Saturday, December 31, 2011


Alhamdulillah. I'm still granted with the chances to live on. First thing I do today once I open my eyes .. Put my hand on my chest.. Counting my heartbeat. Feel the warmth of my blankies and inhale some fresh air.. Alhamdulillah Ya ALLAH. You still give this opportunity to live on..

This is my first entry for 2012. As everyone else, I' wishing for a better year then before. And one of my life most important event will be happening by the end of this year insyaALLAH. I'm going to be graduated soon. Still have one more semester to go with and I'll sure give my all out for this final year. May the three years effort paid-off. Final for this semester will be in the day after yesterday. But my preparation were still like 50-50.. Huhuhuhu.. Mane tidak. I've been busy with FYP presentation and settle all the reuirement for my practical and all that had take half of our study weeks.

*its my fault jugak kot suka study last minute* HUhuhu... I admit that..Tapi still I'm trying my best to study and stuffed everything inside my mind. Hopefully this effort akan membuahkan hasillah. HUhuhuhu..Dah lah this is the first time during my study week that I kene fever, flu and everything.. Manelah tak terasa study week cepat berlalu kan... HUhuhuhuhu...

Hmmmmmm.. *tukar topik* All this while, 1 January had make me become moody dan sedihh. But last night everything change!! Heheheheh... I think I've found someone that can truly accept me for who I am. Dia berjaya membuat kan saya lupa pada luka 1 January. Tapi setakat mana hubungan ney. Biarlah masa yang menentukan. Even with all those sweets thing he do. I still couldn't say that he is the one for me. Sebab itu semua urusan DIA.. Kami berserah pada DIA.. :)

That's all for now. I'm going to start this year with joy and happiness insyaALLAH. Pray for me hearts.! And for you Incik F, let the time decide our future. In the mean time, let's get to know each other first. <3...

Mummy, IMY.!

Got a phone call from my beloved mummy just now... ;)
Once I picked up the phone,
Mom: hahahahahahahaha...
Me: kenapa mama ketawa..???
Mom: Saje suka2... hahahahahaha.

*Mommy you were actualy calling to hear my voice because daddy tell you that I'm not well kan*

Me: Macam2 lah mama neyh.. Hehehehehe...
Mom: tak keluar ke malam new year?
Me: takdelah..dah nak exam.. Duk umah je baca buku..
Mom: Baguslah..tayah la ikut jejak langkah remaja2 tak berfaedah tu..
Me: tayah risau lah..all this while pun my new year spend ngan mama kat umah kan..

*u taught us well mama. Now I'm glad I'm not one of those teenager that were so eager on celebrating new year eve outside with friends. So u don't have to worry about me here*

Mom: baguslah. hahahaha.. Dgr kate muka kene kaut dgn jentolak..??

*mummy is being so sarcastic! Perli saya because of those pimples on my face!*

Mom: Are u ok? dengar kata tak sihat?
Me: eqa ok la ma. Biasa lah demam sikit tuh..cuaca skang kan ta menentu..
Mom: Ye lahh..banyakkan rehat.. jaga kesihatan...Bila nak balek?? hahahahahahaha

*Did u really miss me that much mom? Sabar ehh.. Another 2 weeks that I'll be with you.*

Me: HEheheheeh..RIndu ke? lagi 2 minggu balek lah...
Mom: *gelak lagi* Hahahahahaha.. ok2.. Eh dah ade calon ke?
Me: Takde lagi ma. tunggu lah nanti cari sorg ala2 ustaz tuk jadi menantu mama
Mom:: Tu lah doa mama hari2...
Me:: Hahahahahahaha.. Mama..mama...
Mom: k lah mama nak tdo dah neyh..
Me:: ok ma.. Love you. Night.

Hey mom. I know all the laughed were to hide you worriness about my condition right? Don't worry. I'm all fine here. The idea of being able to reunite with you in another 2 weeks had actually make me become stronger. And insyaALLAH all your prayers will keep me accompany and make me become better. I do love you and miss you much too. Lots of love. Eqa. :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

HB dear girlfriend!

