Saturday, April 23, 2011


heeee...actually i have wasted this one day lagi! huhuh. not studying. MELAGHOO jee!! huhu.. but i think after this am going to glued my self to the study table n be there until tomorrow morning.! haihhh!! =.= i have to finish this subject. But, how to finish if didn't even know how to start?

Malang betul! During classes ask us to study on the topic and later each group have to present what we understand. But the problem here is now, even we had read it earlier before class, still it is something new for us. How could we present what we understanding for the fact that i TAK PAHAM SATU HABUK PUNNNNNN!!

hahhhh! We also never being expose tau to the contoh of question. No past years, No exercise! Then where we should start to do revision? For me, this sem, this one subject is the worst! I also don't have any idea on how he do our assessment. uhhuhuhuhu..takpe lah.. it going to be Sunday tomorrow, n paper will start the day after.

Counting days left before flying back to Pahang! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Live. Laugh. Life.
Who knows.
For tomorrow might never come.

Quoted from one hindi movie. But I also don't know why that i can't stop from watching this one movie. It always succeeded to make me cry.! oh! Seriously this one movie for me is very meaningful.

The love. The sacrificed. Th tears.

A story about this one guy. He once said that :" All my life, I am running form love. But now when i find Love, life is running away from". Sadd sentence.. I don't know what is suffered by Aman. *because tak dicakap pun dlm movie* Just like he has a very weak heart. And the weak heart finally were beating someone's name. But still the beat is very slow. N the time is becoming shorter each day.

He fall for this one cute girl who is actually feel the same towards him. This little girl, who had forgotten how to smile. But Aman teach him back how to. With him, this girl feels happy. She were able to smile through her daily life.

But one this little girl come to confess to Aman, he lied to Naina that he's already married. It was a sacrifice. Big one. He want the girl to not putting any hope on him. The man who were now counting his last days. He lied. N once again the heart feel the pain. Not because of his illness. But knowing that he is going to let the one he love go.

He tried to help the girl to find love. Secretly. :) When the girls finally meet with her life path. Its time for him to say goodbye. To rest from all the pain he ever experienced. To live behind all those person that he love. To go to another world. A world where he can run and enjoy his life freely. :)

:" In this life, I will find someone to love her. But in the next life, she will always be mine"

Although it was just a movie. It really touched me!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


tiktoktiktoktiktok..! 12a.m!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR ABG!! :)

heeee.. (if and only if he can hear it la kan..) now let me cita2 pasal this one big abg that i have. (big abg yang tak berapa nak big) ngahahahahaha...Actually kan..dulu time we are still kids, routine of the 4 of us is fighting and quarrel all day long. *kan3?* this abg ooo.. manyak suka buli adek2 Woooo..hahaha...

Terigt time kte smua still kecik..then during school holiday.. we are going to play the same thing yearly. hahaha.. still remember kahh??

1. First n for most! To play khemah2 dalam rumah..haha..all morning our lovely mak lang trying hard to make the 'house' look like a house! haha.. *u guys paham?* hhehe,,then after mak lang already turun tangga for dapur, we started our camping session..hehe.. take out all the selimut that mak lang dah lipat elok2..then letak atas kerusi pastu tindih lagi hujung2 selimut with some heavy cushion or pillow. hehehe..yes...we masing2 stay diam inside kan? hahaha..tbe2 nanty mak lang naikk.. *aaaaaaaaaaaa..* semua jerit dan lari lintang pukang.. Sambil2 bebel mak lang jugak lah yang tolong kemaskan semua...

*but..if our camping sempat bertahan until end of the office hour.. we are going to kemas it sendiri ok! * sebab takut kene marah ngan mama n papa..heheheheh..

