Sunday, November 27, 2011

Darah Oh Darah!

Hayyyyyy...!!! Heheheheh.. Harini saya nak conteng2 pasal doktor..!! kenapa? Sebab akhir-akhir ney saya ade banyak dating dengan doktor.. eeeeeee.. Sukanyaaaa!!! #___________# Seriously.! Sayasangatsukabilatiaptiapbulandarahsayakeneamek..!!!

And this Tuesday darah saya kene amek lagi.. Ohoooyy!! Sakit...!! Lagi-lagi bila time bz2 gini. Amek darah even just satu tube tuh bleh buat kita rasa letih! Penat! And cepat ngantokk!!! Hopefully this will be the last time kene amek darah.. Sebab dah tak larat.. Penat lagi nak kene berulang tiap2 bulan.. Nak buat kat swasta almaklumlahhhhh.. Duet takdooo!!! *jimat2* HUhuhuhuhuhu....

Friday, November 25, 2011

No title for this entry.

heeeeee... ^____________^ mulakan dgn senyuman.. ehehehe.. hai all..! ape kabar semuaaa..? :P today i don't feel like doing anything. Studying, assignment, FYP, bla..bla..bla.. All that were being kept aside.. Sebab memang takde rasa nak buat semua tuh. I really want to do this once. Be free from all the stress and enjoy my daily life.! And today I manage to do it..!! :) And seriously it do help me to lightened the burden that I had been carried together with me since the start of this sem.

Today I went for movies and makan2 kat luar with kawan. Movie ape? Hehehe.. Perlu tanya lagi kehhhh??

The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 1

Comment? Go and watch it for yourself! To those who are really into this serial movies. This is so worth it to be watched.! Seriously. I mean really serious. I don't want to say much. Enough by saying it is the best part of the movies. And you won't regret it. Unexpected story line. Unexpected things happen and non-stop surprised until the very end of the movies. Hahahaha. Enough saying about this. Or else nanti kene pukul..!! ;P

Before movie we had our lunch dekat Kenny Rogers. Seriously the first time I think I enjoy my lunch without having any memories on Assigment or anything else. And I think that was the feeling I had been missing since the start of this sem. =.='' Too busy with tasks sampai dah lupa perasaan makan sedap itu apa. Apa cerita? hahahah.. The muffin. The coleslaw. And the chicken of course! Sedap.! Sampai tak hengat dunia keliling! Hahaha. Yummeehh seriously.

After lunch we take a relaxing stroll around the mall. *good for digestion okeh since we were planning on getting some popcorn lagi during movie nanti!* Hehehehehehehehe.. Munch*munch. And yet you're claiming that you're gaining weight kan? *bijak fateen bijak..* Well2... Hahahaha..

After movie, kitorg split up. Mag2 balek and I'm still there continue to wasting time with my two dear darlings. From Nichii to PDI to Brands Outlet. To mane mane je lah dengan budak dua org neh! Mesty menjadi..! Wanna know who? hehe. Cinta sayang saya. Darling2 saya. Perosak Diet saya. Penyambung mood saya. Mesin ketawa saya. Dan mesin air mata saya! hehe. 2 of my besties. my loves. My friends. My besties. My best buddies. *kalau dorg baca. mesty dorg kembang* Banyaknye saya puji dorg. hahahaha.

After some jalan-jalan and fitting room session. We decide on going back sebab dah totally out of energy. hehehe. Now pun I'm typing this while half asleep. hahaha. sengguk2 and sangat mengantuk. tapi takde rase nak tido plak. Huhuhu. Tomorrow will have to start back with my normal so-called 'final year student' life. Huhuhu. Bye2 good day. Hello problems!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Macaroons and Kimchi!

Ehehehehehe. This part dah termissed plak. Today is my very first time trying this two foods. Hehehe. Beli masa APK lahh! APK? Heemmm.. It's one of the compulsory subject to be taken where a group of student have the choices on choosing any business that they wanna do. And the APK expo were starting today too. *same dgn tamu gadang.

So during our lunch time just now. Me and Anne pay a visit there. *mau cari makan baa...kelaparann* hahahahah... After walking around, we decide on trying the macaroons *because they were cute plus its ann's friend who sell them* and the kimchi..! They provide us with a reasonable price lah.. We buy those two foods and head back to SKTM untuk mencekik...

