Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pause for the three years journey.

Alhamdulillah. After 3 years of hardwork. Finally everything repay. I'm now an official System and network management graduates. Officially a degree holder. Half of bahagia bagai naj menjerit, tp sebahagian dari hati, sayu. Sedih. Finally graduating means the pause for our 3 years friendship. No words can describe this feeling. Zero. Empty. I will be missing each and every moment of us. Everything. Dari makan bersama shopping bersama keluar bersama dan bermain bersama. Semua moment. Aku janji. Aku kenang. Sampai hujung nyawa.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New baby

First time posting an entry from phone. Sekian.sila tampar budak beria ni

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wahai bakal pemilik hati.

Selalu terdetik dalam benak saya.
Dimana awak sekarang, apa yang awak buat sekarang.
Pernah saya rasakan bahawa takdir tidak adil.
Kerana masih belum membawa kita kepada satu titik pertemuan.
Saya masih mencari, dan berharap awak akan datang tanpa perlu saya terlalu mencari.
Dugaan dunia sekarang, kadang rasa tak tertanggung.
Kadang terlalu besar dan berat.
Pada saat-saat itu saya begitu mendambakan kehadiran awak.
Sy tau dgn ada awak, sy mungkin lebih kuat untuk harungi semua.
Saya tau saya mesti akan lebih tabah.
Tapi cepat saya kembali pada janji ALLAH.

"Tidak ada ujian yang terlampau berat untuk hamba-NYA. dan apa yang diturunkan itu adalah bersesuaian dgn kudrat hamba-NYA"

Maka saya kembali berpijak pada bumi.
Awak kene tahu, bakal pelengkap rusuk kiri awak ni.
Sepertimana awak, masih terus berusaha melengkapi diri.
Dengan ilmu ukhrawi.
Masih belum layak saya menginginkan kehadiran awak jika diri saya belum sempurna.
Masih belum layak saya menyayangi awak sekiranya belum sempurna cinta sy pada Pencipta.
Saya mungkin tidak sempurna. 
Ada cela sana sini. Ada kurang sana sini
Maka saya harap hadirnya awak satu hari nanti.
Bakal melengkapi apa yang kurang pada saya.
Akan menutup seterusnya melindungi cela saya. 
Saya harap, saya pohon, saya tanpa lelah berdoa.
Agar pada masa kita ditemukan nanti,
Kita sudah saling bersedia. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012


Being there, I learn the true meaning of friendship. I'm not really good in expressing myself face-to-face. So everything, I write it down here in my blog. Hye guys, I don't know how many of you would be able to read this. I just wanna thank you for always being there when I'm in need. Supporting each other like siblings. Those moment we had spend together, were one of the most precious moment in my life. Those I intends to kept as on of the sweetest moment in my life.

The very first time when I arrived there, all alone by myself. No family to supports me and everything was new. The environment, the peoples. From there, during the orientation week, I'm able to get to know those friends. Some were still are up until now. One of the person that I love the most. Kak Neesa. She take care of me right a real sister does. Oh ye kak! Congratulation for your engagement!

Then, slowly my friendship circles enlarged. Getting to know each and everyone of you was a very precious gift. :) Ziqa, Amie,Marta, Annette, Mag2, Ceng, Wa, K. Imel, K. Kas, K. Ijan, Ann. Erghh. I lost count. :')

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday cousin!

Well, 10th September 2012. Although it was a lil bit late to start with my September post. But today was somehow a special day. Heheh.

Last 22 years on this date, my aunty (my mummy's elder sister) had gave birth to this little baby, (my cousin) Hehehehe.. Who knows, we grow up to be this close up until now! :)

We have walk through so many things.
We have encounter so many obstacles.
And today, together we're going to enter a new phase of our life. 
I'm gonna thanks Ateh for giving birth to a special cousin for me.

Well darlings, I'm wishing you bless birthday!

I've now found the strength.

I've been surprised with something big last two days.
Something big, doesn't mean something good.
Yes, I'm stunted.
It was 10.30 pm while I received that text. I'm shocked.
Watching my favorite sequels on screen was like watching the tv show I hate the most.
I can't feel my leg touching the ground. I feel nothing. Completely zero feeling.
And the first thing coming outtaf my mouth was.

"Why was this happening to me? Ya ALLAH, how many test more that you going to put me through?"

I know, I should't react like that, but that was the first thing that cross my mind.
I reply the text, my hand shaking vigorously, my heard stumping hard, and my mind went blur.
I didn't ask for further explanation. I don't want to.
I just made everything clear, because what she's sending me was somehow blur.
I was saying I won't run into her and she won't hear anything about me anymore. Never.
I call my friend, I text all of them and unexpectedly, I receive thousands of reply.
Then I realized, you're not even worth it for me to fight for.

My lovely cousin was there, comforting me.
Yes I do broke into tears,
But let's take the tears as a signal of me regretting my self knowing you.
I'm forced to face 'lost' a few times before and yo're the one who I turned to.
But now I realized that you're no different than the others!
And the most important thing was I realized there's many others who loved me and treat me well.
They deserve me and I want to be with them for whatever it takes.
After all those calls and text, before I dozed off.
I kept reminiscing, and I kept thinking on how I'm gonna let mummy know about this.

Well, it's not that hard. As I tell mummy, she went all relieved and saying that she likes it that I'm no longer your friend.
Or should I say you're no longer mine.
There's a wide gap between us and not only that, our thinking were so widely different too.
And yes, mummy thanked me for not being friend with you anymore.
I'm not saying that my mummy teach me to make enemy.
Hey! You're the one who set off everything, so I guess KAU YANG SUKA BERMUSUHLAH KAN?
Well, mummy never restrict me to befriend with whoever I want to.
But there's sometimes she said she doesn't like me befriend with certain people.
Well you can say, mummy know us best.
But I didn't hear her advice. But well, mummy does happy knowing that I'm no longer your friend. :)
Well, there are 9.9737 billion people on earth, you can't expect me to befriend with everyone right?

And hey! The fact that there is 9.9737 billion people on earth.
One you wouldn't hurt me.
And now, I'm glad that we're already walking on our own path.
Which diverts quite huge I can say. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Another news on this Syawal. But this actually happen last year where our beloved lecturer, the best we ever had I guess, left us without us acknowledge it. Al-Fatihah.. 

Sir Abdul Rahman, the first lecturer that I getting closed to from the first semester.

He's more like a father to us. Especially after getting to know that he's actually an Indian Muslim. He's such a resemblance of my daddy and he really treat us like his own. Al-fatihah again. Below

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Live with Fizi and Ahmad @HotFM

Hye guys! Whachhu doinnngg?? Ehehehehe

I'm now listening to HotFM with the two boys as their guess this morning. Yerp.

Yerp, dua budak lelaki yang dapat perhatian masyarakat lepas iklan Raya terbaru dari Bernas ditayangkan. Korang dah tengok? If not yet, you guys were surely missing something important and big. Because for me, that 7 minutes ads have so many advice and lesson to be learn.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How I wish..

Sincerely, from this little heart of mine. How I wish I'd be given a chance to celebrate aidilfitri with my grandparent. How I wish. :(

Al-fatihah untuk arwah opah and arwah tok tan. Semoga roh arwah sentiasa aman disana dan ditempatkan dikalangan hamba NYA yang mendapat perlindungan.



