Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sekali Lagi..

Sekali Lagi.. Cinta itu milik kita..

Hai guys.. Korang da tengok cite neyh? :) For those yang dah tengok.. What is your guys opinion? And for those who haven't yet.. Go! Watch it! Hehehehe.. Memang betul2 mampu mengalirkan air mata.. Mampu buat orang jadi sedih.. Bukan full with sad scene la..Ade jugak those funny and part-part yang happy..

As for me, movie ney betul2 menyentuh perasaan.. Bukan ape, I do once had this one special person who is also becoming Authistic because of a major brain tumor surgery.. *macam pelik je ayat aku ney,..* hahaha... This movie was about Arman (Shaheizy Sam) and Shila (Lisa Surihani) yang bercinta time sekolah. Then when both parents know about them, their relationship were strongly objected.
Dorang nekad. They get married tanpa sebarang restu pun. After the marriage, Shila's father died, then balik rumah Arman is packing up his stuff, nak keluar dari rumah tu. Shila rase, Arman were not used to lived in poverty. But the reality is Arman lari dari dia sebab tanak Shila tau yang dia sakit. At the start, Arman jumpe dengan Amy (Mia Sara) whi is helping him dari org jahat.. Lepas tu, diorg getting closer.. *Maybe sebab the father-daughter instinct kot*..

Tapi bila Mama Amy dapat tau, Dia betul2 mengamuk. She thought that Arman is purposely acting like they dont know eac other. Both Arman and Amy keep berjumpa sampai satu hari ney Amy were scold by Mama dia. Climax dia bila Mak Arman datang and explain everything kat Shila.. Amy then accidentally hear from her mom conversation with Pak Harris (Bront Palarae) that Arman is actually her dad..

Tapi bila Amy bgtau Arman pasal ney, Arman ingat dorg nak main2.. Cannot put the blame on him, He remember nothing and for him he is actually a small kid! Akhir movie ney, they show Arman playing with Amy kat padang. Shila actually married to Harris and the were expecting a new baby. The most luckiest one? Amy la.. Because dia ad dua orang ayah.. Arman=Ayah, Harris=papa.. :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Yeaaayyy!! The time is running fasssttt! Sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk Fasting month dahh... :) Time do run too fast. Huhuhuhuhu... Tapi I am not going to talk pasal fasting... I am going to write about...hmmmm...yang kat atas tuhh..hehehe...Being the middle one make me feel complete. *kecuali adik lelaki lah..* hehehe.. ALLAH S.W.T granted me with the 3 great siblings..!!

Thanks God for sending me them. Yerpp.. They part of my childhood life. And now they were part of me. They complete me.! As the third, I sometimes can be beyond stubborn. Hahaha.. Especially when conducting a so-called mission with my brother. Hahahahaha...

I remember there is once mase kitorang baru sampai rumah *dari sekolah* and we saw an Ayam duduk kat tangga rumah. Then abg slowly take of his shoes.. Bannngggg!! He throw it kat ayam tu. The funny thing is, once kasut sekolah kene ke kat perut ayam tu..... pllluuuuppp!! ADE TELOR SEBIJIK TEKELUAR...!!!! hahhahaha... and there is once, as long as i can remember, cuti sekolah kot mase tu, around puasa time.. Of course la pasal mercun n bunga api kan.. Hahahaha... Abg Yus make his own carbide mercun! haha.. *cara buat dirahsiakan...* hahaha..

Then kitorg campak dat thing keluar rumah.. Mane tau tak meletoppp!! My brother gathered all his courage and went for a look.. Dia sempat kot kuis-kuis dgn kaki.. Then bila ktorg jalan jauh sket.. :"KADAAAABBOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!" rasa macam nak tercabot jantung...dan2 plak mase tu one of my uncle balek...ape lagii..puas laaaaa keeeneeee... BELETERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahaha.. Dgn akk and adk pun we create quite banyak memories.. Macam playing camping together, then main conductor bus.. Habis kertas2 a4 papa kene kerat2 sebab ktorg nak buat tiket... Hahahhahahahahahha... then we play hide-and-seek.. hehehe..banyak lagi lah...!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Heyyyy.... Tiba-tba rase arini nak wat entry pasal BOLA... Hehehehe.. It bring us advantages and disadvantages too.. Apa yang paling fun kalau nak dikaitkan ngn bola is mentality org kita sendiri. Aku tengok, penyokong2 bola sepak kita dah mcm lalang. Ditiup ke kiri...Kiri lah dia percaya... ditiup ke kanan lah dia percaya... Susah kalau macam tu. Pendirian tak tetap. I admit I am not that passionate when comes to football or soccer.. But still I know that whatever it is, dont we ever lose faith in our own team.... We should be proud of that..