Heho! Kabare wakkkk?? Hehehehe.. Actually I have a lot of things to story the morry.. But I'm going to post this one first since this is the main event for this weeks. HIGHLIGHTED event..! The one that we had been waiting for nearly one months. Hehehehe. A surprise birhtday party to our dear girlfriend.!! Hehehehe

The play maker: Fateen & Amie

The victims: Ziqa

The crew: Wa, sue, Ceng, k.Linda

The chronology:

*The planning popped outtaf our (me and Ami) head like one months ago. And we had been planning for the best way of ambushing the victims. Hehehehehe..

*The crew members add up last 2 weeks when Wawa and Sue decide on joining us for the party. Everyone seems impatient but we have been too busy with assignment and FYP sampai lupa kejap about this event. hahaha

*The day is getting closer. From the main planning it is going to be celebrated during the 28th, but then postpone to 29th but later postpone lagi to the 30th. Means we are going to celebrate it right one day before her big-day! Hehehehehe

*D-Day...!!!! It was 30th of December and the 4 of us were using any chances of her absencity to plan everything out. Hahaha.. Hilang je Ziqa from our sight then we will start to discussed about it.. Then later tiba.. "shhh2..dia dtg..dia dtg.." hahahaha..Kelaka wehhh!!!!

*After sending her back to her house, kitorg pecut balek to SKTM.. All the main crew were there so we have to be there in order to plan everything out..

*Last minute crew added! K.Lin and ceng decide on joining us. No hal lah broo! The more the merrier kan? :) So we head out to USIA for Maghrib and later going down to 1B for some shopping. Cake and everything else were so done and we later head back to IP (where the victim's is expect to be) Hehehe

*WEnt for the local restaurant to booked for the main course. Semua dah lapar and terlelap2 masa ney. Mengantuk masing2.. Hahahaha.. After siap semua..............................JENGJEJENGGGGG...!!! Head out to the crime scene.. Behehehehehehhee!!

*Upon arrival at the crime scene, we saw the opportunity to give her a total surprise since her housemate were studying down stairs and the door were wide open. hahaha. It's me who have been sent to talk with the housemates. Dealing with them. Ask them to turn off all the light and we waited right in front of her room..

*KNOCK*KNOCK* Hehehehe.. and when the victim open the door...!! SURPRISSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you! Happy bithday to you!!!! Hahahahahahahaha.. She was in total shockkk!!!! hahahahahahahaha... Nasib baik tak pengsan member... kui3.......

Then everythin was like a messed for her.. *memang tu niat kami pun* Hahahaha.. she don't know what to do. Blur2.. hahahahah.. Kemas sana kemas sni..campak sana campak sni.. And the most important things above all is the tears of happiness!!! Heheheheheeh.. Glad to know that u r happy with it darlingsss!! hehehehehehehehehe... After the blowing the candle then we start our small party for her. MakanMAkanMakanandMAkan lagi.. Hehehehe.. We stuffed ourselves sampai semua dah mengah2 nak makan..hahahahahha.. Kelakar wehh.. Even the celebration is few hours earlier then 31st December tp sbb smua dah lapar so tak leh nak hold lagi dah.. Hehehehehehe..weeeeeeeee...!!!!!

And here is to my dear friend:
"Giving u a birthday bash is the first thing that I've ever planned for this semester. I really hope you enjoy it last night. It's kinda unexpected kan. tapi tu lah namanya surprise. Hehehehe.. And I would like to take this opportunity to again give you a warm wishes of happy birthday. May all you dream come true and May ALLAH blessed will always be with you. May you can achieved everything that you wish in your llife. And Praying that you will meet up with your prince charming one day! :) Luck and barakah in every single step you take. Wishing you all the best in the year to come, may your day be filled with sunshine and beautiful colours. ANd last but not least, I wish you a great and wonderful Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!..!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Amacam tajuk entry kali neyhhh? Hehehehe.. Korang jangan salah paham yekkk. VIVA tu bukan means aku nak beli keta, atau aku baru nampak keta VIVA eksiden ke hape ke.. Tp VIVA tu nama presentation Final Year Thesis kitorg. Okeh. Cukup explain pasal perkataan tu. Sebab aku pun tatau ape kaitan antara Final Year Thesis kitorg ngan VIVA. Aku dilahirkan di UMS untuk menggunakan perkataan tu. SO aku post balek  guna perkataan tu gak lah... huuhuhuhuhuhu.. Aku tatau logiknya hapeee... hehehehehehe...