This post is specially dedicated to my beloved, missed most auntie. Who had already left us for more than 3 years. Al-fatihah.

She passed away when I'm about to enter University to pursue my degree. During her life time, I usually spend time at her place, from there that I become closed to her only daughter and sons. She keep asking me to visit her at her place after she moved into a new house. But, its on the day she passed away that was the first time I step to her house. I'm sorry Encik! I had always wish that I'm big enough during that time so that I can visit you on my own, without others worried about me. But I'm too young for that. I'm sorry that I only came the day when you left us. I'm really sorry.

Just know that I love you the way you are. You, the one who had never failed to lend me some of your spirit when I'm downed. You're more or less like a second mom to me. *You are my mom's sister after all*

I'll always remember our fasting memories when we're on our way to visits Kak Echa at her uni. When we breaking fast inside the car. The special menus you cook everyday when I', staying with you. The open house that I attend. Oh auntie! I just missed you very much!

I still remember the time when I'm about to go for dentist during the fasting months. You were there, making the Almond London Cookies. And I run away from the dental clinic. Mama was so angry that she don't wanna take me anymore but you both convince me that it was nothing to be worry about. and i have my dental surgery on that day.

I missed you auntie. Like no word in this world could ever describe how much I missed you.. If only be given a chance.\, I really wanna hug you again. But now that seems possible, what I'm capable to do  was only to send over prayers and du'a. Semoga encik sentiasa didalam lindungan dan pelihara ALLAH. Sepanjang hidupmu tak pernah mengabaikan Tuhanmu, semoga kasih sayangNYA berpanjangan untuk encik dan semoga DIA sentiasa menempatkan encik dikalangan Hamba-hambaNYA yang beriman. Amin...

Childhood Raya Memory

Hye gaiz. Ehehe. Not even hour before my last entry. *lantak lah. belog aku bukan belog kaww*

Well, I'm actually have nothing to do. Goyang kaki dari pagi kaki pun dah rasa nak tercabut dah. =.='' So jom, kita mengenang kenangan kenangan lepas.. I guess, everyone do have the same feeling as what I felt right now. For each passing years, raya seems to be a little less fun. Padan pun dah besar gajah kan... Ngahahahaha..

I still remember the time when semua kecik-kecik lagi and all the cousins still not married yet. Uhhmm... Raya eve was the night that everyone had been waited for! Sejak awal puasa lagi dah berkira-kira nak buat apa malam raya! Oh my! I missed those feelings.

Dulu masing-masing takde FB, twitter, apa lagi handphone. Jadinya tatau sapa yang nak balek. Petang Ramadhan *usually sehari dua hari begore raya* excited memasing tunggu depan tangga rumah. kotkot ada sedara yang balek. Yang pasti, one day before raya, memang dah fullhouse! Lepas je berbuka hari last puasa, yang golongan uncle2 smua ke masjid untuk takbir ramai-ramai. aunty-aunty semua kat dapur masak itu ini

Oh well. Don't say that you don't know.
Kat tanah lahhhh!!!
Nyala pelita, main bunga api, main mercun.
Yang besar-besar sikit extreme sikit
And abg was their play-maker. 
Yang mengajar macam2..
Makecik is our annual penyumbang kepada bunga api dan mercun..
It was so much fun!
Bukan setakat bunga api beli, we even make our own bila tak cukup
ikat keluli besi dekat lidi pastu bakarrr!!!


Sekarang masing-masing dah besar, there's no such things lagi.
Cousins ramai dah kawin so memang takde nak kumpul2 sangat unless pagi raya.
Itu pun susah sangat dah nak dapat penuh.
Ada je yang kene ikut suami lah..
Tahun ney turn balek kampung wifey lah.
When are we gonna get to spend the time like before lagi?
Ini belum masuk part adik beradik sendirik yang kawenn
kira sekarang syukur lagi lah sbb adek beradek stilll dpt kumpul
even abg jarang jarang sangat dapat beraya sesame...

Till then. 

Raya Countdown

Pejam celik pejam celik.
Eid is just around the corner oiy!
Weekend ney dah raya!
I guess it doesn't suit my age for me to be cheering like that. Ait?
Who cares?


Again, abg will not joining us for this raya. haihh.
It's his call for duty.
So what else we can say.
I think this is our second year raya without him.
God bless you abang!
Take care and just know that we miss you very much!

This year raya, I can say that it gonna be quite happening.
Cousins, aunties, uncles.
Macam biasa lah berkumpul.
And kak echa is coming home for Raya! WeeeWuuuu!!!

Ok. Excited melampau disitu.
Apa-apa pun wait for my next update. Ya?
*fateen berangan macam blogger hebat yang follower sentiasa tunggu hapdet*
Kesah plakk? :P

Heavy Head All Week Long.

Gosh, Super sleepy I can say.
I dunno what's wrong with my head lately.
It's the last week of ramadhan. 
Sepatutnya makin banyak kejar ibadat. 
Tapi yang jadi macam makin banyak kejar tido.
What to do?
Sampai-sampai office dah semacam berat je mata...
Landing kejap nanti sedar-sedar dah dekat Zohor.
Lepas je zohor buat sikit dah pukul 4.
Siap-siap, balik rumah.
Pastu sampai rumah around 5++ dah sibuk kejar bazaar.
Oh my. Nanti tak sempat rehat terus siap-siap untuk berbuka pulak

Dah berbuka nnti tak lame lepas maghrib
ada je nak beli itu ini, lagi-lagi dekat raya ni.
Aishhh.. Sungguh wehhh! Letihh!
Balek membeli kang perasaan yang ada nak tdo je.. 
Pastu routine berulang esok harinya....

And this week kepenatan berpuasa memang dah sampai ke kemuncak..
Kemuncak yang amat tinggi sekali..
Rabak dah rasa mata ngan kepala. 

Ehem. Am I sounded like am complaining right now?
I know I shouldn't

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ramadhan's gonna ended soon.

Hye guys, its not too long after my previous post right? Ngeehheee...tengah ada mood nak menghapdet blog, makanya bertali arus entry yang dipost. Hmmm.. Arini marks the 21 days for us muslim going through this fasting month. Siapa sangka, begitu cepat masa berlalu kan. So how's fasting guys? Ponteng dop? :P

Well, tak lama lagi Ramadhan bakal melabuhkan tirai dia. Dan insyaALLAH diberi peluang dan kesempatan umur, kita akan singkap tabir syawal sekali lagi. Alhamdulillah. Kita masih diberi peluang olehNYA untuk meraikan bulan kemenangan ini. 

So macam mane preparation raya? Berapa puluh helai baju pulak korang beli? *okeh aku perli sila terasa* Ngahahahahahha.. ME? I HAVEN'T PREPARE ANYTHING FOR RAYA!!

It's about one week to go and yes, I haven't bought myself anything. Rasa macam besok going to hit Kuantan, so maybe I could buy something? Maybe. List KEPERLUAN dah semakin panjang meanwhile list KEMAHUAN tak terbuat lagi and the highlight is KEMAMPUAN agak terkekang.. 


Kita tengok je lah besok guane yekkk.. :)

I nearly cried watching this.

Nasib dekat office. Kalau kat umah lame dah meleleh ney cerita dia. :(

I first hear bout this from Nezha then nampak video ney kat blog Hanis Zalikha .Try tengok rupanya ini iklan yang diorg duk cerita2 tu. Ok. Sedih.