2. The second game yang tak pernah lepas is maen sorok2..hehehe..terigt plak i am exhaling my breath but tbe2 one of our neighbour nampak my perut boncitt.. *blushed!* hahaha... then macam2 tempat la penah kte sorok2 kan..under the tilam....belakang almari.. Ade yang main kelat menyorok sampai luar rumah.. *n one more funny things.. igt tak ema pernah nyorok dlm kain mama!!!! hahahahahaha..mcm2 halll

3. then we usually main perang2..n one of the fun facts is because of our house's area lagi besar, and we are living in a so-called 'kampung'..then we were not playing among 4 of us. But abang will usually invite his friends to play tgether.



n then i remember that one day.. kte main bola dalam rumah..then me ke who yang kick the 'ball'..actually bantal..n piangggggg.!!! it hits the clock! huhuhuhu..we try to fixed it. takut kene marah!!! g kedai nyoh...beli gam uhu n everything..but it still senget. Then brainstorming on the best explaination could be given. hermmm.. then tbe.. *tinnggg!!!*

kucing kami jadi mangsa..mentang2 la da mmg mase tu musim kucing panjat tingkappp..hehehe.. then kitorg bgtau mama kucing yang buat jatuh..*semua muka innocent!*

heheheh..then ape kaitan cte2 neyh dgn name yg disebut? hehe..sbb AHMAD FAIRUZ is the one yg always help to make the thing interesting. Our abang neyh haa yang supply stuff for games n everything..

banyak g game yg kitorg selalu enjoy same2 4 beradek. Rounders, rejam selipar, galah panjang, men basikal kat pdg umah, perang2, masak2, macam2 lagi lah! hehehe..

n today is your birthday,, i would like to sent to you a very warmth bday wishes. For u abg yang now ade jauhh tgah sailing. Happy birthday bro..May all your dreams come through, May live long life, May ALLAH blessed is always with you. N may He always protect you where ever you are. THis is on behalf of mama, papa, kak farah, me, ema, woh, mak lang, and everyonr you know who is always love you. *kak efa jugak!* hehehe..

Monday, April 18, 2011


eeheeee..lamenye tak berblog..ngee.. :D nyengehhhhhhhhhhh... hahahaha.. ape yg na diagkn agknye yerk? hahaha..persoalan yang bertindih2..hehehee..takpe la....mmg i suka men teke2 neyhhh...haaaa...ape nak beragak neyh?

1. Agak-agak kannnnnnnn..ade tak org yang seringg menanti entry baru saya?? ('.')v

2. Agak2 kannn...ape mama ngah buat skang??? hehehehe.. (yg ney mg tiap mase sy teringt!)

3. Agak agsk kaannnnnn... Sape bakal hubby saya nanty?? OPPSSS!!!

4. Agak2 kannn...bila bha saya mo start study neyh (ahaha)

5.dah abeh da...banyak malas nak tuliss..hahaha..byeee!

Friday, April 15, 2011

.: Satu.Ari:.

Yerrr...berat betul mata tgah2 ari cenggini..huhuhuhu. study pn tak ag neyh. ptg2 gini bace ape pun tarakk masukkk.huhuhuhu... sebenarnye kan, i have been wishing to produced an educated and full with knowledge punye blog. I dont want la mengarut ntah ape2 n cite setiap satu tapak kaki i g stu sini. *kalau boleh baru lepas kentut pun nak bgtau kat blog kan* hahaha. itu sebab sy terimpi2 stu blog yg berilmu sket. bukan blog sampah. huhuhu. tp ney pendapat masing2 la kan. sebab for me. our private life shouldnt be publish to public kan.

kalau nak jugak, just fina an alternative. Like having your own diary. dalam tu ikut kau la nak pos ape pun! bukan ape. Pos2 yg sampah buat aku rase saket mata nak tgok kat bahagian new entry tu. igt kan budak2 pandai post la bnda2 yang berilmu sket.. tpi??? haihhhhhhhhhh.. =.=''

okeh..stop. persoalannye arini:" Satu ari!" hehehehehe..apekah? satu ari tu saya maksudkan arini laa.. sabtu (16.4.2011)... arini shud br announced starting of study week! arini mood nak study tak mari la...jadi i decided tu start study malam ney. *sebab me mmg jenis yg suka study time malam* time sunyiiii..hehehe...bising bagak mcm skang bace ape pun ssah nak masuk lam pale..huhuhuhu..n ssah nak paham..

soo..tajuk post tu mmg takde kene ngena pn..saje je wat gempakkkk..hahahaha


ape yg compulsory n ape yg tak? haha.