My first try on the macaroons. :"ohhoo..maniss..!! my teeth!!* hahahaha.. Tapi sedapp..since the things were melting inside our mouth. hehehe. The feeling was superb and it taste nice too. *diorg buat sendiri kot tuh* Sedappp..!!! Screw the teeth. I wanna eat summore! Hahahaha... They were soo colorful! And seriously we were having trouble on choosing the color.! Padahal the flavor inside same jeh..Hek4... Rambang mata looking at those tiny little colorful thingy. Nasib baik sedapp.. :P

And then makan kimchi plak. :"ommo~ ney rasanya kimchi." hehe..Ok lah. Not bad. But if there is nasi putih ke or even meggi mesty lagi terangkat punya makan kimchi tu tadi. They were also selling the ice noodles at the kimchi stall. But we forgot to buy it since hujan lebat masa kitorg tengah membeli tadi. Will try to get one tomoro. Hohohoho. And lupa jgak nak snapped gamba those cute macaroons. Huhuhuhu. Makan punya pasal benda lain semua lupa..!!! Hek4...

Still got few days more for the APK and also the Tamu Gadang. So will pay another visit tomorrow or maybe on Friday. Lets see how first lah..!! Ok lah now I seriously have to off.. Besok ade exam wehh!! ;P babay dear darlings! See you soon..!

Tamu Gadang UMS!

Weehuuuu!! The convocation seasons is just around the corner. And the Tamu Gadang (name given to our sambutan convocation season) Had officially start today..!! Expecting heavy traffic around UMS starting today oo... Plus expecting to meets with lots of seniors too! Maybe planning on hanging out together? :P Who knows kan? Will update more later.! Now have to continue with my study. Esok ade midterm weh! And my final year thesis chapter 3 too!! -.-''

Blog Updated!

Nak update pasal apa lagi kan kalau bukan pasal the current fever. #harimaumuda lahh!!! Roarrrrrrrrrrr...!!! Hehehehehehe... Even they lost to the Syrians today but hey be positive man. This is their 4th game in one week time..! Kalau kita kene bahan ngna lecturer suruh hantar 4 project dalam masa seminggu pun kita dah melenting kan??? So don't blame them for this lost. Just remember that they had won us the Gold medal during the SEA Games. Proud to be Malaysians la weehhh!! :)

Heshhh.. Penat masih berbaki lagi. Dude! They were resting for only few hours before training for this game. But still, with the facts that they were playing at our own beloved country, they give their best and the best performance ever. *muka puas hati* The Syrians have many advantages. Dari segi physical and mental. But our player maybe were too tired. Plus the last game play on the final stage of the SEA games they were being attacked physically and mentally. So this is not their fault tho.! They still give out their best performance. :)

Man of the match? Of course lah the Malaysian Sweetheart! Our #harimaumuda keeper.! Incik Apek. Credit to u bro! But still, without the others. It is impossible for the him also kan. So lets give a rounded applause for the team! Don't worry guys. As the supporters. We are still here right behind you guys. To always supports and cheer the teams up! For now, just have a good rest and gambatte for the next game! ^_______^


Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hayy all...! Been a busy week for me during whole last week. Yelah baru naik cuti kan. Then have to settle down everything. Submit up few other things and reschedule my activity. Hmmmmphhhh.. The 'to-do-list' also had been lengthen for few miles longer..! *okeh tu metafora* hahahah.. Tapi still yes. There is so much things to be done and submitted before final. Hopefully I can perform well! :) Pray femme yaaahhh!!!

I decided to make a post today.. Why? Look at the entry's title pwesssss!!! Yes.. That is today's date..!! Nice number aite? Hehehehe.. let's pray for some miracle to happen today? Duit dalam bank ++ ke... Finish few jobs ke. Cover more chaps ke... Apa2 je lah.. But lets pray something good for today! *dapat jodoh ke...* bahahahhahahha.... I started this morning a bit better then yesterday. Maybe sebab semalam hati tak tenang dek kerana menunggu perlawanan bola semi-final SEA games kot..