Don't regret it after it too late. These boys were longing for their mother that left them masa diorg kecik. Kita? Selagi ada sila hargai. 


Must have dish this ramadhan.

memandangkan diary ramadhan ku dah kelaut, ke gunung belaka ada, then I'll not gonna continue lagi dah! But this entry was make during 21st Ramadhan 2012. :) So guys, macam mana puasa? Tiba-tiba rasa macam all this while saya mengarut sorang2 je kat blog ney. ahaha.. tapi kesah pulakkan? Sukati aku lah! Entry ni pasal dishes yang wajib ada sepanjang bulan puasa tahun ni. WAJIB ada ye.

1. Custard filling puff.

Rasanya pakcik yang jual kuih ney pun dah naik pelik gamaknya kenapa aku tak pernah2 jemu makan benda alah ni. Tp still, I'm quite choosy. Based on the filling, pastries, yer saya sangat memilih. Sebab most of them tk pandai buat, jadi bila sekali saya dah rasa sedap, mmg dgn pakcik tu jelah saya beli. 


This was actually daddy's favs. Ceritanya memang akan ada setiap hari sepanjang 30/29 hari puasa. Huhuhuhu..

3. Asam boi kasturi drink.

Asam boi kasturi drink. Well. It can really overcome your thirst. I can say, it was super delicious. It worth your money. RM2 for a big bag of this, well, it was totally worth it!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hangat-Hangat Bubur Lambuk

WUuuuuu.. Impian nak menghapdet diary ramadhan ku setiap hari untuk ramadhan kali ni last2 sekali berlangsung separuh jalan. :'( Sebab kesibukan melampau yang melanda next week. Tak dapat nak update. Tak dapat! Huhuhuhu.. Semoga lepas ni dpt lah hapdet banyak lagi. Semoga. Semoga. Ini sampai bawak balek kerja office ke rumah...... =,=''

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sayang 3 Dalam 1

Novel ney sy baru je habis baca semalam. I take only one day untuk tamatkan novel ney. Semua sebab novel ni best and even jiwang, dia tetap penuh dgn pengajaran. *ini bergantung kepada macam mane sesorang tu menilai*

Cerita ni is between Aryana and Arel. Actually tak macam novel novel lain, saya tak dpt agak apa yang akan terjadi seterusnya. That's why I just can't stop reading this novel. Miahahaha... Tak sangka yang last last part tu. Padahal pertemuan diorang singkat gila and perasaan masing masing macam ragu ragu. Lepas tu satu lagi tarikan dalam cerita ini ialah Bahasa Koreanya. Hehehehe. Siap ada nama fruitheart I lagi Jung YongHwa okehhh! ehehehehe..

Novel ni banyak tarikan bagi saya sebab both hero ngan heroin dia adalah graphic designer. Yang mana salah satu bidang perkerjaan yang saya suka sangat and tambah pulak si Arel suka photography and Aryana suka drawing. Both tu my passion weh!

Jadi seni yang menyatukan mereka walaupun lif yang menemukan mereka. Ehehehehe.. Cerita ny fun, tp bila sampai tahap serious, ada serious nya. Bila sampai tahap romantiknya, saya baca senyum sorang sorang. Ahahahaha.. Tp worth my time lah baca buku ni. And saya dah siap boleh berangan macam mana muka watak watak dalam novel ni sebab semua penerangan terperinci boleh tahan.

Azim : Muka ala Aaron aziz kurang sini sikit lebih sana sikit. Ahaa.. Mane lah kite tak terbayang kannnn..

So sape-sape yang dah baca novel ney, jom lah share pengalaman korang. Siapa penggila novel yang belum baca novel ney, silalah cari dan baca.. :)

Novel Novel Novel!

Yes. Mood petang ni nak bercakap pasal hobby-hobby ku semata! Ngahahahaha.. Another hobby yang aku suka and selalu buat is baca novel. Yang sepestinya, pilihan utama is novel yang melibatkan percintaan *standardlahkannn*, friendship and family ties. Saya tak kisah dari segi bahasa. I mean kalau baca novel English pun saya boleh feeling sampai menangis. I think I'm going to make another label baru on semua buku yang saya dah baca, maybe some review. Ehee.. Will look forward untuk itu. Buat masa ini, biar ini jadi entry pertama untuk label tersebut. :P

Drawing Manga

Driven by my passion melukis, I ended dgn jumpa this page. I try to draw manga accordinly and guess what! Senang weh dari free hand sketching yang kita biasa buat. Selalunya jumpa gambar yang berkenan di hati, amek buku/kertas, capai pencil terus melakar. Tp step by step yang dia bagi dalam blog ney mcm jauh lagi senang. Plus dia ada bagi collection2 untuk memudahkan kita buat pilihan. Contoh macam koleksi mata, hidung, mulut. Haaa.. Itulah antaranya. Nak tau sila explore sendiri link tersbut.

Step-by-step Manga Drawing

Another Passion of Mine

Hye! I'm back. Well, I'm actually boring sikekkk.. Hehehehe..While waiting for my end of office hour, I decide to write this entry. Hah. Fateen memang terlampau banyak free-time activity yang dia suka. Tp yang ni, memang dia suka, kene dtg sekali dgn daya tumpuan yang tinggi dan mood yang tajam. *eh macam terbalek. Kan?* Ngahahahaha.. Lantak p lahhh.. Okeh Apakan activity tersebut?

Actually, I lovveeeeee drawing. Tp mcm yang mentioned earlier hobby ney memerlukan mood yang baik, kalau mood baik tp mood melukis tak mari, same je lah. And perlu ada gambar yang betul2 aku minat nak melukis time tu. Bukan cantik pun hasilnya. Sekadar memuaskan diri sendiri. Dulu time sekolah2 acah2 hebat siap beli sketch book tp skang ney prefer pakai apa2 je buku. Berline pun tak ape. Yang penting ada muka surat nye.. Eheh. Pastu saya suka melukis pasal pensil kayu rather than mechanical pensil. Biasanya guna mechanical pensil untuk final touch. Nak tekan mana2 part ke, nak garis halus halus ke. Kalau tak memang suka pakai pensil kayu.

Even lukisan yang terhasil tu takde lah secantik mana tp at least, kalau lukis muka org, keluar lah muka org, takde lah jadi muka singa. Cuma kadang kadang bila tengah2 melukis tu mood hilang terbang melayang. *biasanya sebab gangguan luaran* makanya gambar seekor kucing yang comel boleh bertukar kepada haiwan yang tak dikenali. Ngahahahaha.. Tatau jugak dari mane dapat darah suka seni ni, mama la kot. Sebab mama suka mengait and buat cross stitch. So maybe dari situ lah..

