Saturday, December 31, 2011


Alhamdulillah. I'm still granted with the chances to live on. First thing I do today once I open my eyes .. Put my hand on my chest.. Counting my heartbeat. Feel the warmth of my blankies and inhale some fresh air.. Alhamdulillah Ya ALLAH. You still give this opportunity to live on..

This is my first entry for 2012. As everyone else, I' wishing for a better year then before. And one of my life most important event will be happening by the end of this year insyaALLAH. I'm going to be graduated soon. Still have one more semester to go with and I'll sure give my all out for this final year. May the three years effort paid-off. Final for this semester will be in the day after yesterday. But my preparation were still like 50-50.. Huhuhuhu.. Mane tidak. I've been busy with FYP presentation and settle all the reuirement for my practical and all that had take half of our study weeks.

*its my fault jugak kot suka study last minute* HUhuhu... I admit that..Tapi still I'm trying my best to study and stuffed everything inside my mind. Hopefully this effort akan membuahkan hasillah. HUhuhuhu..Dah lah this is the first time during my study week that I kene fever, flu and everything.. Manelah tak terasa study week cepat berlalu kan... HUhuhuhuhu...

Hmmmmmm.. *tukar topik* All this while, 1 January had make me become moody dan sedihh. But last night everything change!! Heheheheh... I think I've found someone that can truly accept me for who I am. Dia berjaya membuat kan saya lupa pada luka 1 January. Tapi setakat mana hubungan ney. Biarlah masa yang menentukan. Even with all those sweets thing he do. I still couldn't say that he is the one for me. Sebab itu semua urusan DIA.. Kami berserah pada DIA.. :)

That's all for now. I'm going to start this year with joy and happiness insyaALLAH. Pray for me hearts.! And for you Incik F, let the time decide our future. In the mean time, let's get to know each other first. <3...

Mummy, IMY.!

Got a phone call from my beloved mummy just now... ;)
Once I picked up the phone,
Mom: hahahahahahahaha...
Me: kenapa mama ketawa..???
Mom: Saje suka2... hahahahahaha.

*Mommy you were actualy calling to hear my voice because daddy tell you that I'm not well kan*

Me: Macam2 lah mama neyh.. Hehehehehe...
Mom: tak keluar ke malam new year?
Me: takdelah..dah nak exam.. Duk umah je baca buku..
Mom: Baguslah..tayah la ikut jejak langkah remaja2 tak berfaedah tu..
Me: tayah risau lah..all this while pun my new year spend ngan mama kat umah kan..

*u taught us well mama. Now I'm glad I'm not one of those teenager that were so eager on celebrating new year eve outside with friends. So u don't have to worry about me here*

Mom: baguslah. hahahaha.. Dgr kate muka kene kaut dgn jentolak..??

*mummy is being so sarcastic! Perli saya because of those pimples on my face!*

Mom: Are u ok? dengar kata tak sihat?
Me: eqa ok la ma. Biasa lah demam sikit tuh..cuaca skang kan ta menentu..
Mom: Ye lahh..banyakkan rehat.. jaga kesihatan...Bila nak balek?? hahahahahahaha

*Did u really miss me that much mom? Sabar ehh.. Another 2 weeks that I'll be with you.*

Me: HEheheheeh..RIndu ke? lagi 2 minggu balek lah...
Mom: *gelak lagi* Hahahahahaha.. ok2.. Eh dah ade calon ke?
Me: Takde lagi ma. tunggu lah nanti cari sorg ala2 ustaz tuk jadi menantu mama
Mom:: Tu lah doa mama hari2...
Me:: Hahahahahahaha.. Mama..mama...
Mom: k lah mama nak tdo dah neyh..
Me:: ok ma.. Love you. Night.

Hey mom. I know all the laughed were to hide you worriness about my condition right? Don't worry. I'm all fine here. The idea of being able to reunite with you in another 2 weeks had actually make me become stronger. And insyaALLAH all your prayers will keep me accompany and make me become better. I do love you and miss you much too. Lots of love. Eqa. :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

HB dear girlfriend!

Heho! Kabare wakkkk?? Hehehehe.. Actually I have a lot of things to story the morry.. But I'm going to post this one first since this is the main event for this weeks. HIGHLIGHTED event..! The one that we had been waiting for nearly one months. Hehehehe. A surprise birhtday party to our dear girlfriend.!! Hehehehe

The play maker: Fateen & Amie

The victims: Ziqa

The crew: Wa, sue, Ceng, k.Linda

The chronology:

*The planning popped outtaf our (me and Ami) head like one months ago. And we had been planning for the best way of ambushing the victims. Hehehehehe..

*The crew members add up last 2 weeks when Wawa and Sue decide on joining us for the party. Everyone seems impatient but we have been too busy with assignment and FYP sampai lupa kejap about this event. hahaha

*The day is getting closer. From the main planning it is going to be celebrated during the 28th, but then postpone to 29th but later postpone lagi to the 30th. Means we are going to celebrate it right one day before her big-day! Hehehehehe

*D-Day...!!!! It was 30th of December and the 4 of us were using any chances of her absencity to plan everything out. Hahaha.. Hilang je Ziqa from our sight then we will start to discussed about it.. Then later tiba.. "shhh2..dia dtg..dia dtg.." hahahaha..Kelaka wehhh!!!!

*After sending her back to her house, kitorg pecut balek to SKTM.. All the main crew were there so we have to be there in order to plan everything out..

*Last minute crew added! K.Lin and ceng decide on joining us. No hal lah broo! The more the merrier kan? :) So we head out to USIA for Maghrib and later going down to 1B for some shopping. Cake and everything else were so done and we later head back to IP (where the victim's is expect to be) Hehehe

*WEnt for the local restaurant to booked for the main course. Semua dah lapar and terlelap2 masa ney. Mengantuk masing2.. Hahahaha.. After siap semua..............................JENGJEJENGGGGG...!!! Head out to the crime scene.. Behehehehehehhee!!

*Upon arrival at the crime scene, we saw the opportunity to give her a total surprise since her housemate were studying down stairs and the door were wide open. hahaha. It's me who have been sent to talk with the housemates. Dealing with them. Ask them to turn off all the light and we waited right in front of her room..

*KNOCK*KNOCK* Hehehehe.. and when the victim open the door...!! SURPRISSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you! Happy bithday to you!!!! Hahahahahahahaha.. She was in total shockkk!!!! hahahahahahahaha... Nasib baik tak pengsan member... kui3.......

Then everythin was like a messed for her.. *memang tu niat kami pun* Hahahaha.. she don't know what to do. Blur2.. hahahahah.. Kemas sana kemas sni..campak sana campak sni.. And the most important things above all is the tears of happiness!!! Heheheheheeh.. Glad to know that u r happy with it darlingsss!! hehehehehehehehehe... After the blowing the candle then we start our small party for her. MakanMAkanMakanandMAkan lagi.. Hehehehe.. We stuffed ourselves sampai semua dah mengah2 nak makan..hahahahahha.. Kelakar wehh.. Even the celebration is few hours earlier then 31st December tp sbb smua dah lapar so tak leh nak hold lagi dah.. Hehehehehehe..weeeeeeeee...!!!!!

And here is to my dear friend:
"Giving u a birthday bash is the first thing that I've ever planned for this semester. I really hope you enjoy it last night. It's kinda unexpected kan. tapi tu lah namanya surprise. Hehehehe.. And I would like to take this opportunity to again give you a warm wishes of happy birthday. May all you dream come true and May ALLAH blessed will always be with you. May you can achieved everything that you wish in your llife. And Praying that you will meet up with your prince charming one day! :) Luck and barakah in every single step you take. Wishing you all the best in the year to come, may your day be filled with sunshine and beautiful colours. ANd last but not least, I wish you a great and wonderful Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!..!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Amacam tajuk entry kali neyhhh? Hehehehe.. Korang jangan salah paham yekkk. VIVA tu bukan means aku nak beli keta, atau aku baru nampak keta VIVA eksiden ke hape ke.. Tp VIVA tu nama presentation Final Year Thesis kitorg. Okeh. Cukup explain pasal perkataan tu. Sebab aku pun tatau ape kaitan antara Final Year Thesis kitorg ngan VIVA. Aku dilahirkan di UMS untuk menggunakan perkataan tu. SO aku post balek  guna perkataan tu gak lah... huuhuhuhuhuhu.. Aku tatau logiknya hapeee... hehehehehehe...

So. Today is my so-called VIVA presentation. You guys sure don't wanna know how it happen.. Hahahaha. Funny, stressful all those feelings were kinda mixed up together. Serious weh. Dari darjah satu masuk story telling, membawak ke choral speaking time darjah 5, sambung plak Public speaking time sekolah menengah. Aku tatau nape aku nebes tahap gaban2. And yang paling aku pelik org ta nampak kenebesan aku tuh. Padahal aku ase bibir aku dah seputih bibir mayat dah.. Apetah lagi kalau presentation hall tu sejuk nak mampus.. Sedangkan bilik tak berkipas pun bleh buat aku rasa beku. Inikan plak bilik yang dipasang air-cond patblas bijik and semua disetkan ke 0 degree celcius. Aku rase lidah aku n gigi aku dah jadi sama keras dah. =.=''

Okeh. Proceed to the VIVA presentation just now. After my oral test during my form 5 and MUET speaking test during my matriks. I think just now is one of the most 'so-scary-merry' moments in my life. Being early to the presentation room doesn't really to be helpful. To add on the burden, watching all the previous person being attack and ask macam nak gila by their examiner.. Haihh.. Lecak ketiak wa cakak lu..!!! Dah la tuh, time2 org lain present pun examiner2 tu duk keras kat situ lagi. Aku dah tensen ngan examiner aku sendiri.. Dah yang lain tak reti2 gak nak balek tu bakpenyee.. Huhuhuhuhuhu.. Tiap saat yang berlalu *ecececehhh* Ayat cilake kuar dahhhhhh...Aku doakan cpat2 lah examiner yg lain2 tu bergerak.. Lemme have some shuweett time with my examiner only.. nasib baik cun2 time aku jeh...sorg2 kuar tinggalkan bilik tuhh.. pheww....!! LEGA MAK!!!

Tapi still lega tak lega mana lahhh... Sebab gugup tu tetap ade.. DUPDAPDUPDAPDUPDAP... Kalah degup jantung org nak akad nikah.. hahahahaha.. Leh dgar dari jarak 200 meter.. Hahahahahahaha.. Tiba je time aku, ngan penuh yakin n tawakal nye aku menapak ke depan.. hahahahahaha...Time allocated = 10minutes..


Sekian. Terima Kasih.