So. Today is my so-called VIVA presentation. You guys sure don't wanna know how it happen.. Hahahaha. Funny, stressful all those feelings were kinda mixed up together. Serious weh. Dari darjah satu masuk story telling, membawak ke choral speaking time darjah 5, sambung plak Public speaking time sekolah menengah. Aku tatau nape aku nebes tahap gaban2. And yang paling aku pelik org ta nampak kenebesan aku tuh. Padahal aku ase bibir aku dah seputih bibir mayat dah.. Apetah lagi kalau presentation hall tu sejuk nak mampus.. Sedangkan bilik tak berkipas pun bleh buat aku rasa beku. Inikan plak bilik yang dipasang air-cond patblas bijik and semua disetkan ke 0 degree celcius. Aku rase lidah aku n gigi aku dah jadi sama keras dah. =.=''

Okeh. Proceed to the VIVA presentation just now. After my oral test during my form 5 and MUET speaking test during my matriks. I think just now is one of the most 'so-scary-merry' moments in my life. Being early to the presentation room doesn't really to be helpful. To add on the burden, watching all the previous person being attack and ask macam nak gila by their examiner.. Haihh.. Lecak ketiak wa cakak lu..!!! Dah la tuh, time2 org lain present pun examiner2 tu duk keras kat situ lagi. Aku dah tensen ngan examiner aku sendiri.. Dah yang lain tak reti2 gak nak balek tu bakpenyee.. Huhuhuhuhuhu.. Tiap saat yang berlalu *ecececehhh* Ayat cilake kuar dahhhhhh...Aku doakan cpat2 lah examiner yg lain2 tu bergerak.. Lemme have some shuweett time with my examiner only.. nasib baik cun2 time aku jeh...sorg2 kuar tinggalkan bilik tuhh.. pheww....!! LEGA MAK!!!

Tapi still lega tak lega mana lahhh... Sebab gugup tu tetap ade.. DUPDAPDUPDAPDUPDAP... Kalah degup jantung org nak akad nikah.. hahahahaha.. Leh dgar dari jarak 200 meter.. Hahahahahahaha.. Tiba je time aku, ngan penuh yakin n tawakal nye aku menapak ke depan.. hahahahahaha...Time allocated = 10minutes..


Sekian. Terima Kasih.


Mampus. Aku bercakap ke wat demonstrasi masakan ala-ala chef wan tadi ehh? hahahahahaha.. Yang aku tau aku berjaya mengabehkan slide aku and aku bercakap tak terlekat..Dah cukup...*walaupun suara ktak puru masih juga terhasil dgn kerapkalinya* Aku kesah plak. Katak puru ke katak kembung.. Aku tau beban yang selama ney aku tanggung macam kendong Gunung Kinabalu atas belakang badan aku dah berjaya lepaskannn.. FUhhhhhh!!!! Tapi degup2 jantung tu laju lagi..Sebab kene tunggu komen examiner dulu.. Alahaiiiii..Nasib baik lah examiner baik.... Dia komen lemah lembut longlai..*JUJUR NEY* Betul2 neyh.. Dia komen sangat membantu.. Dia siap listkan correction yang aku patut buat untuk FYP2 aku.. HUhuhu.. Tiba2 aku jatuh cinta plak kat dia.. *bini org tu oiyya* hahahaha... bongok..aku straight lah.. saje je wat ayat gempakkk..hahahhahahaha....

And that is how my superb day ended. Balek rumah..Tido. Bangun tido demam. Yess.. Lagi la super duper superb.. And now still coughing non-stop. Pandai plak dia nak sakit time2 cenggini... SUKANYA sayaaaa!!!!!!! Takpelah yang penting aku dah bleh K.I.V fyp for this time being.. and.. hurmmm... Sambung ngan preparation for final plak... heyeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Kemon lahh..!!!! TO be continue lain kali..!! hehehehehe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog Busukk!!