Hobby ney biasa menjadi penyebab kenapa saya suka kumpul majalah majalah jepun, komik-komik, manga. Itulah sebabnyaa. Saya suka and prefer cartoon jepun sebab comel and mencabar. Kalau org yang dah pandai maybe lah cakap simple. Tp sekadar nak merelease tension. Ok lah. Lepas tu, saya jenis suka lukis pemandangan, haiwan, bunga. Tp cerita dia, dah berzamannnnnn tinggal kan hobi ni. Akhir akhir ney baru semangat semula. *balek ney g beli pencil kayu* Hohohoho..Lepas tu.. hmmm... apa ehhh.. Itu je kot... Hohoho.. Till then!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dairy Ramadhan - Day 10th

No doubt. Time sure flew too fast. Sedar tak sedar dah 10 hari kita melalui bulan mulia ini, bulan penuh kerahmatan, bulan turunnya pelbagai nikmat untuk hamba hamba yang sentiasa taat kepada penciptaNYA. Ya ALLAH, belum penuh dpt ku kerah tenaga untuk memenuhkan ilmu dan iman dalam diri. Ya ALLAH, permudahkan aku untuk tempuh sisa ramadhan yang mendatang. Semoga mampu untuk aku mempertambah ibadah, agar aku lebih terima disisiMU Ya ALLAH. InsyaALLAH.

Harini, there's not much different from previous working day. I sat here doing nothing. Actually banyak spend time doing and revising things for practical training technical report. Haihh. Banyak nyelah benda nak kene kejar, dgn kepala kusut memikirkan cerita graduasi aku pulak. Macam-macam yang melintas lalu dalam kepala, tp aku kecewa bila takde satu yang melintas itu berjaya aku selesaikan. Ya ALLAH, permudahkan jalan ini.

Not really much update. Except for the highlight, I missed the regular bus. Oh my. Agak2 apa perasaan patut hadir dalam hati bila bas terlepas depan anak mata sendiri. Perasaan hati nak menangis pun ade. Tp teringat kisah Rasul kita berjuang pada kala bulan suci ini, takkan pulak hanya sebab aku kene uji macam ni aku nak lemah. Right? Well, I guess I'm taking it well. I think so. At least not really that weak and fragile macam sebelum2 ni. Banyak lagi nak kene kejar untuk 20 hari puasa yang tinggal. Mungkin 19. Ya ALLAH. Permudahkan jalan ni!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diary Ramadhan - Day 9th

Well, pejam celik pejam celik dah 10 hari puasa arini. Tp cerita arini kita simpan dalam peti ais dulu sbb cerita semalam tak terkarang lagi. Cerita arini sahur besok baru bukak masuk microwave. Okeng? Heeee.. Well, semalam pun nothing much happen. Benda biasa macam puasa hari hari sebelum ni. Yang tambah sikit is mama buat a very-delicious-tempting-caramel-pudding. Haiyaaa.. Ada je idea dia nak mengembangkan anak-anak dara dia tau tak! =.='' But I didn't really makan banyak jugak. Biasalah sekadar merasa tapi merasa yang bukan menjamah. Entah apa dah aku melalut meraban. As usual lah lawatan ke bazaar ramadhan and membeli belah. Semalam beli banyak untuk org umah.

Ayam percik


Air asam boi




Sayur campur. (ini bukan dekat bazaar)

Alhamdulillah cerita dia berjaya berjimat lagi hari semalam.. Semua makanan yang dibeli pun di makan. As for me, I dunno why non stop craving ke KFC so semalam I didn't really eat much masa berbuka dgn family sbb dah plan plan ngn akk nak g makan KFC lepas berbuka nanti. Right after maghrib ktorg keluar and g makan KFC pulak. Itulah jadinya bila Fateen dah craving bagai. Nak tak nak silalh turutkan kehendak tekak+perut. Till then. :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Diary Ramadhan - Day 7th and 8th

Well, taktau lah hape yang busy sangat sampai nak update blog pun takde masa. Usually I send a new update *lagi lagi pasal puasa* kat office. Hence bila dah weekend ney, nak bukak laptop pun rasa macam beras 10 kilo tu lagi ringan dari laptop. Huhu. So, I today I'm gonna combine my 2 days of fasting diary. I can say, there's not much to tell on the 7th day. Routine lah kan time practical ney. Get up, have my sahur, then mandi, tunggu azan, perform my dawn prayer, siap, tunggu bas, heading office, sampai office, kemas apa yang patut, melagha, kene panggil tolong sikit-sikit, melagha lagi, sampai petang, punch card, kejar bas, balek umah.

Yes. Still with that boring routine. I guess, I'm just not the kind of person yang suka buat kerja routine. I love changes, and extremes work. Tengoklah kot next week ada kerja boleh dibuat ke kan. Then nothing much jugak lah balek je sampai umah g bazaar semua, then sedar2 its already the end of the day.

8th day fasting, well, it was the official starts for 2012 London Olympics. And banyak tetamu harini, mula-mula my aunty and uncle from kuantan datang, hantar maruku, kain semayang and borak-borak ngn mama, woh semua.While a little after, org kampung marhum pulak sampai, dgn kak ati and abg ady (kak ati's husband). Ada kak nani ngan mak long jugak. Dorg nak pergi pasar borong, tatau lah jugak apa yang nak diborong nya..pas tu g cari buah ateh pesan nak pisang then balek umah. Sebelum kak aty balek kampung, dah berjanji nak keluar ptg tu, nakg bazaar. Huhu. So ptg tu ktorg keluar lah, g bazaar, banyak jugak lah yang menyangkut. lepas balek dari bazaar, g umah jiji jap.. Itu will be on another entry yekkk.. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diary Ramadhan - Day 6

Setakat harini, Alhamdulillah masih selamat kami sekeluarga berjimat dalam beriftar. Masih lagi dalam keadaan tiada pembaziran dan apa yang dibeli semuanya habis. Kalau tak malam yang sama, sahurnya masih berbaki. Maka takde yang dilambak belakang rumah. Syukur. Nafsu masih undercontrol. Dan penjimatan berlaku dengan jayanya! Cuma sebab akhir-akhir ni "beramal jariah" dan "bersedekah" nya lebih sikit. Takpelah, jangan merungut.

Highlight hari ke 6 puasa, biasalah masuk office jadi biskut masuk angin. Lemau! Lembik! Tp energy itu berjaya di"regain" kan pada minit minit terakhir dekat office. Siap boleh kejar bas. Logic. Kan? *wide grin* Well Berjaya kejar bas awal and yes, berjaya sampai rumah awal. And sudah semestinya berjaya membawak diri ke bazaar walau dah sehari kat pejabat. Dah kat office bukan buat apa sangat pun. Jadi letih tu takdelah banyak mana jugak.

So wishlist makanan saya tak penuhkan semua. Sabar. Puasa ada lagi 24 hari. Jangan tamak! Memenuhi selera papa, mama, kakak, woh. Cukup. Takyah nak belanja lebih. Sekadar kenyang. Menu hari ke 6 berbuka:

Mee hoon goreng (homemade)


Ayam madu


Kuih 3 Jenis


Air asam.

Kira jimat lah kan untuk 5 perut. Eh. 6. Lupa. Haha. (Okeh ini gelak terpaksa). Harini dah Jumaat. Means update puasa ke 7, boleh buat malam ni. Besok cuti, boleh tidur and rehat puas puas kat rumah. Till then. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Diary Ramadhan - Day 5

Well, today is the first day of fasting and me have to go back by bus! Errgghhhh.. Seawal pukul 3 dah cuak guana lah gamaknya gaya dia bila saya kene kejar bas. And memandangkan it was first day maka saya dah decide untuk redha dengan apa je keadaan nya nanti. Konon itu simpan niat awal je. Mana tau memang nak kene redha betul bila tengok bas lalu depan mata dgn perasaan hampa. Masa tu hilang kejap niat nak redha. Hahaah.. Macam2 berdesing dalam telinga. Why keluar lambat lah, why tanak tunggu depan office je lah and sebagainya. Hohoho..