Mampus. Aku bercakap ke wat demonstrasi masakan ala-ala chef wan tadi ehh? hahahahahaha.. Yang aku tau aku berjaya mengabehkan slide aku and aku bercakap tak terlekat..Dah cukup...*walaupun suara ktak puru masih juga terhasil dgn kerapkalinya* Aku kesah plak. Katak puru ke katak kembung.. Aku tau beban yang selama ney aku tanggung macam kendong Gunung Kinabalu atas belakang badan aku dah berjaya lepaskannn.. FUhhhhhh!!!! Tapi degup2 jantung tu laju lagi..Sebab kene tunggu komen examiner dulu.. Alahaiiiii..Nasib baik lah examiner baik.... Dia komen lemah lembut longlai..*JUJUR NEY* Betul2 neyh.. Dia komen sangat membantu.. Dia siap listkan correction yang aku patut buat untuk FYP2 aku.. HUhuhu.. Tiba2 aku jatuh cinta plak kat dia.. *bini org tu oiyya* hahahaha... bongok..aku straight lah.. saje je wat ayat gempakkk..hahahhahahaha....

And that is how my superb day ended. Balek rumah..Tido. Bangun tido demam. Yess.. Lagi la super duper superb.. And now still coughing non-stop. Pandai plak dia nak sakit time2 cenggini... SUKANYA sayaaaa!!!!!!! Takpelah yang penting aku dah bleh K.I.V fyp for this time being.. and.. hurmmm... Sambung ngan preparation for final plak... heyeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Kemon lahh..!!!! TO be continue lain kali..!! hehehehehe

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog Busukk!!

Hahahahaha..title tu tade kene ngena ngan post pun.. Saje je nak cari tajuk.. dah takde yang sesuia main petik je lahhh.. Heheheh. .. Incik blog busuk bape hari tak mandi? hehehhehehe.. Busuk2.... Ehh2.. Nak gtau nehhh..Tomorrow will be my VIVA presentation for my Final Year thesis.. =.='' Yes. N until now I'm still leisuring and blogging and watching movies. Huhuhuhuhu.. Memang siap lah aku besokk..

Kalau tak kuar suara versi katak puru.. Memang tekeluar suara versi parkinson aku.. *aku memang allergic sikit bab2 public speaking neyh* rase macam nak muntah je.. If everyone else is having butterfly in the stomach..Aku rase aku dah the whole zoo in the pancrease dahh!! elephant in the liver, giraffe in the heart, snake in the thoracix cavity, owh there is one more.. zebra in the intestine! Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.. Serious wehh.. Kecuakan dan kenebesan yang melampau..

Tapi aku standard lah...cakap je takut.. yet I didnt do anything jugak in the end.. paling2 kejap lagi tidur lah aku sambil ditemani kenebesan melampau neyh... Huhuhuhu..Dan2 lah time ney sneezing non-stop.. batuk2..kering tekak.. Esok bangun takde suara mampus aku.. Sempat ke nak blaja bahasa isyarat neyh? *hoiiyy!! Puaka mulut*

Semenjak dua menjak berkenalan dgn incik tension dan puan stress neyh bahasa aku pun dah semakin menjadi2 liarnyaa... *salahkan mereka berdua kerana melawat saya sekarang* Mereka berdua ney sgt lah ditakuti.. sehinggakan segala jerawat2 yang selama ini bersembunyi sudah lari keluar dari muka dan segala rambut2 yang selama ini melekat elok atas kepala dah mula nak lari and gugur sana sini.. =.='' Hilang ayu aku bila memikirkan soal 2 ekor tetamu ni.. Datang tak pandai nak balik plak tuhhh.. *balek la oyy kau laki bini...*

Aku pun dah naik biol dah neyhhh.... So sebelum Incik blog aku pun ikut same biol better aku stop membebel dulu.. hahahahhaaha.. so long incik blog.. tengoklah kalau semua nya berjalan lancar esok aku ajak kau gosip2 lagi keyhhh... :) Take care ..!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Update!

I'm not going to privatized my blog/twitter/facebook. Because what I share with you guys is what I've been through in my everyday life and some might help to give people strength to move forward. Like how some of the people have inspired me through their blog/twitter/facebook. I do wish I could also do those kind of thinsg. Inspired people through my words and help people who are in need.

But for now, since my final semester exam is just around the corner, then I guess I should give more focused on studying and revising everything. But don't worry! I'll try my best to update things here.! Adios me 'amor..! :)

And here another one. :)

To my dearest friend. :) I'm writing this out just for you. I know this might change your mood. But still I wanna tell you this. As this might be the only chance I have to tell you this. Again, I decide on writing down all the things that I wanna say. Because this is the best way I think I have to express my feelings. I don't have the strength to speak things out. So I decided to write.

To the friend that is always humble and caring.
She who always so cheerful and happy.
To a distance that I become jealous for her happiness.
She who live her life to the fullest.
Know how to cheerish every single moment of her life.
She who never dissapoint me.
She who always try to be there when I need someone.
She who complete my inner circle of friendship.
And she who never failed to make me laugh out loud. :)

Every single things that happen. Every single moment that we had been through together, I hope, I pray, will remain as the best memories that we have in our lives. In the future, we might meet up with new people, getting to know new friend. But deep inside, I'm praying that this friendship will remain as the best that we ever had. Let the memory remain until the very end of our last breath!

I dedicated this entry specially for you my darling friend. You know me better then the other. Because it's you the one that I turned into if I wanna share something and tell something. I love to hear all of your mumbling and nagging. Yes. Never getting tired of it. Although sometime it might sound a litlle bit harshed. But I know it's just that you don't want to see me being toyed over and over again. I accept every single words with my open heart. I know sometimes my stupidity were obvious. Right? Hahahaha. I'm totally laughable.
But seriously, having you as one of my friend were one of ALLAH blessed for me. I feel glad knowing that everytime I encounter a situation, there will always be you to help me sort it out. Or at least stand by my side, support my every single decision, giving out advice although sometime I just ignore it. *I'm sorry* Huhuhuhuhuhuhu.. This is all I wanna said.And again, Thanks for being sucha good friend. One that will always remain as the best in my life. You and Ziqa. Yes. You guys were ALLAH's blessed for me. Thanks again and again.


I've decided to write about u. :)

I suddenly feel like wanna share about this one little friend of mine. With the current condition of my house yang dah mcm kelab malam. I can hardly revised or study. So I take this little time to write something about you. My dear friend. The one who never failed to cheer me up. :)

She who seems ignorance.
She who lived in her own world of famish.
She who never care about the outside world.
She who always be in front of her lappy.
She who never show her love towards her friends.
But she who never failed to make me smile
She who never failed to make me laugh.
She who never failed to be there when I need someone.
She who never failed to be there when I wanna cry.
She who never failed to be a friend.
A real friend.
A true friend.
Indeed. She have all my respects.
Yes darling.
I'm talking about you.
This is everything that I wanna tell you.
I hope you will read it until the very end.

*I'm out of words* Actually I'm writing this right after I call her and knocked myself out. There is at certain limit I feel like she is too good to be one of my friend. Even I can't be as cool as she was. I only have these words to thanks her for everything that she had offered to me. Sorry dear friend. You know me well. Right? If I'm right in front of you. All this word were like so geli2 for us kan? But this is my true feeling. I really wanna tell you. But I don't know how. So writing all my feeling down is the only way that I could think of. I know this might not be good enough as compared to the pure friendship that you had offered me all this time. But I'm trying my best to be one of bestfriend of yours. I'm trying really hard. :)

And as time passes by, I realized that our friendship worth everything in the world that I should fight for. And insyaALLAH as long as I'm given the chances to lived in this wonderful world, I'll stay there as you friend. As long as you want me to. And I hope you feel the same about this. Because losing one valuable friend like you is the last thing that I ever wished to happen for me. And I will always pray that those time will not going to come because I'm praying that this friendship that we started as stranger will continue to grow. In this life, and in jannah insyaALLAH. Semoga persahabatan ini akan terus kekal. Sampai syurga insyaALLAH. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy

I'm in the middle of studying and later decide on taking a break and havva quick update for my Incik Blog. I decide on writing about mummy since yesterday was her birthday.. *sorry mum for the late update. Your daughter here were truly busy!* Ahahkkk!! But I do wish her through a phone call as early as 6am yesterday morning.. Hehehehe..

Dear mom,
Happy birthday and I pray that you were always in the best state of health. I pray for our happiness day and night. As the most stubborn daughter of yours, I might have hurt you a lots. Kan ma? And I'm sorry for all the immature things I had done before. But just to let you know, after this, I'm not going to be the same person anymore. Yes. I've grown up. I've become mature enough and I'll try my best for not hurting you anymore. I don't want to see those tears running down your cheek anymore. And if possible, I don't wanna see you cry anymore. Not now, not in the future. What I hope to see everyday after this is the warmth smiling face of you. I really miss you mom.


Dear lovely mummy,
Did you know that how afraid I am if I ever make you cry or when you suddenly turn silent during our conversation. I really wish I could turn back to all those time and repair everything back. But as we all know, that is so impossible. Kan ma? So what I have now is the future. And I'll try my best for not hurting you anymore.. I love you mom. And no one will ever can replace you in my heart, my life.

Dear the greatest mom on earth,
Here once again I wanna wish you a warm wishes of happy birthday. May ALLAH blessed you with barakah and rahmat.. May HE also blessed you with a good health and May you live long life. Love you mummy. Now, and forever.


Friday, December 16, 2011


I keep wondering why my Incix Blog seems to protesting and mogok with me this few days. Rupanya he's demanding for me to change to this new blogger layout lah.. *haihhhhh* The old one doesn't seems to perform in it's best so I decided on trying to change to the new layout and surprisingly it operates like usual.. Is this what we call as *heemmmm..kejap..I forgot the term la..Baru belajar semalam* hahahahaha... haaaa.. Found it.. Parallel web development? Heheheheh.. *konon2 pandai kejap* It's ok lah..Since, I had choose to use the new blogger layout then I need sometimes to learn and explore the button postion and everything..This will just be a quick update since I'm not posting anything this few days kan... So here it. The first entry after changing the blogger layout..Hahahaha...Greating you guys a nice day ahead and do take care of yourself keyh love! :)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time sure flew too fast.! Part I

huhuhu.. Sape2 yang rase ade perasaan macam saya sila angkat lobang hidung belah kanan.. (0.O) <------- lebeh kurang cenggitu lahhh.. hahahahha... hmmmmmm... Sedar tak sedar je kan.. 2011 is going to end soon.. huhuhu.. Seriously. Cepatkan masa berlalu? I think I just arrived here last few weeks but I'm going to graduate next year..?? Homaihhhh.. Sungguhh..!! Cepat sangat masa berlalu...
Rasa macam banyak lagi azam tahun 2011 yang ta dapat capai.. *bleh main postpone tak?* hehehehe... kira boleh lah ye since mmg tak sempat dah if nak catch up skang.. hahaha.. Saya buzy ngan macam2 perkara okeh.. Plus this year we got FYP summor... I was like.. erghhhh!!! Jerawat pun asek timbul tak henti2... kepala pun kalau dah dan pening memang tak terbangun dah sayaaaa!! homennnn... sangat busy... sangattt... and the latest.. need to prepare for CV and register for LI lagi.. hukhukhuk....
Betul2 rase tak tekejar.. *sape suh kejar kan? jalan sudehhhh* hek.. mengong lah kaoo...!!!! baru kejap td g intai homepage LI...ehhehh..finally realized I'm not ready to register yet.. hahahaha.. biar lah dulu..ade time lagi kan.. :P kui4... ehhh..lupa plak tengah nak buat entry..hehehe.. ter'blog-walking' kat blog org lein... hehehhehehehe... i think this is it for now kot.. to be continue..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Give Thanks To ALLAH

Alhamdulillah. My FYP1 progress dah hampir sampai ke penghujungnya. Even bersakit-sakit. Dgn macam-macam lagi dugaan luar yang mendatang. Aku berjaya gak sampai ke hujung and siapkan thesis 1 aku... ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH... Mahu atau tidak.. Terima kasih tu tetap untuk DIA yang Maha Esa.. Tanpa bantuanNYA mungkin aku masih lagi terkontang kanting nak siap kan semua neyh. Slow-slow, satu persatu, aku berjaya siapkan jugak.. Walaupun bukan 100% lagi. Tapi alhamdulillah aku berjaya sampai ke satu tahap yang aku sendiri tak dapat nak bayangkan masa mula-mula dapat tugasan ney dulu..