Hahahahaha..title tu tade kene ngena ngan post pun.. Saje je nak cari tajuk.. dah takde yang sesuia main petik je lahhh.. Heheheh. .. Incik blog busuk bape hari tak mandi? hehehhehehe.. Busuk2.... Ehh2.. Nak gtau nehhh..Tomorrow will be my VIVA presentation for my Final Year thesis.. =.='' Yes. N until now I'm still leisuring and blogging and watching movies. Huhuhuhuhu.. Memang siap lah aku besokk..

Kalau tak kuar suara versi katak puru.. Memang tekeluar suara versi parkinson aku.. *aku memang allergic sikit bab2 public speaking neyh* rase macam nak muntah je.. If everyone else is having butterfly in the stomach..Aku rase aku dah the whole zoo in the pancrease dahh!! elephant in the liver, giraffe in the heart, snake in the thoracix cavity, owh there is one more.. zebra in the intestine! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.. Serious wehh.. Kecuakan dan kenebesan yang melampau..

Tapi aku standard lah...cakap je takut.. yet I didnt do anything jugak in the end.. paling2 kejap lagi tidur lah aku sambil ditemani kenebesan melampau neyh... Huhuhuhu..Dan2 lah time ney sneezing non-stop.. batuk2..kering tekak.. Esok bangun takde suara mampus aku.. Sempat ke nak blaja bahasa isyarat neyh? *hoiiyy!! Puaka mulut*

Semenjak dua menjak berkenalan dgn incik tension dan puan stress neyh bahasa aku pun dah semakin menjadi2 liarnyaa... *salahkan mereka berdua kerana melawat saya sekarang* Mereka berdua ney sgt lah ditakuti.. sehinggakan segala jerawat2 yang selama ini bersembunyi sudah lari keluar dari muka dan segala rambut2 yang selama ini melekat elok atas kepala dah mula nak lari and gugur sana sini.. =.='' Hilang ayu aku bila memikirkan soal 2 ekor tetamu ni.. Datang tak pandai nak balik plak tuhhh.. *balek la oyy kau laki bini...*

Aku pun dah naik biol dah neyhhh.... So sebelum Incik blog aku pun ikut same biol better aku stop membebel dulu.. hahahahhaaha.. so long incik blog.. tengoklah kalau semua nya berjalan lancar esok aku ajak kau gosip2 lagi keyhhh... :) Take care ..!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Update!

I'm not going to privatized my blog/twitter/facebook. Because what I share with you guys is what I've been through in my everyday life and some might help to give people strength to move forward. Like how some of the people have inspired me through their blog/twitter/facebook. I do wish I could also do those kind of thinsg. Inspired people through my words and help people who are in need.

But for now, since my final semester exam is just around the corner, then I guess I should give more focused on studying and revising everything. But don't worry! I'll try my best to update things here.! Adios me 'amor..! :)

And here another one. :)

To my dearest friend. :) I'm writing this out just for you. I know this might change your mood. But still I wanna tell you this. As this might be the only chance I have to tell you this. Again, I decide on writing down all the things that I wanna say. Because this is the best way I think I have to express my feelings. I don't have the strength to speak things out. So I decided to write.

To the friend that is always humble and caring.
She who always so cheerful and happy.
To a distance that I become jealous for her happiness.
She who live her life to the fullest.
Know how to cheerish every single moment of her life.
She who never dissapoint me.
She who always try to be there when I need someone.
She who complete my inner circle of friendship.
And she who never failed to make me laugh out loud. :)

Every single things that happen. Every single moment that we had been through together, I hope, I pray, will remain as the best memories that we have in our lives. In the future, we might meet up with new people, getting to know new friend. But deep inside, I'm praying that this friendship will remain as the best that we ever had. Let the memory remain until the very end of our last breath!