Then I decide arini tanak pergi jauh jauh, I'll be waiting depan office je. Kalau hujan, ada payung. So takde masalah. As long as I can catch up with the earlier bus. Okeh. Fullstop cakap pasal bas. Pasal office pulak. Semalam well, penat, tp penat sebab takde keje. Dah bape minggu dah  ni macam takde pape nak buat ni! Haiyaaa! Boleh sumbat kalau macam ni terus2. Haishhh. Lecturer dah nak datang ni aku macam tak prepare pape sangat lagi. Haisshh.. Tatau nak mengeluh macam mana lagi...

Nah hari ke 5 Ramdhan terjumpa Highway ramadhan ni. Ehehe. So guys, do and don't. Yang mana lagi banyak korg buat? :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breaking fast Day 4

Mommy cook this for breaking fast! Eheheh. Sapa pernah makan? Angkat tangan. Sapa tak pernah makan duduk diam diam. Ehehe. Mama masak ni best! Selalu mama pakai daging tp sebab rumah ada org takde gigi. :P and taknak galakkan sangat makan daging merah, then mama terus pakai ayam je.

Mama buat ni sedapp! Ayam masak ala nasi kandar ni dia pedas. Pedas yang boleh buat meleleh air liur bila dia mula mendidih. Dia bila dah masak nampak macam rendang je. Ayam tu penuh bersalut dgn rempah2 dia. I really wanna cook tp setakat ni takde masa plus taktau nak masak hape. Kang kita masak kang tak kene selera org lain. Huhuhu. Kalau bagi saya masak, harus lah pedas melelehhh. Hahah.

So, anyone try lah. Tp above picture ni ihsan Google Image. Bukan yang mama masak. Heheh. Mama kate arini nak masak ayam lagi. Erggh.. Can't wait.

Diary Ramadhan - Day 4

Well. I did go for the appointment and that will be in another entry lah. Yesterday fasting was actually hahaha. Laughable. :P As usual, mommy suruh pergi beli kuih semua but yesterday I went by myself. Pergi beli everything asked then terus balek. WuuWuu.. Just a simple breaking fast for all of us. And so far, masih berjaya berjimat dan sangat cermat. Sebab apa yang dibeli memang ala kadar sahaja. Memang cukup cukup mulut yang nak makan. Siap boleh 'bersedekah' lagi. Haha. Takpe. Kita ikhlaskan. :)

Hapdet hidung saya will be on the next entry k. :) Till then. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Diary Ramadhan - Day 3

Well, I can say it wasn't really a pleasant day today. Sepatutnya ada appointment with Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist today sebab masalah hidung yang tak berpenghujung ni. But then, I went there just to know that diorg nak postpone my appointment besok pulak. Oklah Sbar. Mommy ask me to go straight back home. But as I think besok nak cuti lagi. So nak tak nak. Harini tetap gagahkan lah diri untuk puasa+attend office macam biasa. Nasib lah hati ni dah belajar sabar, So sy tak cerewer seperti sedia kala bila nurse tu kata doc suruh datang balik besok. Usually aku akan sangat sangat bising. Sebab malas sangat nak berulang banyak kali balek sepital. But mungkin sebab bulan puasa kan, so semangat and kesabaran tu lain sikit. Maka saya angguk jelah kepala, amek cab, head back office. Memang tekejut org office kan sbb early this morning dah bgtau dorg nak cuti and ade appointment bagai. Than meeting kejap ngn sv bgtau dia about my situation and besok I'm going to attend another appointment. Alhamdulillah. Tak banyak masalah. Aim puasa harini, nak beli simple je untuk berbuka. Maybe satu side dish and air. Tp pikir balek air sana semua macam ais kan. So I'll try to re-consider. Dah sejuk sejuk gini. Sape lagi yang ade selera nak minum air sejuk?

Pastu arini first time kat office sy 'curi-tulang'. Sebab dah ta dapat tahan sakit hidung yang amat sangat and terlalu sejuk dalam igloo, I escaped to the surau belakang office and take a nap. Memang tak bagus sbb it will worsening the headache. Tp sy tetap need some rest and an excuse to be out of this frozen room. Biar org keliling borak bagai gaya apa. I just wanna have a half an hour nap. And yes I managed to get it. My head didn't really get any lighter tho. Cuma dapat lah lupa kejap sakit kat hidung ni. Yang sy check pagi tadi rupanya dah tersiat kulit hdung ni. Patutlah sakitnya amat sangat. I'll make this into another entry k. Happy fasting peoples. Take care.

Diary Ramadhan - Day 1 & 2

Sorry tak dapat nak tunaikan janji nak buat entry setiap hari dalam bulan puasa. Tu sebab sy tak berapa nak sihat dan bekejar sana sini untuk medical treatment and ada jugak terus ke wad kecemasan. Masalah hidung ni tak habis habis lagi. Keseluruhan puasa, Ok lah, Alhamdulillah puasa kalini nampak kurang pembaziran lagi lagi dalam bentuk makanan and sebagainya. And awal puasa ni sy diberi ujian dan dugaan, dalam bentuk kesihatan. Tp alhamdulillah. Semangat masih kuat lagi nak teruskan puasa. InsyaALLAH. Selagi takde apa apa yang serious sy akan tetap kuat harungi Ramadhan kalini. And sy tahu dugaan tu silih berganti sbb ALLAH sayang kan saya. DIA nak saya lipat gandakan kesabaran dalam mengharung bulan mulia ni. Dengan izin DIA, saya akan terus kuat jalani semua ni. besok, hari ke 3 ramadhan and sy akan spend hari tersebut dekat Hospital lagi. Will be at Ears, Nose and throat (ENT) unit for tomorrow. Follow up untuk my nose problem. Pray for me guys. Semoga takde apa2 yang teruk

Friday, July 20, 2012

Langit Petang (Dated: 16 July 2012)

Saya update apa yang saya suka.
Apa yang saya nak.
Tapi awan. Adalah antara subject favorite saya.
Sebab bukan sahaja alam semulajadi mencipta gambar yang indah.
Tp menunjukkan kebesaran ALLAH.
Pencipta sekalian alam. 
Gambar ni saya ambil masa dalam perjalanan balik dari office.
Saya sering terpana dgn sesuatu semudah ini.
Sekali lagi dgn camera telefon sahaja. :) 

Langit Petang (Dated: 13 July 2012)

Entah kenapa.
Sekarang tiap kali naik bas.
Mata tertancap pada langit.
Hati tak pernah berhenti lagi mengagumi alam ciptaan Allah ni.
Maha hebat. Maha cantik. Maha besar Ya Tuhan.
Mungkin bagi orang lain. Ini bukan apa apa.
Ini hanya gambar biasa.
Tp dalam sudut pandangan mata saya.
Gambar ini punya jiwa.
Gambar ini punya rentak nafas sendiri.
Bukan puji hasil sendiri. Ini memang sangat spontan. Sangat.
Bukan dari DSLR saya. Dari camera telefon. 
Tp saya mengagumi kecantikan ini.
Saya bahagia melihat ciptaan ALLAH maha hebat ini. 
Bagi saya gambar ini.
Antara bukti keesaan ALLAH. 