Sesungguhnya aku sangat berterima kasih padaMU Ya ALLAH...

Atas kurniaan kesabaran yang telah Kau berikan kepada aku.. Terima Kasih..

Tapi all this doesn't stop here.. I still have few other project that need my full attention and responsibility.. I seriously feel that I need to pu more and more effort... Semoga Kau akan terus perkuatkan diriku Ya ALLAH..Hanya padaMu tempat aku bermohon dan hanya padaMu tempat aku meminta pertolongan.. Kurniakan lah aku dgn kesihatan dan kecerdasan yang berpanjangan... Supaya dapat aku menumpukan sepenuh perhatian pada tanggungjawabku.. Jauhkanlah aku dari sebarang penyakit yang bisa merencatkan perjalanan harian ku.. Lindungilah aku dari bisikan syaitan yang direjam.. Jauhkan lah sifat malas dari dalam diriku..

Aku berterima kasih diatas setiap satu kurniaan dan anugerahMu Ya ALLAH.. Sesungguhnya aku telah menemui jalan yang selama ini hanya aku dengar dan ketahui melalui pembacaan kitab suciMU.. Kali ini aku berjaya menemukan jalan tersebut dan semoga dgn rahmat dan hidayahMU, aku mampu untuk terus bertahan dijalanMU ini.. Bantulah aku dan bimbinglah aku Ya ALLAH.. Hanya itu doaku untuk diriku..

Dan Kau lindungilah kedua org tuaku Ya ALLAH..Adik beradik ku.. Dan seluruh kaum keluargaku.. Berikanlah mereka kesihatan yang berpanjangan. Jauhkanlah mereka dari sebaranga bahay dan malapetaka.. Jauhkan lah mereka dari kejahatan syaitan dan iblis.. Lindungilah mereka dari sifat kedengkian sesama manusia.. SInarilah hati mereka dengan nur dan hidayahMu. Terangi hidup mereka dengan cahaya keberkatanMU.. Bukalah hati mereka untuk agamaMU.. Limpahi mereka dengan kurniaan dan rezeki dari sumberMU yang halal Ya ALLAH..

Ya ALLAH Ya Rabbi, jagalah mereka disaat penjagaanku tidak sampai kepada mereka.. Lindungilah mereka disaat rangkulan ku tidak dapat mendakap mereka dalam pelukan yang nyata.. Sampai kan kerinduan aku ney kepada mereka.. Sampaikan kasih sayang aku ini kepada mereka.. Semoga kami mampu sama2 bertahan dalam setiap ujian dan cubaanMu Ya ALLAH..

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. :')

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Once again! I Love You!

Before today end.

Before 4th December become 'yesterday'

Lemme say few more words of appreciation.

To our beloved great parents.

Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

For rising us.

For teaching us everything.

For let us live in a life full with love.

Thanks mom. Thanks dad.

For give us such a warmth family.

For rising us with such patience.

For all the loves.

I might not be the best poet.

And my english were so broken tho.

Even daddy were so great at it. :)

But I still wanna write this.

Just to expressed what I feel.

Just to let you both know how much I love you.

I really want to learn on drawing portraits.

So that I could draw our own family portrait.

But I'm not good at it.

So I decide to just write.

Having En. Mislan and Pn. Ruhaini as our parents.

Was the greatest blessings from ALLAH S.W.T.

You both were such a great parents. :)

And I will never feel tired or bored to say this out loud.


Ya ALLAH Ya Tuhanku, lindungilah kedua ibubapaku dari sebarang bahaya dan malapetaka. Berkatilah dan rahmatilah kehidupan mereka. Sayangilah mereka sepertimana kasih dan sayangnya mereka kepada kami sewaktu kami kecil. Jagalah mereka dikala penjagaan kami tidak dapat merangkul mereka dalam dakapan yang nyata. Lindungilah mereka pada setiap langkah dan perjalanan mereka. Kurniakan mereka kesihatan dan kesejahteraan yang berpanjangan. Harmonikan hubungan diantara mereka sebagaimana sebelumnya kini dan selamanya insyaALLAH. Ya Rabbi, janganlah jadikan kami anak yang derhaka.. Tetapkan lah kasih sayang diantara kami. Amin.. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary Dear Parents!

24 tahun lepas. Masa nie. Mama mesty tengah berdebar-debar sambil telek2 inai kat jari-jari dia. Papa plak mesti tengah sibuk menghafal dialog akad nikah ngan tok kadi. Hahaha. Jantung masing-masing mesti dupdapdupdapdupdap.. Memikirkan macam mane lah perjalanan hari esok.. And after 4th December, mama n papa sah jadi suami isteri..! And tomorrow the date signifies 24th years of togetherness between mummy and daddy.. :)

There is nothing more that I could give accept prayers and du'a untuk kesejahteraan dan kesihatan beerpanjangan buat mama and papa.. That is the only things that I'm affordable right now. But I promise that one day. I'll give you more. Just wait for a little more years. I'll make you both proud of me. Not just me. But I'm writing this on behalf of the 4 of us. Abg, akk, me, adek. Who all this years had been raised up together by a great parents. :)

You both taught us well and give us so much love and care. Never allowed us to worry over the family problems and always be there when we need one of you. Your willingness to stay over night if any of us fall sick. We appreciate those things very very much. No words can tell how much we love you. Might not be as big as the love we had received from both of you but still our love for both of you were unconditional, with no limits, no boundaries. :)

Thanks for teaching us on how to be strong in facing any life possibilities. Thanks for give us the chances to live in this beautiful world. Where we had learn on appreciate each other, love each other, be there for each other. Tho now distance were seperating us, tapi kasih sayang yang mama n papa dah tanamkan dalam hati kami adik beradik tetap menyatukan kami. We proud to have such a great parents.

And now after 24 years, slowly, we are taking our own path. To the success. To make you both proud of us. Untuk balas setiap titis peluh dan keringat mama n papa yang dah jatuh untuk kami. Untuk setiap pengorbanan yang mama n papa dah lakukan untuk kami. Kami sedang berusaha untuk membalas semua itu. Dengan masa depan yang cemerlang. Dengan menjaga mama dan papa selagi hayat dikandung badan. Untuk terus setia berbakti pada kedua orang insan yang amat berjasa dalam hidup kami. :)

Let's enjoy and celebrate the 24th years of togetherness. I will always pray for the best things to happen in our life. And foe mummy and daddy, just know that we love you as much as everything in this whole wide world. You guys are number 1 hero and heroin in our life. Our role model. Our inspiration. Our strength. Our love. And our destiny. Dalam mata mama and papa, we will always be their tiny little babies. :) So do us. You guys will always be the greatest person in our life. Love you as much as no words can describe it. Love you. And miss you loadssss!!!

Happy 24th Anniversary ma and pa! :)

Sahabat terbaik saya!

Semalam. after habis Ombak Rindu. Me and this two little monster jalan-jalan kat 1b sambil cuci2 mata. :P I dont know why. Dengan mereka berdua. I'm free to say anything. I'm free to tell everything. So do them. Eventhough there is still sometimes ada benda2 peribadi yang kami simpan sendiri2. tp kadang bila dah lama2 semua terlepas jugak. After some session with them. I feel free. kosong. ringan! Hehehe..

They two were like a true friend that I had have for years. Even kami baru berkawan 3 tahun *approximately* hehehehe... You both should know urself. No need fer me to mentioned it out kan? U guys know urself better then the others. Because in my life. U guys were currently ranked at one of the most highest place. *under my family and siblings* Even if one day aku ade bf pun. I'll make sure bf aku tuh ranking dia bawah korg 2 tau! Sayang korang ketat2..

*nape lah petang ney aku layan jiwaaa neyhh*

When I say I Love you

Counting every passing minutes to midnight. :) Will make a very special post tonight.


p/s: I love you both mum! dad!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ombak Rindu!

Herggghhhh!!! Seriously. Sape yang belum pergi tengok? GO3..! G tengok cepat..!!! Heheheheh... Seriously.. Sangat best. and for me who had been waiting for this movie since last year lagi. I think it's worth it.! :P

Harriz I'm falling for you! Omaihhh!!

He was so cool. But I do cry for certain moment during the movies. Especially when tengok air mata sorang laki jatuh sebab perempuan yang dia sayang. Erghhh. *touched* Seriously. I wonder of there is a real man like him in our reality. If does. Then his future 'Izzah' were so lucky! Huhuhuhu...

Kalau before this every single boy is dreaming og becoming Kasyah *LBS.. Then after this I bet Harriz will take over that place.. demiit menn! Ney nak cari bf neyh... *tak memasall..* hahahah... Betul2.. After this all girls will wishing for a man like Harriz for their future hubby... *wink2* This facts were strongly supports by my two laling who went for the movie with me today! Seriously. Kami ber3 do cry okeh! *sobbing* hahahaha

Takpe lah. Janji cerita dia best. Jalan cerita maybe a lil bit boring. Tapi diterima because if we were expected the story to be told precisely as the novel. Then it will took one whole day lah! Hahah..sempat beku dalam panggung wayang tu nanti! Hehehehehe..

Sape2 yang belum p tengok...go3.. strongly suggested for the followers of this novel. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Darah Oh Darah!

Hayyyyyy...!!! Heheheheh.. Harini saya nak conteng2 pasal doktor..!! kenapa? Sebab akhir-akhir ney saya ade banyak dating dengan doktor.. eeeeeee.. Sukanyaaaa!!! #___________# Seriously.! Sayasangatsukabilatiaptiapbulandarahsayakeneamek..!!!