I dedicated this entry specially for you my darling friend. You know me better then the other. Because it's you the one that I turned into if I wanna share something and tell something. I love to hear all of your mumbling and nagging. Yes. Never getting tired of it. Although sometime it might sound a litlle bit harshed. But I know it's just that you don't want to see me being toyed over and over again. I accept every single words with my open heart. I know sometimes my stupidity were obvious. Right? Hahahaha. I'm totally laughable.
But seriously, having you as one of my friend were one of ALLAH blessed for me. I feel glad knowing that everytime I encounter a situation, there will always be you to help me sort it out. Or at least stand by my side, support my every single decision, giving out advice although sometime I just ignore it. *I'm sorry* Huhuhuhuhuhuhu.. This is all I wanna said.And again, Thanks for being sucha good friend. One that will always remain as the best in my life. You and Ziqa. Yes. You guys were ALLAH's blessed for me. Thanks again and again.


I've decided to write about u. :)

I suddenly feel like wanna share about this one little friend of mine. With the current condition of my house yang dah mcm kelab malam. I can hardly revised or study. So I take this little time to write something about you. My dear friend. The one who never failed to cheer me up. :)

She who seems ignorance.
She who lived in her own world of famish.
She who never care about the outside world.
She who always be in front of her lappy.
She who never show her love towards her friends.
But she who never failed to make me smile
She who never failed to make me laugh.
She who never failed to be there when I need someone.
She who never failed to be there when I wanna cry.
She who never failed to be a friend.
A real friend.
A true friend.
Indeed. She have all my respects.
Yes darling.
I'm talking about you.
This is everything that I wanna tell you.
I hope you will read it until the very end.

*I'm out of words* Actually I'm writing this right after I call her and knocked myself out. There is at certain limit I feel like she is too good to be one of my friend. Even I can't be as cool as she was. I only have these words to thanks her for everything that she had offered to me. Sorry dear friend. You know me well. Right? If I'm right in front of you. All this word were like so geli2 for us kan? But this is my true feeling. I really wanna tell you. But I don't know how. So writing all my feeling down is the only way that I could think of. I know this might not be good enough as compared to the pure friendship that you had offered me all this time. But I'm trying my best to be one of bestfriend of yours. I'm trying really hard. :)

And as time passes by, I realized that our friendship worth everything in the world that I should fight for. And insyaALLAH as long as I'm given the chances to lived in this wonderful world, I'll stay there as you friend. As long as you want me to. And I hope you feel the same about this. Because losing one valuable friend like you is the last thing that I ever wished to happen for me. And I will always pray that those time will not going to come because I'm praying that this friendship that we started as stranger will continue to grow. In this life, and in jannah insyaALLAH. Semoga persahabatan ini akan terus kekal. Sampai syurga insyaALLAH. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy

I'm in the middle of studying and later decide on taking a break and havva quick update for my Incik Blog. I decide on writing about mummy since yesterday was her birthday.. *sorry mum for the late update. Your daughter here were truly busy!* Ahahkkk!! But I do wish her through a phone call as early as 6am yesterday morning.. Hehehehe..

Dear mom,
Happy birthday and I pray that you were always in the best state of health. I pray for our happiness day and night. As the most stubborn daughter of yours, I might have hurt you a lots. Kan ma? And I'm sorry for all the immature things I had done before. But just to let you know, after this, I'm not going to be the same person anymore. Yes. I've grown up. I've become mature enough and I'll try my best for not hurting you anymore. I don't want to see those tears running down your cheek anymore. And if possible, I don't wanna see you cry anymore. Not now, not in the future. What I hope to see everyday after this is the warmth smiling face of you. I really miss you mom.


Dear lovely mummy,
Did you know that how afraid I am if I ever make you cry or when you suddenly turn silent during our conversation. I really wish I could turn back to all those time and repair everything back. But as we all know, that is so impossible. Kan ma? So what I have now is the future. And I'll try my best for not hurting you anymore.. I love you mom. And no one will ever can replace you in my heart, my life.

Dear the greatest mom on earth,
Here once again I wanna wish you a warm wishes of happy birthday. May ALLAH blessed you with barakah and rahmat.. May HE also blessed you with a good health and May you live long life. Love you mummy. Now, and forever.