I'm Craving for Korean Food.

Yes. I'm craving for Korean food. Right now, given any Korean food, I'll swallow everything. Up until today, the only Korean food that I had try before was Kimchi, ice noodles and. Ha. tu je. *Pity me. Right?* I know. 

So anyone? ada  nak ajak saya makan Free tak? Kalau bayar pun tak. Asalkan Korean cuisine. Below were some that I really wanna eat. 







Sunday, July 15, 2012

Memory Puasa - Part 2

When it comes to fasting month, among the memories that I will never forget is berpuasa dgn kawan kawan kat Matrik. Because that was my first time ever going through the fasting month away from family. Form 1 sampai form 5 semua ordinary high school which I berulang alik kan. Then first time I tercampak kat Johor untu matrik, the first question I asked to mommy was "Macam mana eqa nak puasa sorg sorg kat sana ma??"

At the beginning, I couldn't even imagine how it will be. Sampailah masanya tiba. Yes, I have created a "first-time-away-from-home-fasting-memories" well. Started bersahur dgn roti and peanut butter which is my favourite kan sampai lah tahap melarat larat turun makan kat cafe time sahur and everything. Well matrik life, kita belajar sampai lewat malam terus sahur then tdo. Haha. Well classes all day, what do you expect? Nanti sedar sedar terus kejar kelas. They make a small bazaar inside KMJ memang agak kecil dan ringkas je tp kita selalu membeli tak cukup jari jugak nak memegangnya. Hoho. Then my place selalu jadi tempat sebab free sikit and luas sikit ruang compare to bilik depan. Then makan ramai ramai sampai tersandar. Hahaha.

Another memory bila kita berjalan pergi bazaar kat bandar. Ingat? Heheh. Besar mana lah sangat Bandar Tangkak tu. Gedik jugak nak bershopping bagai kat bazaar luar. Huhuhu. I miss old those memories and I missed each and everyone of you. :(

Memory Puasa -Part 1

Ehem, not even 5 minutes lepas my last entry. Ehee.. I'm back! caak!! Setiap kali puasa, apa yang paling korang ingat? Spending time with family.? Or kawan kawan? For me, I have all the memory. *I'm born as a lucky girl* kalau this aspect were to be choose. Since kecik lagi, mommy trained us untuk puasa sebab usually puasa jatuh masa cuti sekolah. Jadi it wasn't a big deal for me. Cuma sejujurnya, mula puasa mestilah masa darjah 5-6. I don't remember my exact age. Pastu time bulan puasa biasa lah, macam macam hal, macam macam cerita.

Bab main menyorok menyorok memang best. Sebab masa tu lah nanti nak makan nak minum sorok sorok. Haaa. *oppss! kantoi* takpe takpe. kacik g kan. Heee.. Pastu bila dah naik tengahari sikit mulalah dia macam macam alasan keluar bg kat mama. Ehehehe. Kamilah anak anak yang nakal tu. Pedih tekak lah, panas perut lah. Dapat puasa setengah hari pun kira. Hahaha. Memang kelakar gila. Then, setiap petang, daddy will take us to the nearest bazaar ramadhan. Masa kecik kecik dulu pantang nampak apa semuanya sedap. Mommy know us well. She'll try to delay selambat mungkin kalau ktorg cakap pasal nak berbuka setengah hari. Sebab nanti once papa dah ajak g bazaar, semua segar balek semangat lah ceritanya.

Cakap pasal bazaar, I have this one memory, kitorg berempat with papa sekali. (means 5 org lah) naik basikal g bazaar untuk beli makanan nak berbuka. Then at one junction bila ada sorg budak lelaki ney hit the back of my bicycle and saya jatuh with all the food pecah atas jalan then slumber ayam dia blah dari situ. Daddy apa lagi, he's our hero kan then dia suruh ktorg dudul tepi he chased that fool all the way. Tatau dapat ke tak. Huhuhu. Pastu bila dah datang semula, we just save semua makanan yang selamat and balek umah.. Huhuhu.

Another fasting memory yang tak dapat lupa is bila dekat dekat dgn raya, kan org sibuk buat kuih raya, asal main sorok sorok je mesti ade wajib sorg menyorok dalam dapur. Sbb nanti mesti grab kuih bawak naik atas. Haha. Yang sedapnye amek cukup cukup 4 bijik, just for ktorg berempat. Pastu nanti mama balek buat buat lah tdo sebab letih puasa bagai. Padahall.. kuang kuang.. Hahaha.. Then satu discipline mama ajar ktorg dari kecik, sape tak puasa tak boleh join kat meja untuk berbuka, Mommy siap prepare one small table at a side. Tunggu org puasa semua dah makan, baru kite boleh menyibuk. Selagi tak, kirim salam lahh!! Hoho. Sebab tu anak anak mama semua awal2 dah puasa sebab takut kene duduk tepi masa berbuka. Huhuhu.. Till then! :)

Menyingkap Tabir Ramadhan.

Finally. Ramadhan datang lagi. Muncul lagi. Bulan perjuangan bagi umat Islam sebelum menyambut kemenangan Syawal nanti. Dan unlike previous years, I'm gonna spend this Ramadhan as a practical trainee instead of students. There'll be no more "bazar-ramadahan-after-class" session and there'll be no more makan ramai ramai atas lantai. Guys. I miss you. Yang paling terkesan sekali ialah housemate. Even pernah jugak jalan jalan untuk buka puasa with classmate. Tp yang banyaknye dgn housemate. Ya ALLAH. Rindu aku dgn masa masa itu.

Okeh. Stop dulu pasal memory Ramadan. That will be of another new entry. Ramadhan bulan mulia. Bulan dimana setiap ibadah itu sekecil mana mendatangkan pahala. Apalagi kiranya menyambut Ramadhan dgn tadarus. Dgn doa, dgn qiam. Ya ALLAH sayangnya DIA pada hamba hambaNYA sebegitu besar nikmat dalam hanya satu bulan. InsyaALLAH, Ramadhan kalini, kami bersederhana dalam segalanya. Makan minum. Cukuplah sekadar ada. Tak perlu membazir sebab masih terlalu ramai umat ALLAH diserata dunia yang bersusah untuk makanan. Jadi cukuplah kita sekadar bersederhana. Itu juga satu pahala. InsyaALLAH, semoga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna dan memberi rahmat yang lebih besar. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A trip to Jengka.

This morning, me, mommy and daddy went to jengka. Visitting my lil sissy.  The day before bought her few things *mostly foods lah* then she wanted a backpack sebab sakit bahu katenye nak bawak beg sebelah usung laptop sana sini. Nasib la yanng.. Student kan..Adat lahh..

Pastu this morning we head off around 9 something. And sejujurnya pakcik yang bawak keta bapak lah lajunya dia bawak. *sigh*. We arrived Jengka aroun 10 something. Bayang lah Sejam from Pekan to Jengka. Kalau ku naik bas. Sejam belum tentu lagi sampai Kuantan oii! Hahaha, Then sampai Jengka lepak kat bilik adek bushukkk..Hahaha.. Roomate merangkap housemates dia was around tp gua buat itu rumah mcm rumah gua sendiri. Behehehehe.. Then arun 12++ pm, bring adik out for lunch.
She rent outside and not staying in the hostel. Itu yang mama sempat lagi nak membuta kat bilik dia tu

After a quick lunch. Then ktorg head home sebab daddy was rushing for something. Entah lah apa sampai me mintak nak benti kejap nak beli barang pun tak boleh. Sampai merajuk-rajuk ki dgn beliau tadi. Huhuhu. Till then. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nasi Goreng Panas Berapi.