And this Tuesday darah saya kene amek lagi.. Ohoooyy!! Sakit...!! Lagi-lagi bila time bz2 gini. Amek darah even just satu tube tuh bleh buat kita rasa letih! Penat! And cepat ngantokk!!! Hopefully this will be the last time kene amek darah.. Sebab dah tak larat.. Penat lagi nak kene berulang tiap2 bulan.. Nak buat kat swasta almaklumlahhhhh.. Duet takdooo!!! *jimat2* HUhuhuhuhuhu....

Friday, November 25, 2011

No title for this entry.

heeeeee... ^____________^ mulakan dgn senyuman.. ehehehe.. hai all..! ape kabar semuaaa..? :P today i don't feel like doing anything. Studying, assignment, FYP, bla..bla..bla.. All that were being kept aside.. Sebab memang takde rasa nak buat semua tuh. I really want to do this once. Be free from all the stress and enjoy my daily life.! And today I manage to do it..!! :) And seriously it do help me to lightened the burden that I had been carried together with me since the start of this sem.

Today I went for movies and makan2 kat luar with kawan. Movie ape? Hehehe.. Perlu tanya lagi kehhhh??

The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 1

Comment? Go and watch it for yourself! To those who are really into this serial movies. This is so worth it to be watched.! Seriously. I mean really serious. I don't want to say much. Enough by saying it is the best part of the movies. And you won't regret it. Unexpected story line. Unexpected things happen and non-stop surprised until the very end of the movies. Hahahaha. Enough saying about this. Or else nanti kene pukul..!! ;P

Before movie we had our lunch dekat Kenny Rogers. Seriously the first time I think I enjoy my lunch without having any memories on Assigment or anything else. And I think that was the feeling I had been missing since the start of this sem. =.='' Too busy with tasks sampai dah lupa perasaan makan sedap itu apa. Apa cerita? hahahah.. The muffin. The coleslaw. And the chicken of course! Sedap.! Sampai tak hengat dunia keliling! Hahaha. Yummeehh seriously.

After lunch we take a relaxing stroll around the mall. *good for digestion okeh since we were planning on getting some popcorn lagi during movie nanti!* Hehehehehehehehe.. Munch*munch. And yet you're claiming that you're gaining weight kan? *bijak fateen bijak..* Well2... Hahahaha..

After movie, kitorg split up. Mag2 balek and I'm still there continue to wasting time with my two dear darlings. From Nichii to PDI to Brands Outlet. To mane mane je lah dengan budak dua org neh! Mesty menjadi..! Wanna know who? hehe. Cinta sayang saya. Darling2 saya. Perosak Diet saya. Penyambung mood saya. Mesin ketawa saya. Dan mesin air mata saya! hehe. 2 of my besties. my loves. My friends. My besties. My best buddies. *kalau dorg baca. mesty dorg kembang* Banyaknye saya puji dorg. hahahaha.

After some jalan-jalan and fitting room session. We decide on going back sebab dah totally out of energy. hehehe. Now pun I'm typing this while half asleep. hahaha. sengguk2 and sangat mengantuk. tapi takde rase nak tido plak. Huhuhu. Tomorrow will have to start back with my normal so-called 'final year student' life. Huhuhu. Bye2 good day. Hello problems!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Macaroons and Kimchi!

Ehehehehehe. This part dah termissed plak. Today is my very first time trying this two foods. Hehehe. Beli masa APK lahh! APK? Heemmm.. It's one of the compulsory subject to be taken where a group of student have the choices on choosing any business that they wanna do. And the APK expo were starting today too. *same dgn tamu gadang.

So during our lunch time just now. Me and Anne pay a visit there. *mau cari makan baa...kelaparann* hahahahah... After walking around, we decide on trying the macaroons *because they were cute plus its ann's friend who sell them* and the kimchi..! They provide us with a reasonable price lah.. We buy those two foods and head back to SKTM untuk mencekik...

My first try on the macaroons. :"ohhoo..maniss..!! my teeth!!* hahahaha.. Tapi sedapp..since the things were melting inside our mouth. hehehe. The feeling was superb and it taste nice too. *diorg buat sendiri kot tuh* Sedappp..!!! Screw the teeth. I wanna eat summore! Hahahaha... They were soo colorful! And seriously we were having trouble on choosing the color.! Padahal the flavor inside same jeh..Hek4... Rambang mata looking at those tiny little colorful thingy. Nasib baik sedapp.. :P

And then makan kimchi plak. :"ommo~ ney rasanya kimchi." hehe..Ok lah. Not bad. But if there is nasi putih ke or even meggi mesty lagi terangkat punya makan kimchi tu tadi. They were also selling the ice noodles at the kimchi stall. But we forgot to buy it since hujan lebat masa kitorg tengah membeli tadi. Will try to get one tomoro. Hohohoho. And lupa jgak nak snapped gamba those cute macaroons. Huhuhuhu. Makan punya pasal benda lain semua lupa..!!! Hek4...

Still got few days more for the APK and also the Tamu Gadang. So will pay another visit tomorrow or maybe on Friday. Lets see how first lah..!! Ok lah now I seriously have to off.. Besok ade exam wehh!! ;P babay dear darlings! See you soon..!

Tamu Gadang UMS!

Weehuuuu!! The convocation seasons is just around the corner. And the Tamu Gadang (name given to our sambutan convocation season) Had officially start today..!! Expecting heavy traffic around UMS starting today oo... Plus expecting to meets with lots of seniors too! Maybe planning on hanging out together? :P Who knows kan? Will update more later.! Now have to continue with my study. Esok ade midterm weh! And my final year thesis chapter 3 too!! -.-''

Blog Updated!

Nak update pasal apa lagi kan kalau bukan pasal the current fever. #harimaumuda lahh!!! Roarrrrrrrrrrr...!!! Hehehehehehe... Even they lost to the Syrians today but hey be positive man. This is their 4th game in one week time..! Kalau kita kene bahan ngna lecturer suruh hantar 4 project dalam masa seminggu pun kita dah melenting kan??? So don't blame them for this lost. Just remember that they had won us the Gold medal during the SEA Games. Proud to be Malaysians la weehhh!! :)

Heshhh.. Penat masih berbaki lagi. Dude! They were resting for only few hours before training for this game. But still, with the facts that they were playing at our own beloved country, they give their best and the best performance ever. *muka puas hati* The Syrians have many advantages. Dari segi physical and mental. But our player maybe were too tired. Plus the last game play on the final stage of the SEA games they were being attacked physically and mentally. So this is not their fault tho.! They still give out their best performance. :)

Man of the match? Of course lah the Malaysian Sweetheart! Our #harimaumuda keeper.! Incik Apek. Credit to u bro! But still, without the others. It is impossible for the him also kan. So lets give a rounded applause for the team! Don't worry guys. As the supporters. We are still here right behind you guys. To always supports and cheer the teams up! For now, just have a good rest and gambatte for the next game! ^_______^


Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hayy all...! Been a busy week for me during whole last week. Yelah baru naik cuti kan. Then have to settle down everything. Submit up few other things and reschedule my activity. Hmmmmphhhh.. The 'to-do-list' also had been lengthen for few miles longer..! *okeh tu metafora* hahahah.. Tapi still yes. There is so much things to be done and submitted before final. Hopefully I can perform well! :) Pray femme yaaahhh!!!

I decided to make a post today.. Why? Look at the entry's title pwesssss!!! Yes.. That is today's date..!! Nice number aite? Hehehehe.. let's pray for some miracle to happen today? Duit dalam bank ++ ke... Finish few jobs ke. Cover more chaps ke... Apa2 je lah.. But lets pray something good for today! *dapat jodoh ke...* bahahahhahahha.... I started this morning a bit better then yesterday. Maybe sebab semalam hati tak tenang dek kerana menunggu perlawanan bola semi-final SEA games kot..

Owh ya..! COngratulations #harimaumuda! For being able to go for final!! Even yesterday's game were like a little boring and slow but still you guys make it! True credit goes to no 14, Izzaq Faris! Hehehehe.. *my darling* *errhhhhhhggghhh!! Perasannn!!!* Hek2... Seriously, the game's rhythm suddenly boosted after he enter the field. And dia penggerak to the last night goal tooo!! But have to be outta field after being tackled hard by the opponent player. *aku jumpa kau siap kau*..!! Berani kau terjah darling aku mcm tu!! salah arena lah kau!! Situ tempat org main bola wehh bukan kickboxing!!! Grrrrrrr... *mengencang kejap*

Hahahaha..But still #harimaumuda manage to be in final.. Wuhhuuuuuuu..!! Despite of all the kate-kate si busuk hati yang dilaungkan kat stadium still we were able to show them that our mental level is not the low! Buuuhuuuuu!!! *bangga ney..Naip pun hidung dah kembang kuncup!* Hahahahaha.. Nice date to celebrate our victory dear Malaysians player.! 20112011..!! weehuuuuu..! Ehh2..tak boleh.. Still have to focused fer da FINAL...!! INDONESIA again kan? Herrggghhhh.. hate that fact!

It's not really because of hating the country.. But their attitude before, during and even after the game lahh! Why were they have to hate us that much? Bukan ke persaingan sihat tu lagi positive dalam sukan? Kenapa nak kene kutuk2 and disrespect opponent team so much? It can be clearly seen during the group level match hari tu. So disrespectful toward out national anthem. And keep using harsh words and quotes towards the officer and player. *tapi respect #harimaumuda punya spirit tak tercalar pun..boohhhhoooo* hahahahahha....

Hehehehehehe..dah2...end cakap pasal bola.. Ape2 pun kita tinggal tunggu final lah.. Hope Malaysia could give out their very best. Even dah dengar dua tiga perkara yang tak sedap didengar kan. Especially ramai yang injured kene wushu ke karate tah dgn player Myanmar semalam. Then those dapat kad kuning semalam. Diorg still boleh turun untuk final kehh? Hmmmppphhhh.... Let's wait and see..

As for the beautiful date today, let's make peace no war. Let's make smile and workout things that should be done. Let's be happy and start new spirit... Jom kita belajar...!!! ^___________^

p/s: Knowing I have such a great family, siblings and friends make me strong enough to go through every single problem. Love you guys a lot! Muaahh3.!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hehehehehe... This picture was taken during our last hang out before the holiday. Saje upload lambat so that I have things to do during tension time macam skang. Hahahahaha.. I love them both sangat2 ketat2... We were crazy enough when we were together. And they were like the real friends that I ever had! :') Glad to know that I have them. Muahh3..! Sayang korang..!

To My Dearest Siblings...

It have been such a very long time since we had the chance to spend the holiday together. Being able to be with you guys at home were one of the most memorable memories I had created this year. Yes. I'm blessed with the three of you. Having you guys as part of my life really give me no more reasons to ask for more. Plus with ma and pa. My life were complete. :) I didn't ask for more and I really appreciated each and every single passing moments when we were at home.