1. compulsOry meh nak update status tiap2 sepuluh minit?

2. CompuLsory meh to write rubbish in u blog? (own's Opinion!)

3. Compulsory meh nak konon2 canang kebahagian kekeluargaan? (this one funny)

4. Compulsory meh to write every step ur boyfie do in the FB?

5. Compulsory meh show of?

haaaa..answer me! is all that compulsory. i had been thinking for half days n didnt get the answer.

No need kottttttt.. *panjangnye! try to imagine my lips saying that kotttt* haha

if there is news or update yg all people wanna hear / had been waiting ok la. neyy.. haihhhhh,,

guna kan kemudahan Internet dgn sebijaknye! Jangan bazirkan laluan traffic internet dgn post benda2 yang mengarut carut! *mentang2 la dak it kan.haha*

ok? ala paham kaaa??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.:PiniSh:. last day for assignment n presentation. td pagi ade presentation for our System. *Distributed system*. ALHAMDULILLAH semua berjalan lancar.. hehe.. during the presentation i admit i am lil bit cocky.. hahahaha...tgh susun2 ayat kan..but i really feel sorry for Ing Ting. huhu..sorry dear! tengs for saving the moment during presentation..

then arini i thought nak pegi least before start study week kan. tp masing2 tgah takde duit..huhu...i only wanna spend time with those lovely people. *anne, ziqa, martha, amie*. huhuhu.. seriously. tapi tu lah..nak wat camane kan...saboo yo la..

but then we have come out with a plan. to go one day holiday kat Pulau...hehehe.. cant wait tuk mase tu..means for second week of exam..4th may paper France, 5th may Pulau insyaALLAH, 6th may PAper techno.n 7 may balekk!!1 hahaa...mcm2 aktivit p..aktiviti ari sabtu (7th may) tu yg saya paling tunggu sekali..hhehe

Monday, April 11, 2011


Cita-cita. Dari kecik kite di dngr kan dengan pekataan ney kan? Tapi ape cite2 kte sebenar nye? kalau tanye skang..agak2 ade jawapan ke? ase nye dah nak abeh grade first degree ney pn belum ag set cte2 dalam kepala.

A:" Asal kau takde cite2?"

Me: :" sebab mula2 cite2 nak amek medic tuk degree..mane tau last2 kene amek engineering."

Mama: "Takpelah sayang..bukan rezeki Eqa nak buat degree medic. Memang lah ade tawaran Mesir tu, tapi nanty kesian anak mama kene duk jauh2" *ney yang 2 tahun lepas pnye ayat*

ayat baru mama skang :" Naseb eqa tak pegi Mesir.. kalau tak mesty susah haty mama"

huhu.. Mom..I LOVE YOU..

ok sambung pasal cite..

tanye budak umur 4 tahun

A: adek..ape cite2 adek?

Dak kecik:" Nak jadi Ultraman!!" *sambil buat action*

A: "nape adek nak jadi Ultraman?

Dak kecik :" nak bunuh raksasa jahat!"

haha. kelakar kan. tapi jgn gelak sgt..sbb kte2 pn pernah je bagi jawapan yang lebeh kurang sama..kalau tak ultraman, batman lah...superman lah kalau perempuan sailormoon laa..haha..dan mcm2 lagi..

Ok.situasi seterusnye...Tanye budak darjah 5

A:" adek..ape cte2 adek?"

Darjah5:" Aiman nak jadi polis."

A:" nape nak jadi Polis?"

Darjah5:" sebab ayah Aiman polis. Lagipun cm besstt je dpt tembak2"

ok..yang ney satu lagi..hehe..takpe lah..budak kecik..hmmmm...situasi 3.. tanye budak tingkatan 4..lelaki dan perempuan ade pandangan berbeza..


A:" Awak rase ape cite2 awak?"