Hye peoples! Hehehe. Have ya eaten? Dah nak lunch dah ney. Have you had your breakfast? Oh ye. Today I'm gonna post about my breakfast today. I've been craving for fried rice dah berhari-hari. So last night I tell mommy to wake me up early this morning. I wanna cook some nak bawak g office. Gila tahap dewa punya craving la ney cerita dia. Then apanya bangun awal. Pukul 5.30 gak baru celik mata. But disebabkan mama is very the awesome and incredible and amazing. *kipas sikit* dia dah masakkan rupanya!!!!! Sweet tak mama sayaaaaa?? 

Well mommy yang masak. As usual lah, takde lada sebab she restricted me from consuming spicy food. Pastu sebab kan rushing nak anta akk pergi Bahau, saya tak sempat nak makan. So mommy tapau for me to bring to office. Haaa.. Terbuktikan mama saya sweeetttttttttttttttttttt sangat macam gula-gula! Anak dah 22 tahun pun still masak bagai. padahal bukan tak leh buat sendiri. Hohoho...

Pastu as I reach office terus g belakang. Nak meratah benda yang dah mengidam sejak berzaman lamanya. Tp as I can guess earlier lah. No spicy lah mommy! Hehehe. Takpe2 kepala otak ku mmg teramat creative pasal benda macam ney. Masuk pantry office, bukak pintu peti ais. JENGJEJEENNGGGG... 

Semangkuk cili padi dalam tu. Hahaha.. Well. Amek 3 4 batang, patah patah masuk dalam nasi. And then Omnyonyomnyomnyom. Lazat tak terhingga! Hehehehehe...

Well one facts about me. I deal with spicy food very well. Lada dengan fateen memang tak dapat nak dipisahkan. Makan ayam penyet with my cousins. While others tak tahan pedas, I ask for an additional samball.. Haaaa..cerita ney sekarang pun dah kecur air liurr.. brrrrrr... Till then!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Seorang. *HACKS*

Gula gula pun org dah buat movie. Hehehe. Bukan novel je yang menang tau! Gula gula pun boleh jadi novel. Hmmpphhh.. This story. I rate 3.5/5 stars. Satu sebab cerita ney kita tak boleh nak agak sangat. Dia pandai twist story line sampai kita nak agak what happen next pun mcm tak teragak dah. Hahaha.

Cerita ney saya tamo cerita. Sapa nak tau sila cari and tengok sendiri. The reason I made this as one of my blogpost sebab nak tengok je how many movie I have watch. Heheh. Bye!

Jiwa Taiko (2012)

Jiwa Taiko is a story of a group of teenagers yang pernah mengalami masalah dan stay in on same place. Tempat ney ajar dorg utk jadi kuat and valued their friendship. And the story begin bila Firman masuk situ lepas keluar dari penjara. Org pertama yang dia bersangkut hati tak lain dan tak bukan Trish. and kat situ jugak dia jumpa dgn kawan dia yang menjaga dia selamaney kat dalam penjara. They learn martial arts and they learn about friendship while at the same time, Firman and Trish learn about love.

Benda semua berlaku satu demi satu sampai satu masa there's another girl yang suka kat Firman but decide to keep it low. Their friendship were too close that some of them wrongly interpret each other. Yang dianggap kawan disangkakan cinta. Misunderstanding tercetus disitu yang seterusnya membawa kepada pertengkaran dan perpisahan.

Thing become worst bila Lara jauh hati dengan Firman and mula berkawan dgn Pinto. Kawan gangster lama Firman yang memang berniat nak balas dendam sebab Firman dah tanak joind venture dgn dia lagi. Few other conflicts happen which I might say it's better for you to watch it by yourself. :) Till then.


Libas pun boleh tahan lah. For me, dia best sebab ada Scha Al-Yahya. :) Hehehe. Dia pasal tu perlawanan takraw and mengetengahkan dua musuh ketat dalam sukan takraw that is Malaysia and Thailand. Pergi mana mana kejohanan pun dua ney memang dah sedia umum musuh ketat.. Hmmpphhh..

Secara umumnya cerita dia ok lah. Cuma slow sikit perjalanan cerita dia and bila dah sampai hujung hujung part best tu disingkat singkat kan pulak lahaiiiii!!! Itu yang buat dia kureng sikit. I rate this movie 3 outtaf 5 stars. Maybe sebab I have been waiting for this movie since first time tgok teaser dia. And having too high expectation for the movie. So bila movie dia macam tak mencapai selera akal apa yang ada dalam kepala mcm okeh la. Boleh la.

So as I always said, each person have their own opinion kan. Sapa rasa rasa nak tau best ke tak, silalah tengok sendiri. :)

Bohsia 2 : Jalan Kembali

Here in this movie, instead of the first one which is full with a very serious social issues cerita ni lebih kepada those people return to the right path. As the titles says. Jalan Kembali. Return Path.

Banyak scene2 yang berjaya to grab my attention dlm movie ney. Such as, the place where Salina tu menjalani detention dia. Itu memang situasi sebenar yang berlaku. Bukan dalam penjara wanita je. Tp dalam mana mana penjara sekalipun. Newbies untuk dibuli itu wajib. Cuma jangan terkejut cara perempuan membuli kadang-kadang lebih parah dan pedih dan sakit dari cara sesama lelaki. Apatah lagi dalam cerita ney dhighlighkan yang each of them inside punya sejarah hitam yang membuatkan mereka ditempatkan kat situ.

Second, I love to see yang pesaing Nabila tu. The one with short hair. She able to develop her character well. *In my opinion lah kan*

And the scene when the main hero. *Syamsul Yusuf* mula berkaca kaca mata cakap pasal taubat. Whoahh. And also the last scene yang paling best bila a fight between Syamsul ngn Sofi Jikan tu where they both ended being hit by a car. Nak tau penamat dia? Sila tengok sendiri. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

I missed every little of this.

Hanya satu perkataan dapat menggambarkan situasi ini.



Inilah kejadian berfaedah yang berlaku bila boss takde and takde tinggalkan kerja and I were having so much free time in the office. Bukan buat sesi photoshoot tukar tukar baju ye. These two were taken on a different days.

Memang sangat lah ajaib when I blog about myself. And even put up some pictures. :O whoaahhhh... Pelik wehh. *Sila nganga luas luas sampai cabut rahang* Just to let dear readers know siapakah si comot belakang tabir yang rajin sangat membebel tak kira sayang malam. Ini lah dia si comot tersebut. Tapi ada jugak comeee...yyy dia kannn.. Hehehehe.. Much love! -XOXO-

Blackberry tu memang peneman setia saya. tak kisah lah gi mana mana punnn..

Gambar ney memang sengaja nak tunjuk jam yang dah pecah berterabur tu...