Time sure flew this fast that we are now already walking on our own fast-tracking path to achieved our ambitions. Among the four of us, our beloved brothers seems to have achieved half of his life path. *kecuali tak kawen lagi lah kan* hehehehehe.. But yes. He is one of our role model and had become one of the reason for the three of us to work harder to achieved our life goals. I'm writing this because I missed you guys so much. It's only few days passes and I feel like it's already like one months since our last met. I do miss mummy and daddy too! :)

No words can tell how I wish I could be there everyday but still, I'll stay strong for this path I had chosen. :) I hope the same goes to you guys. And as we grow bigger, just remember that our beloved parents were also growing older. Each December means that they had been older by one more years. And every new years were like a present for them. Let's continue to pray and send over du'as for them to stay healthy and always be in the best state of health. Our happiness is their priority. Whatever they said, is solely due to their worrisome and endless love towards us.

Don't be hurt by their words because whatever it is. However it is. There is truth inside everything they said. Take it as advised. Not nagging or mumbling. Seriously. They said it because they love us and the only things that they want in their lives now is to see our bright future and to watch us lead a happy life. :) And still. There is so much for us to do in order to repay every single things that they had done to us. They might not going to asked for it. But we will give our best for them. Right? :)

I am writing this because I seriously miss you guys. Hehehehe. *jangan marah aaa* And the feeling that I feel will be the reason for me to work harder and achieved 'something' big insyaALLAH.. I love you guys.

The Number Three. :P

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TalentShoot Part2

Talent: Margaret

This is second best photo from the photoshoot that day. I use picnik to enhanced the color and the other were original okeh. :)


I think this is my first try of shooting with a model. Hehehe. And this one is the one that I satisfied the most. :) Love the posture and love the light rays. Seriously love this one.!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Haiiiiii guyss..!! Today I bangun pagi. Pandang kanan, mummy. Pandang kiri, daddy. Tengok sebelah mama, kakak, adek. Wahhhh.. I senyum sampa tinge.. macam ney.. *____________*

Hehehehehehe.. Happy kot. After 2 months. Seriously I missed them..! GOing to plan something out nak spend time together and snap thousands of out picture together.. Wish daddy could spaced out sometimes and pergi jalan-jalan with us... :) Going to post more update later. Now I wanna continue with my sleep. I still having headache and yes tired. Huaarrgggghhh..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love is the best word!

I found love in the deepest fear.
I found 'em on my dimmest moment of life.
They enlightened my life.
Give me every reason to stay strong.
All the joy we had.
And the laughter we share.
I do pray it'll last forever.


Hai semuaa..!! Kawan-kawan.! Esok kita raya kannn!!! Hehehehehehhehe... Tp sedih sebab tomorrow only I'm going to be with my family. Malam raya still spend kat bilik sorg2 wohhhhh.. hahahaha..Tak kesah la.. Better than those yang actually staying the whole week here alone kan.. I do pity them..But me ney pun kira seribu rahmat dah when my brother actually wanna spend me my air tix. Kalau tak berangan je lah. Ney first raya haji after 3 tahun tau.! So I'm kinda excited lah nak balek even if sampai after first raya kan...!!!

Tadi g dinner with my hosmate.. *dia tak balek..kesian plak..* Then tiba2 ade sorg budak laki ney g alih channel tv...and dan2 plak tgah takbir raya. Sebak jugak lah rasa dalam hatiii...Huhuhuhuhuhu.... Sbb bese kalau dah time2 takbir raya tuh then I tak balek I'd rather staying inside my room. TIdooo!!!! hahahaha..ney dgr takbir terasa jugak lah kurang sikit hangat nak sambut raya sbb tak dgn family...hahahahaha...

for those friends yang tak balek tu... Selamat hari raya aidiladha..!! Salam hari raya korban.. Jangan sedih2 tau...Lerp u all!!! tc..!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hye all...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heheehehehheehehhe..Seriously I've been missing my Incix Blog like pretty much craxy..~Huhuhuhu... Exam and assignment had limit our time together and yes I do mish him soooo much....!!! There is so many untold stories oww.!! Hehehehe.. Mish3..!!!!

But now since everything had passed.. yeyeaahhhh..!! I wanna make a new post for every half an hour..!!! Boleh tak? Hahahahaha.. *sukati la blog aku kan!!* Hahahahaha.. Hmmmm... About the exam..I think I had give my best and hope that the result will come out to be ok. Just praying that all my effort will be worth it. insyaALLLAH.

After havin so heavy weeks, now I feel that half of the tense had been let go. Hmmpphh... Sukati sket... Plus am going back tomorrow..!! yess..!! Hehehehehehe.. Can't wait for tat. But now the problem is I don't know how to packed my stuff dy..!! huhuhuhuhu.. Kueh mama je dah penuh satu beg neyhhhh..!! :( Mane nak sumbat baju2 I semua? hmmmmmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... lemme think..Lemme think... Hmmmm lagi..... ade jugak aku makan ney kang kueh2 neyhhh.. Hahahahaha..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tenanglah wahai hati!

Ya ALLAH..kenapa pada masa ini hati ini terasa gundah? Ada apa-apa salah yang telah aku lakukan Ya ALLAH? Ada apa-apa yang telah aku lalaikan? Ada apa yang telah aku siakan? Kenapa tiba-tiba perasaan ini jadi sebegini? Seperti ada yang meragut ketenangan yang pernah Engkau salurkan dalam hati aku sebelum ini.. Adakah ini salah satu bentuk ujian yang KAU turunkan kepada aku. Kalau itu benar. Aku terima dengan redha dan pasrah. Aku terima dan aku akan jalani semua ini. Aku akan cuba berikan terbaik agar dapat aku langkaui perasaan gundah ini. Tapi untuk itu aku memerlukan kekuatan Ya ALLAH. Pinjamkan aku kekuatanMU. Salurkan kembali ketenangan itu. Bimbingaku ke jalanMU Ya ALLAH.. Dan izinkan aku untuk terus berada didalam keredhaanMU..Didalam keindahan agamaMU.. Dalam keindahan mukjizatMU.. Dalam ketenangan kurniaanMU. Maafkan aku sekiranya memang ada sesuatu yang aku telah teralpa..

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.

And I'm strong enough for mummy, daddy, siblings, families, and for all those who sincerely accept me and love me. Thanks all. :')

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep Fighting!

Hye all..!! Had been very busy lately. Next week will be the most busiest week owh! Huhuhuhu..

31st Oct- Midterm Data Mining and Advanced Computer Architecture

1st Nov- Midterm Web Technology

2nd Nov- Midterm Computerized Security System

3rd Nov- Submission of Final year project draft 1

4th Nov- Midterm ICT Project management, submission of GUI Project 1 and assignment 2


It will be a 'non-sleeping' week for me. Hohohohoho.. Trying to give out my very best. DOn't wanna let mummy and daddy down. I seriously have to work something out. Seriously. Huhuhuhu. This week will be followed by unwanted weight gain, acne grew! Ergghhh!! *tak suka*

Seriously just now when skyping with mummy dia dah tegur. What's wrong with your face? Haiya mummy..*stress ba ituuu!!* Hahahahaha... Paham saja lah anak mu ini juga sangat merinduimu..!! *nda sabar suda menunggu raya haji!* That's y I said I'll give all out. Sebab I'm going back to my hometown by the end of the tiring week!! Hehehehe.. BIG SMILE FOR THAT!

*cant wait..Muka eksaited habishabis*

Special thanks to my lovely brother for buying me the air tix! :) -credited-

Hmmmphhhhh.. So I'm going to give my 110% energy and effort to finished this upcoming week.!! Then treat myself with the one week holiday with mummy, daddy, the siblings and all.! Hehehehehehe.. Sampai sini dulu ahhh...!! nak sambung study neyh....!!! Tata dear darlings!! ^^V

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just A Simple Quick Update

Hye guysss..!!! Wondering if anyone miss me? hehehehehehe.. Actually this few days had been busy with all the exams and project that need to be submitted before the mid-semester break. Huhuhuhu. Congratulation to all those things that I now realized my pimples were emerging more and more for every single passing days. And I'm gaining weight due to lots of snack intake during my study time. *CONGRATULATION AGAIN INCIX MID-TERM!!*

Hohohohohoho.. When all this business started, seriously, *I mean really seriously* I started to miss those past 4 months holidays. Huhuhuhuhu.. Where my life was like heaven. Having mummy and everyone around. Just sit back and have those enjoying time. HUhuhu..But now here I am.! Struglling with all these books and notes and projects too!! :( I hope as a group, we could finished our project before this upcoming weekend so that we can solely focus for mid-term exam for the whole weekend.

Straight one week of mid-term and projest submission. And I can't imagine what I'm going to turn to by the end of next week! Hahahahahah. Zombies? Pandas? Hahahahaha... But it seems that I'm giving my all out since I'm going back to my hometown for the one week holiday! *yeaayyyy!!* heheheheheheeh... *muka bahagia seorang saya!!!* Lalalalalllalalalalalalala.. Ok lah. For now I've to offline first. There is still much things that is hunger for my attention. Promise will try my best to give out updates for my beloved blog. But if there is nothing that means I'm seriously busy.! Take care peeps! Love you guys! -XOXO-

*I'm strong enough because of mummy, daddy and those awesome siblings of mine! Wait for me ya.! Willl be with you guys in less then 10 days!*

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fresher. Calmer.

Helllluuuuu..!! Hehehehe.. I'm back to my old mood liao! Semangat! Hehehehehe.. Tapi still no books open yet lah. *takpe2..Take your time darling* Wekekekekekekkeke... Today I feel fresher and even calmer from before. The spirit is here back babehh..!! Hehehehehehe.. Smile..! FOr every single things that happen! Sebab senyum mampu tukar berita duka jadi suka.! :) Hehehehehe... *tanak puisi-puisi lah harini* Nak selamber radaaakk jeee.. bOleh? Hehehehe.. *sukati lah blog aku kot* Lagipun aku tak rasa ade org baca blog aku neyh.. Kira aku tulis syok sendiri je lah.. Sekali lagi.. *sukatilah blog aku kot* hahahahaa..

Tiba-tiba rasa nak tukar mood blog template lah. Nak bagi yang cheeky2 dance2 sikit.. *bukan chicken dance* Bahahahahahaha... Hurmmmm.. Nanti lah.... Skang neyh... Next what to doo? Jemur kain lah bOngg Ngokkk!! hahahahaha.. Pemalas punya orang! *tu pun kejap lagi lah* hehehehe.. Ape kebenda yang aku taip neyh...tengah hyperactive neyh la jadinyaa.. bukan active je yang hyper...Thyroid pun hyper jugak.. hahahahaha.. *hypo pun sama nak join*kuikuikuikuikui...