Bukan nya bila menang je nak sokong.. Bila da kalah mulalah masing2 wat pangai.. Team tak bleh diaharap la. Pengurusan tak best la.. Pemain tah pape lah.. HEY!! Have you ever been on the field during game? And feel what the feel? Kalau letak kau atas padang..tiap-tiap game kau leh score 10 gol...aku respek!! Tabik hormat la kat korg! Kalah menang adat permainan la kawan! What there to bising abouttt? Have korg penah ade kat tempat diorg???

So when certain people said itu ini, itu ke tanda korg sokong pasukan negara? Merundum kan semangat org ade lah..!! This is from my own opinion.. Not quoted from others ke ape ke.. Pasukan kita dah pamerkan permainan yang terbaik..Mase game dorg bwak nama MALAYSIA.. Igt dorg saje2 ke hape nak kalahh? kalo mcm tu bek tayah psang keeper.. Biar bolos puluh2 gol...tu baru la ye kalo korg nak marah!!

Ney dorg sampai bersakit2 demi nak jaga nama baik negara. They deserve our respect tauu!! They hade give their best! I am proud of those yang still kat stadium last night until the very end! I am proud! Kagum! For those people. Congratulation! Gagal satu game tak bermakne dorg tak layak untuk terus mencuba.. kan? Peluang tu akan ada untuk mereka buktikan kekuatan dan kehebatan mereka.. Bagi mereka peluang untuk itu.. Untuk buktikan kebolehan dorg...

p/s:: Mungkin ke kalah sebab all the big mouth yang saying itu ini? Huuuu

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hai sumeeee!! :) Hehehe.. Still remember this cute little angel? :) Baby Gia la! Hehee.. I do told you guys about her bfro. For now.. enjoy the picture below k. Because I do not have much to say! :)

Here! Baby dombak with her Tatak Tamim! (kakak Syamim)

Baby nanges! Hehehe..

Baby wat muka ketat.. hehe.. >.<

Baby tekejut mummy amek gamba dia.. Hehe... Bolat mata dia!

"Mummy..Mummy... Gia nak posing neyh!!" Heheheh...

Baby wat muka merajuk.. Hehe..jeling je yee!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hai guys..have you watched this amazing awesome movies? Hehehe.. I had watched it last Saturday. I went to Kuantan with my elder sister to fetch my younger sissy at Kuantan terminal. It is almost half an hour that we been waited for her to arrived. Go to put her bag first at the counter and buy her returned ticket. Then we headed to the ECM (East Coast Mall).

Upon arrival, we first go look for the ticket. We finally confirmed on 1.15 pm tickets. During buying the tickets, I accidentally saw a very ugly disgusting view.. YUUUCCCKKKKKSSSSS!! I really feel like vomit when I bumped with the 'thing'

Bhahahaha..hambek kau! After purchasing our ticket, we went down for lunch. After walking around the mall, we decided to eat at Pizza Hut. After having the so-called lunch. We headed to the movie hall.

As the movie started, we all go silenced and focused ourself to the movies. It shows a lot of actions and flashback of the previous episode. It was about destroying the hocrux that is the source of power for Vondermolt. In previous episode, it shows how Harry Potter with the help of Hermoinie Granger anf Ronald Weansly destroyed few of the hocrux. That is the Soccerrer's Stone, the Tom Riddle's diary and few more.