Owh ya..! COngratulations #harimaumuda! For being able to go for final!! Even yesterday's game were like a little boring and slow but still you guys make it! True credit goes to no 14, Izzaq Faris! Hehehehe.. *my darling* *errhhhhhhggghhh!! Perasannn!!!* Hek2... Seriously, the game's rhythm suddenly boosted after he enter the field. And dia penggerak to the last night goal tooo!! But have to be outta field after being tackled hard by the opponent player. *aku jumpa kau siap kau*..!! Berani kau terjah darling aku mcm tu!! salah arena lah kau!! Situ tempat org main bola wehh bukan kickboxing!!! Grrrrrrr... *mengencang kejap*

Hahahaha..But still #harimaumuda manage to be in final.. Wuhhuuuuuuu..!! Despite of all the kate-kate si busuk hati yang dilaungkan kat stadium still we were able to show them that our mental level is not the low! Buuuhuuuuu!!! *bangga ney..Naip pun hidung dah kembang kuncup!* Hahahahaha.. Nice date to celebrate our victory dear Malaysians player.! 20112011..!! weehuuuuu..! Ehh2..tak boleh.. Still have to focused fer da FINAL...!! INDONESIA again kan? Herrggghhhh.. hate that fact!

It's not really because of hating the country.. But their attitude before, during and even after the game lahh! Why were they have to hate us that much? Bukan ke persaingan sihat tu lagi positive dalam sukan? Kenapa nak kene kutuk2 and disrespect opponent team so much? It can be clearly seen during the group level match hari tu. So disrespectful toward out national anthem. And keep using harsh words and quotes towards the officer and player. *tapi respect #harimaumuda punya spirit tak tercalar pun..boohhhhoooo* hahahahahha....

Hehehehehehe..dah2...end cakap pasal bola.. Ape2 pun kita tinggal tunggu final lah.. Hope Malaysia could give out their very best. Even dah dengar dua tiga perkara yang tak sedap didengar kan. Especially ramai yang injured kene wushu ke karate tah dgn player Myanmar semalam. Then those dapat kad kuning semalam. Diorg still boleh turun untuk final kehh? Hmmmppphhhh.... Let's wait and see..

As for the beautiful date today, let's make peace no war. Let's make smile and workout things that should be done. Let's be happy and start new spirit... Jom kita belajar...!!! ^___________^

p/s: Knowing I have such a great family, siblings and friends make me strong enough to go through every single problem. Love you guys a lot! Muaahh3.!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hehehehehe... This picture was taken during our last hang out before the holiday. Saje upload lambat so that I have things to do during tension time macam skang. Hahahahaha.. I love them both sangat2 ketat2... We were crazy enough when we were together. And they were like the real friends that I ever had! :') Glad to know that I have them. Muahh3..! Sayang korang..!

To My Dearest Siblings...

It have been such a very long time since we had the chance to spend the holiday together. Being able to be with you guys at home were one of the most memorable memories I had created this year. Yes. I'm blessed with the three of you. Having you guys as part of my life really give me no more reasons to ask for more. Plus with ma and pa. My life were complete. :) I didn't ask for more and I really appreciated each and every single passing moments when we were at home.

Time sure flew this fast that we are now already walking on our own fast-tracking path to achieved our ambitions. Among the four of us, our beloved brothers seems to have achieved half of his life path. *kecuali tak kawen lagi lah kan* hehehehehe.. But yes. He is one of our role model and had become one of the reason for the three of us to work harder to achieved our life goals. I'm writing this because I missed you guys so much. It's only few days passes and I feel like it's already like one months since our last met. I do miss mummy and daddy too! :)

No words can tell how I wish I could be there everyday but still, I'll stay strong for this path I had chosen. :) I hope the same goes to you guys. And as we grow bigger, just remember that our beloved parents were also growing older. Each December means that they had been older by one more years. And every new years were like a present for them. Let's continue to pray and send over du'as for them to stay healthy and always be in the best state of health. Our happiness is their priority. Whatever they said, is solely due to their worrisome and endless love towards us.

Don't be hurt by their words because whatever it is. However it is. There is truth inside everything they said. Take it as advised. Not nagging or mumbling. Seriously. They said it because they love us and the only things that they want in their lives now is to see our bright future and to watch us lead a happy life. :) And still. There is so much for us to do in order to repay every single things that they had done to us. They might not going to asked for it. But we will give our best for them. Right? :)

I am writing this because I seriously miss you guys. Hehehehe. *jangan marah aaa* And the feeling that I feel will be the reason for me to work harder and achieved 'something' big insyaALLAH.. I love you guys.

The Number Three. :P

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TalentShoot Part2

Talent: Margaret

This is second best photo from the photoshoot that day. I use picnik to enhanced the color and the other were original okeh. :)


I think this is my first try of shooting with a model. Hehehe. And this one is the one that I satisfied the most. :) Love the posture and love the light rays. Seriously love this one.!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Haiiiiii guyss..!! Today I bangun pagi. Pandang kanan, mummy. Pandang kiri, daddy. Tengok sebelah mama, kakak, adek. Wahhhh.. I senyum sampa tinge.. macam ney.. *____________*

Hehehehehehe.. Happy kot. After 2 months. Seriously I missed them..! GOing to plan something out nak spend time together and snap thousands of out picture together.. Wish daddy could spaced out sometimes and pergi jalan-jalan with us... :) Going to post more update later. Now I wanna continue with my sleep. I still having headache and yes tired. Huaarrgggghhh..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love is the best word!