Friday, December 16, 2011


I keep wondering why my Incix Blog seems to protesting and mogok with me this few days. Rupanya he's demanding for me to change to this new blogger layout lah.. *haihhhhh* The old one doesn't seems to perform in it's best so I decided on trying to change to the new layout and surprisingly it operates like usual.. Is this what we call as *heemmmm..kejap..I forgot the term la..Baru belajar semalam* hahahahaha... haaaa.. Found it.. Parallel web development? Heheheheh.. *konon2 pandai kejap* It's ok lah..Since, I had choose to use the new blogger layout then I need sometimes to learn and explore the button postion and everything..This will just be a quick update since I'm not posting anything this few days kan... So here it. The first entry after changing the blogger layout..Hahahaha...Greating you guys a nice day ahead and do take care of yourself keyh love! :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time sure flew too fast.! Part I

huhuhu.. Sape2 yang rase ade perasaan macam saya sila angkat lobang hidung belah kanan.. (0.O) <------- lebeh kurang cenggitu lahhh.. hahahahha... hmmmmmm... Sedar tak sedar je kan.. 2011 is going to end soon.. huhuhu.. Seriously. Cepatkan masa berlalu? I think I just arrived here last few weeks but I'm going to graduate next year..?? Homaihhhh.. Sungguhh..!! Cepat sangat masa berlalu...
Rasa macam banyak lagi azam tahun 2011 yang ta dapat capai.. *bleh main postpone tak?* hehehehe... kira boleh lah ye since mmg tak sempat dah if nak catch up skang.. hahaha.. Saya buzy ngan macam2 perkara okeh.. Plus this year we got FYP summor... I was like.. erghhhh!!! Jerawat pun asek timbul tak henti2... kepala pun kalau dah dan pening memang tak terbangun dah sayaaaa!! homennnn... sangat busy... sangattt... and the latest.. need to prepare for CV and register for LI lagi.. hukhukhuk....
Betul2 rase tak tekejar.. *sape suh kejar kan? jalan sudehhhh* hek.. mengong lah kaoo...!!!! baru kejap td g intai homepage LI...ehhehh..finally realized I'm not ready to register yet.. hahahaha.. biar lah dulu..ade time lagi kan.. :P kui4... ehhh..lupa plak tengah nak buat entry..hehehe.. ter'blog-walking' kat blog org lein... hehehhehehehe... i think this is it for now kot.. to be continue..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Give Thanks To ALLAH

Alhamdulillah. My FYP1 progress dah hampir sampai ke penghujungnya. Even bersakit-sakit. Dgn macam-macam lagi dugaan luar yang mendatang. Aku berjaya gak sampai ke hujung and siapkan thesis 1 aku... ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH... Mahu atau tidak.. Terima kasih tu tetap untuk DIA yang Maha Esa.. Tanpa bantuanNYA mungkin aku masih lagi terkontang kanting nak siap kan semua neyh. Slow-slow, satu persatu, aku berjaya siapkan jugak.. Walaupun bukan 100% lagi. Tapi alhamdulillah aku berjaya sampai ke satu tahap yang aku sendiri tak dapat nak bayangkan masa mula-mula dapat tugasan ney dulu..

Sesungguhnya aku sangat berterima kasih padaMU Ya ALLAH...

Atas kurniaan kesabaran yang telah Kau berikan kepada aku.. Terima Kasih..

Tapi all this doesn't stop here.. I still have few other project that need my full attention and responsibility.. I seriously feel that I need to pu more and more effort... Semoga Kau akan terus perkuatkan diriku Ya ALLAH..Hanya padaMu tempat aku bermohon dan hanya padaMu tempat aku meminta pertolongan.. Kurniakan lah aku dgn kesihatan dan kecerdasan yang berpanjangan... Supaya dapat aku menumpukan sepenuh perhatian pada tanggungjawabku.. Jauhkanlah aku dari sebarang penyakit yang bisa merencatkan perjalanan harian ku.. Lindungilah aku dari bisikan syaitan yang direjam.. Jauhkan lah sifat malas dari dalam diriku..