And in this part, they must destroyed the few left hocrux. But on their way of destroying the hocrux, they were challenged by so many obstacles. Hogwarts were destroyed, and so many others were killed. As for Harry, he was able to collected the tears of Severus Snape. With the tears that he was able to know that all this time, Snape were protecting him, and he died in other to make sure that Harry is safe. :'(

Through that tears also, Harry get to know that half of herself is bounded with half of Vondermolt soul. This mean that killing VOndermolt were same as killing his ownself. In order for Vondermolt to be dead, he must died first. But in the end, Harry were able to save himself and Vondermolt died and vanished forever.

At the end of the movies, they show how each of them including Dreco Malfoy continue their legacy at Hogwarts and their next generation. :)

Monday, July 4, 2011


Hai syg.. how have you been? Are you doing fine? It had been such a long time.. kan? since we last meet up.. It's not that I don't want to go and meet you. I do hoping that I will be given a second chances to met you again. And you uncle. To apologized. To rewind everything and correct my wrongdoing.. I am really sorry.. Till now sayang.. I still hoped that I can meet you lagi. And hold you tightly in my arm..

How's your condition sayang? Were you still a regular patient in KMC? I hope not. I pray for you that you don't have to go back to that placed. So be healthy dear baby. Be good! I have plenty of your picture. Some were send by your uncle, (in those days la) and some I take it from your mummy and your macik.. :)

I had 0nce ask for your mum permission. And she said yes. :) (so akk amek manyak2).. You know syg.. I had only one lil sis that is only few years younger then me. I always dreaming of having more younger sis! :) Then I will love them forever. Since I only have one. Then I tend to fall for other babies easier. That including you! ^___^

Eventhough I only play with you twice, and able to hold you once ( Susah nak dukung dia!).. But I will never forget the time we spend together. It might be short. But it is meaningful! I hope that I do have the strength to upload your picture here. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu.. Maybe we will never meet again.. So long dear baby sayang..

-Knowing you in a very short time had create me a lifetime memories-

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Guys. Were all doin' fine? :) Here. I know I have tell you guys about this so many times before. But yes, I will never get bored to write about this little heaven of mine. This small petite happy 'syurga duniaku' ^___^

Ya ALLAH, thanks for giving me an opportunity to live and to grow up with them. Thanks for the sweet family of mine that I have now. For daddy, Mummy, Abg, akk, and last but not least, my cute, adorable lil sis! :) Yes! I AM BLESSED!!!

Down here is some picture of my sweet heaven. :)

This is where the four of us were being grown up. This house has kept thousands of our memory. Sedih, suka, gembira, menangis, were all in there. It had help us to create a life time memory that we will never forget. :) 'Baiti Jannati'. Mummy and daddy had teach us a to build a great life ahead. They gave us what we need. They teach us that everything in life, is achieved with a great afford. And the result will be pleasant. We learn on managing ourself and be good to others. They were my life. I love them very much. And they give me so much reason to lived on. :)

This picture were taken on last raya. :)


Hye guys.

Today I am totally not in mood.

I don't know what is happening to me.

Maybe I need some times to get back to myself.

Sementara tu..

Layan lagu kat atas k? :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hai guysss! :) How's your day? Doing great? Hehehehehe.. It has been quite some times kan that I last entry. I am kind of busy and I am stuffed with soo many things to do. I didn't get much times to spend with my friends. Because of doing and handling house thingy.

They do have few so-called reunion and call me over. But then I am not in Pekan la pulak! Going to here and there make me feel dizzy. However last Friday, I do receive an invitation from one of my best friend. She want to bring to celebrate my birthday *its actually at 27th June!* hehehe.. But still, I appreciate it so much! Better late then never kan?

And on the same days, I got a call from my 'adk Angkat'. Actually this is our first time to met. Even she is actually a junior in my high school. :) I love her.! I know, I already had a very cute nice, adorable sis.. :) But tak salah kan? :) She also want to invite me to hang out and have some chilled time together!

So, I had come out with a decision that we are going together in one car! hehehehe.. Here is som picx from that day. :)

Having lunch @ MamaChopPapaGrill!

Teeheeeee! While waiting for tht movie. We snap2 la!~

Hehehehe.. One more! Love you!~

A little treat from my sis!!

Chocolat Ice-Cream with Peach, Strawberry and Chocolate chips topping!

Oren, Vanilla and mango ice-cream with peach, strawberry,gummy bears and chocolate chip!