Next week I got few things to do. Meet up lecturers, *ehh..WHere is my to do list* OMD!OMD! Hehemmmmm... Then the very next week. Midterms midterms midterms. I got hehemmmm 1 2 3 4 .... aiyamakkkkkk!! All were in the same week pulak kan.. *nak buat guane.. name pun student..!* Hehehehehehehe... Redha dan tabah je lahh!!!! >.< Sekarang assignment pun dah beratur panjang2.. berbontot-bontot beratur nye... Haihhh.. =.='' Nak kene perambat jugak... So this is the update for now! See u again next entry.!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go Away Pain!

Just for a little moment. Go away please. Just let me finish my job and later you still could come again and I'll settle you down. I can't focus if you keep bugging me with my works. We both suffered lah.! Gigi oh Gigi. Kenapakah awak sakit? :( Nak jumpa doktor sangat dah ke? Dah rindu sangat dengan abg-abg doktor yang hensem-hensem tu? Huhuhuhu. Let me finish my job first. Then I promise I'll sleep and give you some rest. Please. Please. :(



Sabar itu indah. Positive tu tak susah. InsyaALLAH dimana ade kemahuan disitu ada jalan. :) Skang aku masih boleh bersyukur kerana aku tahu DIA masih sayangkan aku. Dan dia turunkan satu demi satu dugaan. Untuk menilai kesabaran aku. Untuk melihat sejauh mana utuhnya pegangan aku kepadaNYA. Bersabarlah fateen. Semua ney tak lama. Bakal berakhir bila tiba masanya. Buat masa sekarang. Hadapi dgn kesabaran. Kan sabar itu separuh daripada iman. Ketika DIA menguji kesabaran kita. Bermakna DIA juga sedang menguji keimanan kita kepadaNYA.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Indahnya Sabar~

Hari demi hari. Kesabaran aku semakin teruji. Dan pada setiap ujian yang datang. Menambah lagi lapis kesabaran yang tersemai dalam jiwa. Aku sering bertanya. Akan sampaikah satu ujian besar untuk ku. Kerana DIA tentu menguji aku dengan ujian-ujian kecil itu supaya aku mampu mempersiapkan diri untuk sesuatu yang lebih besar. Dan ya. Hari ini aku menemukan jawapan kepada persoalan itu. :) Aku perlu senyum. Kerana itu sahaja cara untuk meringankan kerisauan keluargaku di kampung.

Dalam diam seloroh mama, aku dapat kesan kerisauan yang bersarang disisa ujung tawanya. Jangan risau ma.! Eqa sihat.! Eqa mampu melawan semua ini. Hari ini. Datang lagi satu ujian. Dan aku agak terkejut aku mampu menghadapi dengan senyuman. Mungkin sebelumnya aku resah. Sehingga mungkin ada teman-teman yang turut tersama berasa kerunsingan aku. Tanpa jemu bertanya mengapa dan apa. Tapi aku tidak mampu memberi jawapan. Kerana aku sendiri tidak pasti akan kerisauan itu. Sehingga aku benar-benar mendengar semuanya dari mulut doktor. Aku mampu tersenyum. Alhamdulillah. "Latihan-latihan" harian yang aku jalani untuk memupuk sabar dalam diri menampakkan kesan.

Mungkin tidak serius. Atau tidak besar mana dimata org. Tapi pada saat aku berazam utuh untuk memperjuangkan tahun-tahun akhir aku di sini. Keputusan ujian darah itu tadi serba sedikit telah merundumkan semangat itu. Tapi tidak mahu aku tunjukkan. Kerana takut nanti dikata hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Tapi pada teman yang betul mengenali aku. Mereka tahu. Mereka mampu duduk hampir dengan aku. Tanpa bercerita panjang. Mereka mampu mengembalikan senyuman ikhlas pada diriku. *Untuk itu aku BERTERIMA KASIH. *

Aku masih memeliki azam yang sama. Tercela sedikit tadi. Tetapi kini kembali berapi. Mungkin kerana aku sudah lali dengan ujian yang datang. Maka aku boleh katakan aku bersedia untuk terima apa sahaja. Tidak serius. Tapi aki tidak tahu sejauh mana kesannya kepada diriku nanti. Untuk itu kita hanya mampu tunggu dan lihat. Daripada keadaadn hormon dalam darah ku yang sebelumnya di atas paras normal. Kini kesan dari ubatan yang terlampau tinggi dalam perkiraan aku. Doktor kini mengesahkan kandungan hormon yang sama dalam darah aku seperti di bawah paras normal. Aku senyum. *tu saje yang mampu*

Doktor kata kesan dari dosage ubat yang terlampau kuat yang diberikan oleh doktor dari kampungku. Duhaiiiii..!! Taktau mana yang betul mana yang tidak. Jadi sekarang. Aku ambil jalan tengah. Doctor mane yang tengah berkerjasama dengan aku. Itulah doktor aku sekarang. Jadi dia terangkan pada aku satu persatu. Dia kata dalam keadaan aku sekarang. Pelik sikit. *mane pernah aku tak pelik kan* Hahahahaha. Lepas penerangan yang dia berikan. Org pertama aku hubungi. Papa. Then mama. Ingat nak call abg dulu. But then takut gak. Sebab dia jenis lain sikit kepalanya. Then kebetulan dekat FB dia ajak berborak. So org pun slow talk lah dgn dia. Lepas penerangan yang agak panjang. Dia boleh terima dan paham jugak keadaan akhirnya.

So sekarang. Hmmmm. Penat. Dan letih. Ingat nak kemas2 badan and nak tidur kejap. Takut jugak tak terbangun. Hmmmmm. Letih sangat tapinya. Tidur lah dulu.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chasing away those fats!

Haihhhh..!!! Seriously feel that my weight were incresing vigorously.! What to do. Now that everything were already in front of my eyes kan. If before have to walk all the way to cafe library for brunch or lunch, and later walk back to SKTM for classes. But now cafe SKTM have fully worked and we just walk few steps, eat, and later sitting back in class. Same with hostel's cafe, if before we had to go all the way outside for dinner or lunch, climbing all those stairs. But seems the cafe now had been fully worked, we only go there for lunch and later go back to our house.

TAK BER'EXERCISE' LANGSUNG!!!!!! heshhhh..!!! then selera makan tak macam nak tinggi plak kann..!!!!! Aduiiiiiii..!!! Tensen lah macam neyh..

*tu lah manusia..tak pernah bersyukur.!!* Dah ade yang dekat bising.. Dulu kene jalan jauh hari2 lagi lah bising! Abeh mcm ne??? Haaaa.. Jawab...!!!!!! Mane pergi spirit nak kurus tahh..!! Ehh pempuan.!! Kau tu sakit..!! Sedar diri sikit...!! *lalalalaalaalalalalalala* Sebenarnye senang je kalau dah ade determination. But then I'd rather staying like this and healthy then being skinny but sakit.! Hopefully the blood test result will turn out well.. Huhuhuhu.. *praying over and over again* Then after the result had come out only I'll figure out what to do next. If I'm truly healing from the disease. Then I'll start a very strict diet+exercise routine again.! If not means I've to figure something else out.. *sigh*

Please..please.. Jangan sakit lagi..But still those fats need to be cut out. Because it will make u fall sick too..!!! I'll do it slowly by not give my body too much pressure.. Anyone with great idea how I can make it tak? Hahahahahah..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Seorang suami sedang menerangkan pada isterinya tentang nak poligami.

Suami : Yang.. Abg ingat nak tambah lagi cawangan lah. Sebab hidup sekarang macam tak lengkap je..

Isteri : Maksud abg?

Suami : ye lah.. Kawen satu = isONE. Kawen dua=isTWO. Kawen tiga=isTHREE. Baru betul sebutan dia tuh. Isteri.

Isteri : Owh. Abg ade masalah lagi dalam bahasa inggeris neyh.

Suami : Maksud ayang?

Isteri : Bukan tu je yang abg kene tahu.. Abg kene tahu jugak istilah singular plural.

Suami : Tak paham la yangg..

Isteri : Ye lah. Kan bahasa inggeris. Singular tu satu. Lebih dari satu tu plural. Kene tambah 'S'

Suami : *masih menunggu penjelasan isteri dgn sabar*

Isteri : Isteri abg satu abg MAMPU. Cuba kalau isteri abg dua? ke tiga? kan da plural tu. Jadi kalau tambah 'S', lebih dari satu abg MAMPUS.

Suami : !@#$%^&*()*^%@#$%^....???



Hahahahaha.. BigB? Hoyeahh.. This time. The entry were specially dedicated to my big brother.! Hahahaha.. Dah lama tak buat entry pasal my loply family. So I'm decided on doing this. Among the 4 of us. Of course la our bigB yang paling.!! Paling apa? Paling nakal, paling baik, paling hensem, *jangan perasan. dah memang aok sorg je laki. Memang la semua aok yang Paling* Okeh.. Highlighted.. Heheheheheh.. And paling saya respect. For this time, dia lah yang paling berjaya even dengan semua 'kenakalan' dia yang sudah diketahui sejak azali lagi. *azali tu bila? Azali tu azali lahh* hahahahahahahaha... WELL2.. Congratz bro.

You've actually made us proud. And yes. Buat kitorg semangat untuk berjaya jugak.! *okeh fateen. Cakap saja tarak guna* bila mau sambung kerija? *kejap kejap* hahahahaha.. Bagi hilang dulu beban dalam kepala. penangan kuiz semalam masih berlagu berdendang lagi neh. Masih belum didigest sepenuhnya. takpe2. Pelan2 kayuh2. Rilek.. :)

K lah.! Sampai sini dahulu semua. *skeme sebentar bersama-sama cadburry*


Macam-macam yang terjadi. Sana sini itu ini. Sampai nak bernafas pun macam tersangkut-sangkut. Adat hidup pelajar lah. Lagi-lagi dah masuk tahun akhir. Banyak nak kene kejar. Nak naikkan pointer. Nak buat thesis. Nak pikir assignment. Nak itu.. Nak ini. Hmmpphhhh... Then during this time friendship were truly challenged. Masing-masing kepala tengah berat. Kepala tengah tension. Then mulalah. Nampak kesalahan org tu. Nampak kelemahan org ni. Tapi sebenarnya diri sendiri ada salah. Diri sendiri ade yang lemah. Cuma diri sendiri takkan nak mengaku lemah? Takkan nak mengaku salah. Kan?

Tapi sebenar aku aku sedar kelemahan aku. Aku tau kesalahan aku. Bukan nak kata aku hebat. Bukan nak kata aku baik. Cuma kadang-kadang fikiran waras tu hilang bila dikuasa nafsu dan amarah. Aku sedar aku terlalu lembut dengan org. Atas dasar ingat yang dia kawan. Aku terlalu beri pada muka org. Kerana alasan takut hilang kawan. Tapi bukan maksudnya aku tak tau apa itu marah dan benci. Susah bila aku dah mula marah org. Susah nak dimaafkan. Aku cuba terbaik untuk maafka semua org. Dan mintak maaf pada semua org. Niat aku nak mula kan hidup baru. Nak nyalakan semangat baru. Alhamdulillah aku masih diberi peluang oleh DIA untuk merasa ketenangan hidup baru.