L:" tah la kak.. mase depan kte ney kte je yang merancang.. ALLAH yang tentukan. "

A:" mksud akk perancangan adek la"

L:" ikut kan nak jadi doktor..mcm best je kerat2 org neyh.lagi2 perempuan"

adehh..dekkk..niat tak betul . akk doakan supaya adek tak jadi doktor! *OPPSS*


A:" Awak nak jadi ape lepas ney nanty"

P:" tah la kak..result pun belum tentu lagi. Kalau ade rezeki nak jugak merasa jadi model ke..pelakon ke..paling2 penyanyi pun ok."

A:" result? maksud adek?"

P:" ye lah..tgok result la nanty kalau lulus ke gagal. Kalau gagal takde ape la..jawabnye kawen je la dgn pakwe saya tuh"

Adeehh...keciknye pemikirannnn...huhuhuhu..macam ne kalau result awk gagal then 'pakwe' awk tu dpt tempat kat Uni..igt dia akan pandang awk lagi meh? aderrhhhhh....

k la..setakat ney dulu berkongsi pendapat tentang 'CITE-CITE' hehehe... len kali kite jumpe lagi yewww!!~

Saturday, April 9, 2011


here. i want to tell u guys about this one little baby angel. I might not know how much her parents's suffered. How painful it is also for u little angel to go through all those hospital procedure. yes. U were hurting little angel. i might not ur mama n i also didnt have the opportunity to met you face to face..u might not know me baby. but i am inspired because of ur mummy's story about u girl.

U were strong sayang

U were small but yet u courage is soooo unbelievable.

to live on to give ur mum some times to living on the short 'kenangan terindah'

at least..

u give ur mum chances to hold you.

to kiss you.

to hug you.

to sleep with you.

n those little time u spend with ur , mummy, daddy n abg

were so precious.

Dear Little Baby Angle. Be proud that someday u will be the one that hold ur parent's hand into heaven.

Just know that ur parent's love for u is never ending. How they get hold of you as long as they can. Until one days, u yourself dont have the strength to live on anymore. And u left them, peacefully.

Kakak doa adek now can run freely and jump and hope all over the places.

Kaka doa adek now ade will free fromm all the pain that restrict ur movement before this.

Kakak doa adek now tak lagi berbelit dengan all this wires yang all this time ade pada adek.

Kakak doa adek now boleh makan sepuas hati adek. Drink and eattt everything to your heart content!

Love you sayang. May u rest in peace. Amin,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


ngeeee.. arini kat SKTM lagi saya.. :) hehehehe...

AIM awal: Study O.S for next week test.

LAST2: Masing2 online dat 'TERLUPE' niat awal.

hahahhaa.. sot2tai!

pasney nak makan meggi. Meggi cup! hehehe. *nak jugak cerita kan?* tah pape tahh..hooo

hemmm..di harapkan agar mood study akan dtg dalam mase 10 mnit dari skang. *harr?*

heee.. k La.. jumpe kat next pos! tapi sory tau kalau saya jarang update blog pasney! sbb saya bakal sibuk. so sorry.


hummmm..dah lame kan actually acara ney berlansung? tapi sory k. I got no interest in writing sbb the mood takde. Hehehe.. Now i will. Comment as a fans of one of the most prestiges Award ceremony. ABPBH which stands for Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian is an award that gathered all artist and seniman from all over Malaysia.

This timee, once again it is conducted at the Arena Of Stars, Genting Highland. Hosting by 3 of the 'pelawak' Malaysia. Sharifah Shahira, Zizan Raja LAwak, And Raja Azura *or also known as Kak Engku* hehehe. Overall ok la.. nak puji lebeh pun tak ade org bace gak entry ney kan. haha.

hemmm..i love the combination of the three hosts.. it was fun entirely and it was also a fair result that. almost all of my favourite artist that night walk away with at least one winnings. Lisa Surihani, Shaheizy Sam, Pak Nil, Fafau, FBI, Zizan. hehe.. they deserve the trophy and they really had contribute to the Malaysian's Entertainment world.