Aku berterima kasih diatas setiap satu kurniaan dan anugerahMu Ya ALLAH.. Sesungguhnya aku telah menemui jalan yang selama ini hanya aku dengar dan ketahui melalui pembacaan kitab suciMU.. Kali ini aku berjaya menemukan jalan tersebut dan semoga dgn rahmat dan hidayahMU, aku mampu untuk terus bertahan dijalanMU ini.. Bantulah aku dan bimbinglah aku Ya ALLAH.. Hanya itu doaku untuk diriku..

Dan Kau lindungilah kedua org tuaku Ya ALLAH..Adik beradik ku.. Dan seluruh kaum keluargaku.. Berikanlah mereka kesihatan yang berpanjangan. Jauhkanlah mereka dari sebaranga bahay dan malapetaka.. Jauhkan lah mereka dari kejahatan syaitan dan iblis.. Lindungilah mereka dari sifat kedengkian sesama manusia.. SInarilah hati mereka dengan nur dan hidayahMu. Terangi hidup mereka dengan cahaya keberkatanMU.. Bukalah hati mereka untuk agamaMU.. Limpahi mereka dengan kurniaan dan rezeki dari sumberMU yang halal Ya ALLAH..

Ya ALLAH Ya Rabbi, jagalah mereka disaat penjagaanku tidak sampai kepada mereka.. Lindungilah mereka disaat rangkulan ku tidak dapat mendakap mereka dalam pelukan yang nyata.. Sampai kan kerinduan aku ney kepada mereka.. Sampaikan kasih sayang aku ini kepada mereka.. Semoga kami mampu sama2 bertahan dalam setiap ujian dan cubaanMu Ya ALLAH..

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. :')

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Once again! I Love You!

Before today end.

Before 4th December become 'yesterday'

Lemme say few more words of appreciation.

To our beloved great parents.

Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

For rising us.

For teaching us everything.

For let us live in a life full with love.

Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

For give us such a warmth family.

For rising us with such patience.

For all the loves.

I might not be the best poet.

And my english were so broken tho.

Even daddy were so great at it. :)

But I still wanna write this.

Just to expressed what I feel.

Just to let you both know how much I love you.

I really want to learn on drawing portraits.

So that I could draw our own family portrait.

But I'm not good at it.

So I decide to just write.

Having En. Mislan and Pn. Ruhaini as our parents.

Was the greatest blessings from ALLAH S.W.T.

You both were such a great parents. :)

And I will never feel tired or bored to say this out loud.


Ya ALLAH Ya Tuhanku, lindungilah kedua ibubapaku dari sebarang bahaya dan malapetaka. Berkatilah dan rahmatilah kehidupan mereka. Sayangilah mereka sepertimana kasih dan sayangnya mereka kepada kami sewaktu kami kecil. Jagalah mereka dikala penjagaan kami tidak dapat merangkul mereka dalam dakapan yang nyata. Lindungilah mereka pada setiap langkah dan perjalanan mereka. Kurniakan mereka kesihatan dan kesejahteraan yang berpanjangan. Harmonikan hubungan diantara mereka sebagaimana sebelumnya kini dan selamanya insyaALLAH. Ya Rabbi, janganlah jadikan kami anak yang derhaka.. Tetapkan lah kasih sayang diantara kami. Amin.. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary Dear Parents!

24 tahun lepas. Masa nie. Mama mesty tengah berdebar-debar sambil telek2 inai kat jari-jari dia. Papa plak mesti tengah sibuk menghafal dialog akad nikah ngan tok kadi. Hahaha. Jantung masing-masing mesti dupdapdupdapdupdap.. Memikirkan macam mane lah perjalanan hari esok.. And after 4th December, mama n papa sah jadi suami isteri..! And tomorrow the date signifies 24th years of togetherness between mummy and daddy.. :)

There is nothing more that I could give accept prayers and du'a untuk kesejahteraan dan kesihatan beerpanjangan buat mama and papa.. That is the only things that I'm affordable right now. But I promise that one day. I'll give you more. Just wait for a little more years. I'll make you both proud of me. Not just me. But I'm writing this on behalf of the 4 of us. Abg, akk, me, adek. Who all this years had been raised up together by a great parents. :)

You both taught us well and give us so much love and care. Never allowed us to worry over the family problems and always be there when we need one of you. Your willingness to stay over night if any of us fall sick. We appreciate those things very very much. No words can tell how much we love you. Might not be as big as the love we had received from both of you but still our love for both of you were unconditional, with no limits, no boundaries. :)

Thanks for teaching us on how to be strong in facing any life possibilities. Thanks for give us the chances to live in this beautiful world. Where we had learn on appreciate each other, love each other, be there for each other. Tho now distance were seperating us, tapi kasih sayang yang mama n papa dah tanamkan dalam hati kami adik beradik tetap menyatukan kami. We proud to have such a great parents.