Perubahan besar yang aku lalui. Alhamdulillah bawa aku kepada ketenangan. Aku bersyukur. Cuma terkadang. Bila sudah biasa dengan tenang. Datang satu ujian aku cepat melatah. Ya ALLAH. Maafkan keterlanjuran aku. Aku belum betul-betul kuat dalam penghijrahan ku. Walaupun setiap hari aku berusaha ke arah itu. Aku berdoa agar aku mampu menerima segala ujian dan mengharungi rintangan yang bakal mendatang. Aku sudah temukan jalan kebenaran. Tapi jalan kebenaran itu pun bukan sentiasa mudah. Aku tau. Masih panjang perjalanan hidup aku dan masih banyak dugaan yang bakal aku tempuh.

ALLAH sedang berbicara denganku tentang kesabaran. Sedang membantu aku untuk terus memupuk rasa sabar dalam diri. Sedang mengajar aku untuk tidak mudah melatah dalam hidup. Maka sabarlah sayang. Hanya ujian dari ALLAH. DIA tahu akan kemampuan mu untuk mengharungi semua ini. Setiap ujian itu untuk menambah lapis sabar dalam diri ku dan semoga dengan setiap satunya mampu mendidik aku untuk terus tenang dalam hidup. Supaya mampu aku persiapkan diri untuk sesuatu yang lebih besar. Apa? Aku sendiri tidak tahu. Kerana perancangan aku tidak mungkin membataskan perancangan ALLAH untukku. Aku hanya mampu berdoa dan terus bertawakkal.

Inilah sebenarnya aku. Bukan terlalu arif untuk berbicara. Apa yang tertulis ialah apa yang datang dari hati. Aku mampu jadi begini. Aku juga mampu jadi aku yang lebih senang. Yang lebih bersahaja. Untuk kali ini.Inilah diri aku. Biar org tau. Dalam diam diri sebenar aku. Aku masih punya rasa tegas. Dan sayang ku pada agama ku masih menebal. Walau apapun pandangan org kepada aku.

-Ikhlas Dari Hati-

Saturday, October 8, 2011


This morning I actually thinking on posting a new entry. But I keep thinking over and over again still I don't what to post about. Until just now I decide on posting this entry about this one friend of mine. :)Hehehehehe.. Seriously. I'm thinking that why on earth all this time I didn't saw him as a friend. A real friend who always be there for me. Yes. A friend that inspired me on study. Inspired me on not giving up life. And inspired me on continue being a strong girl in pursuing my degree.

He is actually one of the most humble friend that I ever had. Yes. If we see him roughly. He is just a normal person. A student who carry his laptop and books here and there. Studying. Focusing in lecture. Yes. He is smart, good-thinker. And in some other way, able to inspired people just by his humbleness. *I don't know if he ever going to read this or not* But I'm writing this down as an appreciation towards what he had done for me. A friend like that I think I never had before.

By just one looked. I could expressed what he want to tell me. *No heart feeling action* Just inspired. Still remember there is this once. *During the start of this sem* When I'm totally down. Yes. Seriously at the very bottom of the earth. I text him. Seeking for advised. Seeking for some words from him. So that I could stand up again. Be strong again. And started to walk the path again. He replied we me with quite a long text. *Isinya biar lah saya je yang tau* I read his text for a few times. Trying to digest all hi words. I read it one by one. Line by line. And suddenly I can feel something inside me.

The spirit that slowly grows. The sorrow that slowly faded. And the way he expressed his words. Even without knowing his real expression while typing all those words. But I'm sure enough that the words were sincere and the sentence come from a true friends. I do stand up back from the fall. I become more positive for each passing days. And study seem to be lots more lighter then before. I remember when the day after, during the class when the lecturer were still not coming in. He give me this one kind of looked like asking :Are you ok friend?.. Hahahaha..I don't know since when that I learned to read other's mind or maybe because he's a friend that really have the sincerity in helping me that I can understand what he want to say.

I just sincerely bowed my head down giving him a sign that I am ok and there's nothing for him to worry. Yes. He is one of a kind of friend that I had been searching for all my life. *tiba-tiba teringat lagu brothers* hehehehehe.. I'm not kidding man. I really appreciate it. I thanks ALLAH for granted me with this one friend. Which I know will be one of my inspiration through out my final year here insyaALLAH.. I'm blessed. Syukran Ya ALLAH.. ^_______^


Hahahahahahahaha..Come2.. Mari kita sama-sama ber'sit-up' dan berjogging dan ber'skipping'.. Mari-mari.. Hahahahahahaha.. I feel refreshed after able to do all this things and able to get sweat like before.. Ergggghhh..!! How I wish I could be runnin around the court semula.. Tapi takde kawan la mau diajak ber'tennis'... Huhuhuhuhuhuh... *sedeyyyy*

I really mish tennis like so fucking damn much.! Kesian tengok beg tennis tu duk terperuk hujung katil *sob* tapi takde kawan lahhh.! Boleh je actually kalau nak pegi sorg2 then stroke dgn still nak g sana pun dah cukup cerewet dah.. *IP..!! Bukak la satu court tennis!!!* huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.... Seriously nak main sampai lebam.. Nak lepas gian and lepas tension sekali gus.. As a sport girl like me, playin my game could really help in releasing stress and tense..!! But how lah? If I ever have a bike I will for sure go there everytime I got free time and stroke with the wall for as much that I want..!!! *but sadly I didn't have one* huhuhuhu

Just by thinking I've to take bus from my hostel to UMS then have to take another bus to Kg. E then have to walk so far away to go to kompleks sukan.. I'd rather exercising at home. :( But here I can't play tennis... HUhuhuhuhu...I'm freaking wanna play it menn..!! Aduiiiii..!!!! Nak ajak kawan2 semua ofkos la dorg banyak alasan kan.. Huhuuhu..Biar la...hak masing2 kot... ^^V so for the time being.. *bersabar je lah sayang* ade la tu masenya kau bleh p main puas2 okehhh??? Skang ney rilek2 lu...*tapi skill dah tak tajam neh...* huhuhuhuh.. Takkan nak tunggu ade tonomen dulu then terus2 g main? Aduii..!! I'm not MARIA SHARAPOVA ok!! Even Maria had her training almost everyday...!!! Huhuhuuhuhuhuhuhu...

Kira kalau aku bleh turun2 terus hebat lah wehhh..!!! Bek aku nominate myself untuk pemain no.1 dunia... Bahahahahahahahahhahahaha... Sengal wa sengal..... Shoott..!! The more I talk about tennis..The eager I want to play it.. haishhh.. bahasa tah pape dah aku guna nehh... ciittttt..!!! nak men..nak men.....! Anyone open for a game? :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hahahahahahaahah..funny wehh. But in the same time worrying if it going to bring any effect... Hohohohoho.. Actually I've realized this thing happening to me since last few months dy. But I thought it was actually just a normal thing and I'm experiensing becaue I'm too tired or holding heavy thing for too long time.. But then lately it happen again and again and the movement were like faster then before.

The vein around my elbow *bawah* keep moving even me got to see it movement and feel it pumping or looping inside.!! It can even be seen from the outside. It's kinda creepy wehh.. Hahahaha.. And It's still moving actually when I'm typing all this. Was this normal? Hahahahaha.. I think it kinda funny lah kan.. Because it looks like there were one whole bunch of people head banging inside.. *knock2..! are you doing some kind of gig down there?* Hahahahahahaha.....

Hopefully this got nothing to do with any serious illness. And it will fade by time.. *hopefully* K lah.. I think I'm going to start with my my works now.! >.<


Hahahaha..Another movie? Wat the efffffff???? HUhuhuhu... Yeah....Call me a movie freak.. I really love to do the surveys and straightly buy the tickets if feel like watching the movies. Even only by looking at their posters. Hahahahaha.. And today..I did it again.. We just strolling in front of the GSC...and by looking at the poster of Dream House movie.. "baa Net..Jum kita...!!" hahahahaha.. LOL.. *in the mood of watching horror movie but then thinking Al-Hijab might be too heavy too handle* bahahahahahahaha.. So we just go for Dream House. *kind of thriller movie too*

It's worth watching even the story line were kind of slow.. It's getting better after the true identity of the hero were revealed where the whole time he's actually living in his very own world of hallucination. Haisshhh..Kind of psychotic but what he experienced was actually the result of other's fault. He love his family, kids and wife too much until he couldn't accept the facts that they were already died. And the story of how they die were actually sumthing different and really unpredictable. *that was where the nanges part was..* huhuhuhuhu.. It was actually other's mistakes. And he too lost his precious family because of other's fault. Huhuhuhuhuhu..

Can't tell much.. Just wanna say that there is no regret to watch that movie. Yeasssss.. Best and worth watching... Seriously... It was one of the best..!!! >.<

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Even without attending any class today. But still my body feel so weak. Tired. And out of energy. Huhuhuu.. I think I already eat a lot.. But still I can said that my body feel really2 tired today.. maybe because of the pain... I wanna have some sleep dy. TOmorrow have to try to wake up as early as possible since have to restrained my leg first. Hopefully tomorrow could be better.. D= huuuhuhuhuhu..

JadiOrgCantek? Untunglaaaaa...

Hahahahahaha..Skang kan tgah zaman perkataan "UNTUNGLAAAAA..."... So aku pun terpikir nak aplikasikan kat dalam blog aku jugak... Sebenarnye kan, aku suka tgok perempuan cantek.. *dont get me wrong. I'm totally straight* Hahahahaha..Cuma aku suka tgok perempuan yang cantek dan pandai berfesyen..*Maybe..just maybe because I'm not one of them* hahahahahaha... Tapi bukan semua lah... Aku tambah lagi syaratnye.. Cantek+pandai berfesyen+pandai jaga diri+pandai bawak diri.. Haaaaa...Itulah...

Tak perlulah nak hoha sana sini.. Bergalak sana sini. If you do beautiful, people will turn back to you in one glanced when u pass by them.. Attractive.! Hehehehehehehe.... Sekali pandang je dah bleh cakap.. :" wow..Dia cantek..!" Kecantekan luaran dia tu terserlah daripada kecantikan dalaman yang dia ade.. Yerp... Bukan setakat cantik kat muka je.. What you're from the inside is the real beauty. Yang bertudung ke, tak ke, tapi kecantikan tu boleh dilihat dalam sekali imbas je. Tak perlu nak tatap2 sangat lah..

