Saturday, January 21, 2012

Holiday yang semakin hangat!!

Hehehehehe..from the title you guys mesti dah bleh agak apa yang saya nak ceritakan..kan3? Holiday I semakin hangat  yawww! Membara.. Full with trip..Going here and there... Heeee.. :D

Semalam baru lepas ke Jengka..Jenguk adek yang tak dapat cuti same ngan kitorg.. Sian diaa.. huhuhhu.. Takpelah dekk..yang penting uh study... Hehehhe...tak lama dah sinc you are going to finish it  by the end of this year kn..? :)

And to day I'm going to have another trip to Keratong.. Just teman my cousy for a wedding ceremony... K lahh.. got to goo!! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drama Novel!

Kalau korg perasan, lately ney banyak novel2 best yang diangkat menjadi Filem @ drama.. And most of them were gaining lots and lost of viewers. And all of the novel is among my favourate novels. Hehehehe.. Gemersik Kalbu, Bicara Hati, and Ombak Rindu.. Semua tu my favourite novel tau!! And I've read them like hundreds time.. Huhuhuhu.. That is when I'm still a teenagers lahh.. Reading were one of my hobby. Sekarang pun I still Love reading. Cuma dah berkurang.. Maybe sebab jalan penceritaan novel yang dah banyak sangat ulang2 jalan cerita.. Kadang2 bosan plak tuhhh.Sbb pemikiran novelist tu kita dah bleh baca.. Dah bleh agak ape nak jadi pada next step cerita dia.. Jadi bila kita dah bileh agak mcm tu kita jadi bosan la nak baca.. kan3?

Tp still, I like to stroll in the book store. Looking for any new interesting novel. Usually I choose to read the synopsis at the back of the book. And sometimes I prefer to read the Prolog, middle part of the story and the Epilog. Dgn cara tu saya boleh menilai kualiti satu2 jalan cerita tu.. Saya lebih cendrung membaca novel2 cinta (standard lah perempuan kan) and novel2 yang berkisar tentang family.. And even frenship.. Tp usually this three element were blend together and written in one novel. So saya tak kesah lah.. Dulu2 selalu gak buat novel exchange ngan schoolmate, ngan cousins. Sbb most of them pun gila novel gak..

Kitorg sampai ade satu library sendiri kat umah tau! Banyak novel and comics inside..Hehehehhe.. I do love reading. Mungkin skang neyh more to religion books and motivational books. Tp still if I do have extra money and times, I will buy some novels or sometimes comics.. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After so long!

Aarrrrggghhhh!! I'm using this holiday sooo wisely.. Leisuring and sleeping... I'm in heaven lah wehh! Hehehehe.. Sampai nak bukak lappy pun dah teramat lah malas dan malassss!! Hehehehe...Ney I bukak just because my BIS dah tamat and I didnt even realized that.. So bukak lah sebab dah terlampauboring tak tau nak buat ape.. nak naip ney pun terasa amat la malas sgt.. huhuhuhuhu... so sampai sini dulu lah erhh..tgok la nanty2 kalau ade rasa rajin I baru bg update...huhuhu.. babayyy..!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I think it have been a long time since I wrote seriously in my blog. It's not that I don't have any idea. It's just that I'm too busy with study and so many other things. But today I've decided on writing a more serious post. Hehehehe. It's going to be quite funny entry.. But I'm not going to continue it here.! It will be on my next post.. Hehehe..See you guys there..! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

5 down! 1 more to go!

I feel great! Hahaha. Even my body feel very very tired and sakit sana sini. But still I feel great sbb my final is going to finished in few days lagi! Satu paper je tinggalll..Auhhhhhh!! And then I'll be in Pahang!!! Wuuhuuu..!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Final And Happy 2012!

Hye all!! :) Nothing much. Just another quick update on my daily life. Hehehehehe.. *even takde org nak tau pun kan???* Kui3.. Hmmmmm.. I've been very busy this few days with reading and revising. And I barely get a good night sleep. Only sleep around 3 to 4 hours per day and my eyebags were getting bigger and bigger everyday!! *bahagia kutt!* Bahahahahahahahaha... I spend my new year with books and notes eating meggi and nescafe in my own room! *no life kan?* hahahahaha. Lantak lahh.. As long as I'm able to stuff all those notes into my mind. And hopefully I could perform the best. My final is going to start tomorrow wehh.. Huhuhuhuhu...

And my preparation was like......?? 40%? 50%? erghhhh.. I dont know either... Final around new year is seriously not a good way to start a new year. Hahahahaha.. Because you were getting pimples all the way and weight gaining is a common things that tends to happen. hoyeahhh? So was that really how you wanna enjoy the upcoming new year?? Haaa?? Hmmmmm... Tapi nak buat macam mane kan? Still have to live with it.. So yesterday during 1 January 2012, rather then tapau nasi bungkus and eating alone in my room, we've decided to go out for a new year meal. *KFC je pun*

Tak kesah la as long as special from other days kan?? So we had our lunch *me with housemmate* at the nearby KFC and spend around 2 hours melepak and releasing our tense. Hahahahaha.. That is my first memory of the sem with my dearest hommate wehh!! *padahal dah nak habeh sem* huhuhuhuhu.. Sory ye kengkawan.. I've been too busy this sem that we don't have time to be spend together. Tengok la sem depan macam ne. I guess I will be busier. Hahahahaha.. So down here were some picture from yesterday. :)