I found love in the deepest fear.
I found 'em on my dimmest moment of life.
They enlightened my life.
Give me every reason to stay strong.
All the joy we had.
And the laughter we share.
I do pray it'll last forever.


Hai semuaa..!! Kawan-kawan.! Esok kita raya kannn!!! Hehehehehehhehe... Tp sedih sebab tomorrow only I'm going to be with my family. Malam raya still spend kat bilik sorg2 wohhhhh.. hahahaha..Tak kesah la.. Better than those yang actually staying the whole week here alone kan.. I do pity them..But me ney pun kira seribu rahmat dah when my brother actually wanna spend me my air tix. Kalau tak berangan je lah. Ney first raya haji after 3 tahun tau.! So I'm kinda excited lah nak balek even if sampai after first raya kan...!!!

Tadi g dinner with my hosmate.. *dia tak balek..kesian plak..* Then tiba2 ade sorg budak laki ney g alih channel tv...and dan2 plak tgah takbir raya. Sebak jugak lah rasa dalam hatiii...Huhuhuhuhuhu.... Sbb bese kalau dah time2 takbir raya tuh then I tak balek I'd rather staying inside my room. TIdooo!!!! hahahaha..ney dgr takbir terasa jugak lah kurang sikit hangat nak sambut raya sbb tak dgn family...hahahahaha...

for those friends yang tak balek tu... Selamat hari raya aidiladha..!! Salam hari raya korban.. Jangan sedih2 tau...Lerp u all!!! tc..!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hye all...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heheehehehheehehhe..Seriously I've been missing my Incix Blog like pretty much craxy..~Huhuhuhu... Exam and assignment had limit our time together and yes I do mish him soooo much....!!! There is so many untold stories oww.!! Hehehehe.. Mish3..!!!!

But now since everything had passed.. yeyeaahhhh..!! I wanna make a new post for every half an hour..!!! Boleh tak? Hahahahaha.. *sukati la blog aku kan!!* Hahahahaha.. Hmmmm... About the exam..I think I had give my best and hope that the result will come out to be ok. Just praying that all my effort will be worth it. insyaALLLAH.

After havin so heavy weeks, now I feel that half of the tense had been let go. Hmmpphh... Sukati sket... Plus am going back tomorrow..!! yess..!! Hehehehehehe.. Can't wait for tat. But now the problem is I don't know how to packed my stuff dy..!! huhuhuhuhu.. Kueh mama je dah penuh satu beg neyhhhh..!! :( Mane nak sumbat baju2 I semua? hmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... lemme think..Lemme think... Hmmmm lagi..... ade jugak aku makan ney kang kueh2 neyhhh.. Hahahahaha..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tenanglah wahai hati!

Ya ALLAH..kenapa pada masa ini hati ini terasa gundah? Ada apa-apa salah yang telah aku lakukan Ya ALLAH? Ada apa-apa yang telah aku lalaikan? Ada apa yang telah aku siakan? Kenapa tiba-tiba perasaan ini jadi sebegini? Seperti ada yang meragut ketenangan yang pernah Engkau salurkan dalam hati aku sebelum ini.. Adakah ini salah satu bentuk ujian yang KAU turunkan kepada aku. Kalau itu benar. Aku terima dengan redha dan pasrah. Aku terima dan aku akan jalani semua ini. Aku akan cuba berikan terbaik agar dapat aku langkaui perasaan gundah ini. Tapi untuk itu aku memerlukan kekuatan Ya ALLAH. Pinjamkan aku kekuatanMU. Salurkan kembali ketenangan itu. Bimbingaku ke jalanMU Ya ALLAH.. Dan izinkan aku untuk terus berada didalam keredhaanMU..Didalam keindahan agamaMU.. Dalam keindahan mukjizatMU.. Dalam ketenangan kurniaanMU. Maafkan aku sekiranya memang ada sesuatu yang aku telah teralpa..

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.

And I'm strong enough for mummy, daddy, siblings, families, and for all those who sincerely accept me and love me. Thanks all. :')