And now after 24 years, slowly, we are taking our own path. To the success. To make you both proud of us. Untuk balas setiap titis peluh dan keringat mama n papa yang dah jatuh untuk kami. Untuk setiap pengorbanan yang mama n papa dah lakukan untuk kami. Kami sedang berusaha untuk membalas semua itu. Dengan masa depan yang cemerlang. Dengan menjaga mama dan papa selagi hayat dikandung badan. Untuk terus setia berbakti pada kedua orang insan yang amat berjasa dalam hidup kami. :)

Let's enjoy and celebrate the 24th years of togetherness. I will always pray for the best things to happen in our life. And foe mummy and daddy, just know that we love you as much as everything in this whole wide world. You guys are number 1 hero and heroin in our life. Our role model. Our inspiration. Our strength. Our love. And our destiny. Dalam mata mama and papa, we will always be their tiny little babies. :) So do us. You guys will always be the greatest person in our life. Love you as much as no words can describe it. Love you. And miss you loadssss!!!

Happy 24th Anniversary ma and pa! :)

Sahabat terbaik saya!

Semalam. after habis Ombak Rindu. Me and this two little monster jalan-jalan kat 1b sambil cuci2 mata. :P I dont know why. Dengan mereka berdua. I'm free to say anything. I'm free to tell everything. So do them. Eventhough there is still sometimes ada benda2 peribadi yang kami simpan sendiri2. tp kadang bila dah lama2 semua terlepas jugak. After some session with them. I feel free. kosong. ringan! Hehehe..

They two were like a true friend that I had have for years. Even kami baru berkawan 3 tahun *approximately* hehehehe... You both should know urself. No need fer me to mentioned it out kan? U guys know urself better then the others. Because in my life. U guys were currently ranked at one of the most highest place. *under my family and siblings* Even if one day aku ade bf pun. I'll make sure bf aku tuh ranking dia bawah korg 2 tau! Sayang korang ketat2..

*nape lah petang ney aku layan jiwaaa neyhh*

When I say I Love you

Counting every passing minutes to midnight. :) Will make a very special post tonight.


p/s: I love you both mum! dad!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ombak Rindu!

Herggghhhh!!! Seriously. Sape yang belum pergi tengok? GO3..! G tengok cepat..!!! Heheheheh... Seriously.. Sangat best. and for me who had been waiting for this movie since last year lagi. I think it's worth it.! :P

Harriz I'm falling for you! Omaihhh!!

He was so cool. But I do cry for certain moment during the movies. Especially when tengok air mata sorang laki jatuh sebab perempuan yang dia sayang. Erghhh. *touched* Seriously. I wonder of there is a real man like him in our reality. If does. Then his future 'Izzah' were so lucky! Huhuhuhu...

Kalau before this every single boy is dreaming og becoming Kasyah *LBS.. Then after this I bet Harriz will take over that place.. demiit menn! Ney nak cari bf neyh... *tak memasall..* hahahah... Betul2.. After this all girls will wishing for a man like Harriz for their future hubby... *wink2* This facts were strongly supports by my two laling who went for the movie with me today! Seriously. Kami ber3 do cry okeh! *sobbing* hahahaha

Takpe lah. Janji cerita dia best. Jalan cerita maybe a lil bit boring. Tapi diterima because if we were expected the story to be told precisely as the novel. Then it will took one whole day lah! Hahah..sempat beku dalam panggung wayang tu nanti! Hehehehehe..

Sape2 yang belum p tengok...go3.. strongly suggested for the followers of this novel. :)