But it is a bit dissapointed about the show that night.. i were almost caught my self sleeping in front of my lappy. The slow sing should be mix with some cheeky and fun show. But they arrange all those slow n 'lullaby' song next to each other. Erghhh!!
But fortunately Ella had make a come back at the end of the ceremony. Her energy had lifted all audience up and terang kan mata i yang dah kelabu asap ney at least.. :)

then the winner of the most awaited and prestige award also not dissapointed..hahaha.. SHAHEIZY SAM wonned it! and the closing show also refresshing.. hehe..thats all.. a comment from one of ABPBH followers!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


hehe. the topic is simple. as simple as me. it had been quite long since i wrote with all my heart. One of the person i respect most in my life had passed away. *sad mood*. AL-FATIHAH.

he struggle with the big C for almost 4 years. When at last during end of Disember. He passed away. peacefully I guess. Because he managed to carry her fasting during Ramadhan, manage to do the 'Puasa ganti' and also managed to finished the 'Puasa 6' (after Raya). I respect him especially when he writing his blog. Without those 'syok-sendiri' picture. Without those messy gadget. Without those 'bising' song. He still able to catch thousands of his own follower and fans.

Yes. Peolpe were touched for all those entry u write. People were inspired by ur writing. Make us feel like a fool if we give up our life. U with the battle between life and death yet u are so positive in living life. I wish that i couled know u better. Be a friend and share ur happiness.. Ur sorrowrity. But ALLAH do have it owns plan for His Ummat. He loves u more.

Semoga beliau ditempatkan di kalangan org yang beriman. AMINN..

Just know that he is one of the people that inspired me. Another person that always be there for me. And support me sincerely. Is my lovely Mommy. Pn. Ruhaini. She knows me the best. She know what's my like and dislike. She know my suffering when i am in pain. she Is always there. Smiling. and cheered me up every time i am down and listen to me very carefully each time

I can share evrything with her. Even about boys. hehe. But kadang2 only. She with all the jokes make me laugh all day. She is the best mum. :)

Third. My father. The hero of my life. En. Mislan. Eventhough i talk about them so many times. but i'd never feel bored to do so. My daddy. My mummy. they are the lights of my life. Yes. i cant hide it. I LOVE THEM TO THE VERY END OF MY LIFE!

fourth? of course my cool and supportive siblings! Abg. Akk. Adk! cukup! No one else! U WERE NOT PERMITTED TO 'KACAU' MY LOPLY SIBLINGS' :) with the three of them plus papa n mama. *also woh, mak lang, makecik, and family yang SAYA SAYANG* my life is complete.

I thanks ALLAH for granting this family to me. We lived moderately. InsyaALLAH dgn megharapkan barakah MU, panjangkanlah umur kami, murahkan lah rezeki kami, lindungilah kami dari sebrang bahaya dan malapetaka, berkati perjalanan hidup kami. AMIN...

Saturday, April 2, 2011


this entry were specially dedicated to him. Semoga beliau sentiasa dicucurim rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yang beriman. Arwah banyak bagi kata2 motivasi. Mybe for him it is only something he write to show his feeling and to share his thought. but his words give me so much motivation. Thanks.

My mum is an ex-cancer patient. Although when she struggling with the illness we were still young. but we can see how much pain that she undergo. Yes. Chemotherapy had made her vomit and become weak.

And as for you, It have been a motivation for you. Yeah u were strong enough to fight against ur illness. Doctor give you 30 days left to lived on your life. But yet you were able to lived for another one year.! Maybe some will look that as a miracle. But as for me, it was actually your spirit to lived on that make u able to live for such time.

Once again. AL-FATIHAH untuk arwah. Semoga beliau ditempatkan dikalangan org yang beriman. semoga tempat beliau di syurga hendaknye. Tulisan beliau dah berjaya memberi semangat kepada saya.dan saya percaya ramai org lagi kat luar sane yang mendapat dorongan dai tulisan beliau.

Semoga di sana kau tak lagi merasai kesakitan yang kau tanggung selama ini. Semoga di sana kau tak lagi berselirat dgn wayar2 dan kabel2.. semoga di sana.. kau mampu bernafas semahu mu. dan semoga disana kau mampu berlari bebas dan tidak terkekang lagi dari penyakit mu. semoga kamu menemui kebahagiaan!