampai sini..Sapa yang baca ayat ney maknanya dia masih ade kesedaran sivik dan bersedia nak kongsi cerita ngan aku..hehehehehe... Tahniah lagi sekali..weeeeee..!!!

Okeh...For now, aku dah redah agak banyak tempat tuk sesi photography.. Banyak event yang aku dah join.. Samada just random scenery photography or yg ade model..semuanya yang dirancang sesama sendiri... takde lagi yang betul2 serius punya..harap dapat join satu... huhuhuhuhu...

Down here is some places that I want to go for photography session.

1. Jeju Island

2. Venice / Paris

3. Broga Hill (taktau nape sini famous betul dikalangan photographer)

4. Sipadan Island (sunset/sunrise)

5. Waterfall (tak kesah la mane2)

Setakat ney ney jelah tempat2 yang bermain dalam pikiran skang... Hehehehehe.. See you next time~

Salam Maulidur Rasul

Salam Maulidur Rasul.. Ada yang join perarakan tak? or just duduk rumah tgok perarakan? Hurmmm.. Korang tau tak apa maksud hari ni sebenarnya? Jangan igt new year jgn igt christmas je oiyy! Harini sangat bermakna bagi kite semua yang beragama Islam..

Ini merupakan hari memperingati kelahiran junjungan mulia Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.. Nabi kita yang tercinta.. Korg igt tak sejarah junjungan Mulia Muhammad? *jangan nak hafal biodata artis k-pop je oiyy!* Sekali sekala amek la tau pasal nabi kesayangan kita neyh... Tak susah pun nak sahut kalau setiap kali dgr nama Baginda di sebut. Tak sampai segelen air liur tu yg luak.. So? Ringan2 kan lah mulut anda ye.. *peringatan tuk diri sendiri jugak*

I don't know if our place got any big event for this day.. Tp yang pasti sempena dgn bulan rabiulawal ney..Jom la kita ramai2 berzikir, berselawat..semoga pahala kita digandakan..

Sampai sini dulu penulisan nukilan saya for today.. See again next entry! ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Wishlist..

Finally...decide to update my blog with this post.. Here are my 2012 wishlist.. *ada lah putera raja baca* hahahah...

1. Grading!

After 3 years of studying and torturing my mind with all the coding and thesis and other things..It's time for me to get the so-called haunted scroll..!! Semoga semua dipermudahkannn!!

2. Samsung Galaxy Y

Heeeee,,, After Blackberry..this is the phone that I dream of having.. Pleasee...!! Reallt want it!! Huhuhuhu..

3. Ipod Classic

Weeeeehuuuuuu..!!!This can surely satisfy my lust towards music and songs.. Hehehehe.. *mama please baca this one* HIGHLIGHTED!!

4. New watch..
It have been almost 2 years that I last buy a new watch.. And above is my favourite watch!! *ade sapa2 baikhati nak hadiahkan takk?*

5. Speedlight
My baby canon want this so much! *and so is it's owner* hehehehehe.. I really want to grab on of this.. huhuhu..

6. 70-300mm lense
I've wishin for this lense sejak bezaman lamanyaa.... Tapi hargamyaaa.... *mampu ternganga je lah oiyy!!*

 7. Beg baby yang baruu!!
Heeeeee..!! another accessories for my baby canon! I actually want the EX one.. since it it fully lathered. Tgok lah nanti macam mane.. *hahahahahha*

 Heeeeee... Thats all... Lalalalalalala.. ;)