Homemade Campak Campak Salad

Thinking of making new labels so I decided that after this gonna blog about all the delicious food that I encounter. Ehehe. So, for the first entry under this label, let me tell you guys about this delicious little temptation of homemade salad. Since I made it earlier this morning so I don't have much time to do the dressing where I finally ended eating with mayonis + black pepper. So, what do I campak campak (throw in) inside? 

Green leafy salad
Baby Tomato
Ayamas Popcorn Chicken (I need some protein too!)

That's it, and it turns out into a very delicious tempted homemade salad. I left everything in raw condition except for the broccoli (boiled for 5 minutes) and the popcorn chicken (fried until golden brown). Mix it with mayonnis and sprinkle a little mashed black pepper. Now it's so ready to be eaten! Yummm! Added up picture for the above menu. Oh ya. Since been told earlier that I don't have much time to prepare for the dressing than I only eat this with plain mayonnaise with black pepper. *Think already read this kat atas. LAntak lah.* ;P

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Total New Experience

Today, I got a chance to explore new experience. That is to make a call to the customer, asking the status of their real phone line. It was indeed a "bikin-tangan-sejuk" punya experiences and I'm glad that I managed to carried it out well! :)

But this was the thing that I worried the most. Because all this while I keep watching daddy calling here  and there and scolded those customer service peoples. And I kept telling this to mama. It just that things will surely happened the way you act. KARMA. What goes around, comes around. Things u do to others, will surely come back to you/your family/your children. IT WILL SURELY COME BACK.

And ketakutan arini memang ada maksud dia. Let the story hanya aku yang tau. :)

101 Cravings

The why and the because I'm posting this was that 

To be honest, I'm hard-core food lover. *that explain the exponential increase in weight* Sigh. 
But who cares? As long as I can eat. Hahaha. Below were alot few things that I've been craving for. Each with their own reason.

1. Chicken Cordon Bleu- Blame my sissy for this. =,='' Went to SR for lunch the other day and yes you can say there's really not much choices of food. Sissy order this as me macam biasalah Spaghetti Meatball and grilled mushroom chicken for mommy. And yet, now I;m craving for this. :(

2. Grilled Sirloin Steak- Yes. Ini memang sudah bertahun nak makan tak lepas-lepas. Actually been wanting for this since the last time when cousins said wanna have a dinner at Steakhouse in Damansara. But the plan turn into ayam penyet dinner since not much wanna eat the steaks. Arrghhh... Saliva melting!

3. Caesar Salad. Yes. I know it was very easy pun kalau nak buat sendiri. Plus bahan pun not really expansive. Cuma takde kesempatan dari segi masa lagi. Tengok lah this upcoming weekend. It's possible to be done during weekdays. Cuma nak bergerak to buy the stuff tu ya rabbi! malas amat!

4. Pavlova. Imagine a slice or meringue with white creamy toppings covered with all sorts of fruits sliding into your throat! Oh my! Where can I find this? Anyone? :(

5. Chocolate Fountain. This usually being served with a chocolate fountain in the middle while surrounded by various kind of fruits, ice cream and sometimes cookies. Tak pernah jumpa lagi benda ney. May ada around KL but Kuantan I'm not really sure.

6. Milky tea. But I prefer coconut compared to pearl. But if it was mini pearl, then I'm so in to it! Sejak balek dari sabah, not a single drop of milky tea yang melalui anak tekak. Kalau kat Sabah bersepah benda alah ney.. hmmpphhh...

7. Bento. Homemade lunch box stuffed with various kind of veges, meats and also rice. Ohoiyyy.. Dah la tengah lapar neyy!

8. Baskin Robbin Very Berry Ice Cream. Hmmm.. No words can described how much I want this. 

9.Jajangmyun or also known as Soy-Sauce noodles. Well-known dekat Korea. I really wanna have a taste on this.

10. Kimchi Fried Rice. Sebab dah pernah makan kimchi so now I'm craving for this. 


Now, me busy with works and practical things. Suddenly one of my officemate come upon and asking me about Sabah and travelling around Sabah, will it be fun? Yes, After explaining everything, they decide to plan on a trip to Sabah. Me, bearing the responsible to booking tickets and other accommodation. While scrolling into Air Asia, *my favs travelling company* I found that there's so much promotion being held and today there is "Last Minute Raya Promotion" Oii! Pergi Medan baru RM 99.!! Tak ke mood nya terus macam nak booking masuk bilik air menangis sorg? Travelling anywhere new would be my very first passion. Sungguh tak tipu! Saya suka berjalan, even if I'm to backpacking alone, I know I can really take care of myself. I really wanna do some adventure of my own! Cuma halangan nye sekarang, satu je. $$$$$$$ Kaching kachingg... Fulus takde.. Hahahaha...

If I were given chance to travel below would be the place of my interest. :)

First haruslah tempat tujuan para Khalifah ALLAH yang beragama Islam. Sungguh, sini impian saya terukir, Umrah atau yang wajib iaitu Haji. Sini sy sandar cita-cita pertama sy kalau nak ke luar negara dan berkemampuan. *Semoga ALLAH permudahkan.*

Second, Istanbul,Turkey. Antara tempat terawal menyaksikan penyebaran agama Islam. I've started to grow interest in this place sejak pandai tengok Jejal Rasul each fasting month. Sungguh, hati jatuh dengan keindahan Islam di negara ini, Istanbul khusunya. 

The next place that I've been imagine was Perth, Australia. Saya suka dengan keindahan bandar ini dan dalam masa yang sama still maintaining the beauty of its nature. I'm impressed yes, I would really have to travel to this place. I'll work for it..

And it feels incomplete lah kan if going to Australia and not visitting Mauritius Island. Impressed with the beauty and calm expression given through this picture. :)

Talking about beaches and islands, this was the first Island that I have fallen into. Caledonia Island. The beauty of the beach, the island itself yang sangat cantik and mesmerized!

Third Islan that I really really wanna go was Krabi Island, Thailand. Just look at this picture, would anyone can say no just by looking into this picture? :)

Lastly, this island. It may sound funny but it have become on of my favorite Island since I'm a kid. Hawaii. Hehehe. :)

Enough talking about island, jom melawat bandar2 yang saya teringin sangat nak pergi. This, dah terpahat dalam kepala+hati. Seoul Korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanna try to spend nights here. Really wanna enjoy my day here. Want to see the Korean culture, their streets and their peoples. Can't wait for this to be a dream come true. *Dear future Husband, would it possible for us to have our honeymoon here?* Oh My~!

Opps! Missing one of the "Must-Go-Island" in my planning. Jeju Island!!! Here I comeee!!! Ehh? Hahahahaha... This, must work hard for this. Must mean harussss!!!!!

What is attracting me about this place was it architecture. :) Hallstatt, Austria

Hehehe. This seems childish right? Tatau lah kenapa nakkkk sgt pergi sini. :) Maybe sebab Mickey Mouse was my forever boyfriend? :D

Another "A-Must-Go-City" in my List, Tokyo, Japan.!!!!!

Haihh lah kalau ada lelaki yang berkenan kat aku, nampak aku punya listing ney semya komfem mencicit lari 100 meter. But its ok, sy bukan jenis yang melipat duit future husband saya. If I really wanna go, then am gonna use my own money. Unless kalau it was him that wanted us to go. :) So dont be afraid eh. Your money is safe sebab sy bukan jenis yang bergantung harap pada duit lelaki. :)