Tapi aku jugak benci golongan lelaki yang kalau pandang perempuan cantek macam sah2 perempuan tu boleh jadi milik dia..! Hehh ingat lah jugak.. perempuan ney diam2 dia tau nak nilai laki mana yang betul2 ikhlas dan laki mane yang hampassssss...!!!! Bila da pandang perempuan tu jangan la sampai pandang macam nak makan.. Tak dapat jugaknye.. Cara korang pandang perempuan pun dah menunjukkan perangai sebenar korg tau.. Kalau nampak perempuan cantek bontot dah berasap..Memang komfem takkan dapat la..Even nak berkwan...

Perempuan cantek2 ney..*bukan aku* suka jenis lelaki yang cool..Bukan mencapap... Yang beria..yang selok..yang sewit2.. tu... Bukan2.. They prefer cool guy with cool attitude. Ada pahamm??? Hahahahahahha... Kalau macam aku ney.. Sukati lah aku nak macam mane pun kan.. Selamba sudahhh..Nak kontrol2 depan laki buat ape..? kan3? Like certain 'gadis-gadis ayu' yang suka kontrol depan laki.Gelak pun tutup2 mulut.. COver2 malu.. Kalau takde laki..dia lah gelak paling setan sekali..tenganga2 mulut..!!! hahahahahaha... Bagi aku..Selagi aku ney aku.. Aku memang selamba..*tak makan saman la dalam erti kata mudahnya* Aku rasa aku nak makan aku makan..Aku rasa nak order patblas cawan air pun aku order.. Selagi aku tak menggangu ketenteraman org lain.. Org nak kate ape.... SCREWW THEMMM!!! hahahahahaa...

Tu lah gaya hidup aku.. As long as aku tak sakit kan aty org lain.. AKu tak wat org len berdendam dgn aku..dah..cukup... Untuk future husband aku nanti.. paham2 la yekkk..Hahahahaha.... :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OhBody.! -PartII-

Heshhh... Kusut..Kusut..Don't know why but my leg won't to co-operate well with me today. What is happening to you dear leg.? Is everything all fine inside? Huhuhuhu.. Have I tortured you that much that now you are actually pledging for rest? Huhuhu. Ok lah I'm giving you one day off but please be well tomorrow keyh. Praying that you will be just find. Huhuhuhu..

Today I'm forced to skip one morning lab and the evening tutorial pun seem impossible for me. *jalan pun jengkut2 weisshh!!!* Haihhhh... Hopefully there will be someone that willing to help me nak pergi klinik this evening. *praying* Sorry dear leg. I have too bring you to see the doc. Yeahh.. *sape suruh nak sakit time2 org tgah nak bz* Hahahahaha.. That's mummy suggestion and I'll go for it. No worry. Praying that it's just a normal cramped and medicine will help to sooth you. *Praying again* aminnn...

The funny things is that I asked one of my friend to help me inform the lab's instructor about this. *since it was not our lecturer in-charged* Then the instructor replied was like :" amboii.. banyak sangat pergi shopping ke?" *doommeddddd!!!* Hohohohohohoho.. Sir.. if do pun nothing cn be done dah kan? I won't forced this leg of mine to walk all the way there.. *dah lah lif rosak!!* Nak panjat tingkat 4 dgn kaki yang in super duper 'GOOD' condition neyh? I'd rather stay here in my room and let it rest for this one day.! Huhuhuu

Then still have one tutorial to be passed up this evening. But nak buat macam mane kan.. Kaki I must be given a good rest or else dia akan merajuk lagi don't know for how long. *nice* hahahaha.. I don't have the idea also why is this happening. To make me feel better. Yes I think it was because I use it too much this time around and it was too tired and now demanding for a good rest at home. Ok lah darl. Have a nice vacation keyh. I have rubbed you with the sunscreen *balsam* and get tanned *get well* soon okeh. This evening I'll try to bring you to a spa *clinic* session.. hahahaha... :)

Bahagianye kalau bleh positif maca ney hari-hari.! And for those friends.. Don't worry about me too much k. This leg of mine only demanding for a one day vacation. InsyaALLAH will be back to business tomorrow.! Have a nice day ahead.! :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Huhuhuhu....dah jarang dapat post entry banyak2 macam before.. Now I wanna story2 about myself..!! Hahaha..*tanak baca? Tak suruh punngggg* hahahahaha... Hmmmm.. Actually me myself pun taktau what is happening to me... :( Why I easily become sleepy lately.. And it's disturbing my study time lah.. Wahaiiiiiii...!! Plisssss..!!!!

Maybe because of the weather too. Still need sometimes to adapt myself.. I do think about having nescafe back. But on second thought. I cancelled it. Nanty kang tak pasal sakit lain yang dtg.. I do not planned on consuming much caffeine lahh.. Since I know it will give me huge effects later on.. *migrain* huhuhuh..then kalau dah macma tu lagi parah la nak study kan...

Oh my body.! I really hope you could resist all this and co-operate well with me.. Only for this few upcoming months and I promise to give you the best rest during mid semester break and even during the sem break later on. But now, I just pray that you could give more effort in helping.! Please do resist my new style of study.. And please adapt to it faster.! Since we need to do much more things after this..! Pliss syg..!!

I didnt have the intention to make both of us fall sick or even become too tired. I do give you much rest kan.. But still why did sekarang you easily get sleepy ney? We do have a very nice sleep everyday. Plus after starting drinking hot milk every night our sleep time have become so beautiful. Ahhh..Maybe lack of exercise kan? But I'm afraid that doing exercise might make you become more tired lahh..! For now, I couldnt help. Have to sleep.! Nyte..!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sakit Gigi vs Makan

Hahahahahahaha... Ape perbezaan dua and persamaan dua2 yang kat atas tuhh? Hehehehe.. Jawab cepatt..!! Nnt dapat 40sen adiah diaa..!! Hehehehehhe.. Meh2.. Lemme story2 to u ols.. hehehehe

Perbezaan dia Sakit gigi tu tak sedap.. Makan tu sedap.. And persamaan dia plak.. Dua2 tu jadik kat mlut.. Heheheheh.. Pandai takkk..!!! Disbabkan takde org menang.. Adiah saya simpan sendiri lah yekk.. Tp cite sebenar bukan pasal persamaan ke beza2 neh.. Cita dia sebenar is adalah SAYA SAKIT GIGI..dan susah nak MAKAN.. Hahahahahahaha.. Tu lah kau.. Sebelum sakit bukan main segala jenis makanan kau telan.. Ha ney amek balek.. Balasan sbb gelojoh sangat..!! ALLAH nak suh beringat lah tuu.. *OK2...Pasney tak buat lagi.. Pomis youuu!!!* Heheheheh

But because of having this kind of pain. I try my best to find way on how I could eat better and without causing the pain to be extended further. So I give it a deep thought sampai tertido tadi then.... *sebelum tido dah dapat ilham dah* hahahahhaa... I decided on only taking into soft thing as my food for this upcoming few days. Just now I bought plain nasi + ayam masak kicap + sayur and one plastic of hot soup from the hostel's cafe. *malas nak turun. It was demm Hot here!*

Sampai rumah I open up the food container, put everything inside a bowl and pour the hot soup. *It become like porridge.* I try to chewed the veges but auuwwww..!!! Keras nyeee.. So have to put it aside.. >.< *What a waste!!!* Sedih makan lunch wtihout any single piece of veges. But what to do kan. I would rather eating like that then continue chewing it and cause the pain to come again.

So I finished eating it and post this to blog. Hahaha. Sorry I didnt snap any pict sebab my fon cabel is no where to be found. *dia main nyorok2 sama tuan dia.* This evening since we were going to go down there for food. I might considering on eating the real porridge. Huhuhu.. *boleh kurus la kalau ini macam terus..* hahahahahaha... Cayalahhhh..!! Key lah all.. I had to cont my reading and doing stuff. :) I better get going.. See u again next post..!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hehehehehe.. Hai oll my syg2 sekalian.. apa kabar semuanyaaaa??? Hehehehehhehe.. Ada sihatttt?? Today I wanna tell u guys bout my outing today with this two loveliest friend of mine.! *Jangan Jeles taukkk!!* Hehehehe. Actually it's unplanned outing. *for me lahh* Because the other two memang dah plan kut nak kuar.. p 1B je pun.. Bukan p K.K..

First2 ktorg sampai p mamam lu.. hahahaa..lapar kut.. Da jalan kaki....Hehehhehehe...ktorg decide nak makan kat Old Town. Lame tak lunch situ. *plus ade macik sorg neh ngidam* hahahahahaha.. So after mkn.. panjang la pulak boraknye kannnnn..hahahahhahah.. then duduk2....cakap2 lagi...pastu baru gerak.....

Actually my aim memang nak p buat spec.. *because this two eyes were giving me much trouble during class la..* Hahahaha.. susah nak nampak slide show kat depan. So na tanak kene wat jugak lah. Bukan senang woo nak carik frame yang sesuai dgn muka I.. Hahahaha..kesian mereka berdua kene tolong I.. Da la nak carik yang murah plak.. *banyak nau syaratnyeee!!* hehehee.. last2 jumpe la satu kedai ney yang murah.. *dah aim kedai ney sebenarnye* then masuk.. kesian gak la kat akk tu kan....bape banyak frame kene kuarkan semata2 untuk one customer yang cerewet ney.. *tp it's customer's right sukati la...!!*

Last2 I decide on one of the frame, done the eye test lagi.. Pastu uncle tu cakap :" Finish in half an hour.." Then ktorg pun mcam..Ok unclee!! hehehehehehe...Owhh..I do report tu mummy bout doing the specs.. Heheheheheh... Mummy said :" do the k-popo style la..!! *amboiii lah..!!* hahahahahahahahhaha... sabar je laa... then after g survey2 barang kat watson and Guardian before deciding on buying things kat Guardian..

Then ktorg g Kaison. Kedai comel tu. hahahaha... banyak barang comel2 lah.. Gerammmm..!! *Sejak bila kau jadi geli neh fatenn!!* Hahahahha... Sukati la weiitttt.!! Hik3... after amek spec tu ktorg jln lagi.... mcm2 kedai ktorg masuk tp bkan mmbeli sgt pun..da dpt ape yang dicarik kre ok lah tuh.. hehehehehe.... before balek ktorg g makan kat kedai makan baru bukak depan Giant.. Kira ok lah makanan dia.. Sedap and harga standard... Then ktorg balek..

Arrggghhhhh,,!! And now I'm super tired. Since tomorrow I got morning class I guess I shoul get to sleep now.. Hehehehehe.. byeeee..!!

*sorry there is no picture lah. Sebab my fon punya cable tatau lepas kemane..hahaha..k la..nnty jumpe laggii!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Morning peeps! Hehehehehe.. Do u guys ever heard of the title before. *Kalau kate tak aku nak suruh korg delete Fesbuk ke twitter masing2* Hahahahahahahaha... Aku pun tanya soalan mengong2 gak kan.. Hehehehee..

"Do you guys know about Web 2.0??"

Soalan pertama lecturer kitorg time briefing tuk course Security System aritu. Masing-masing tak macma nak ternganga plak kan.. *Then diam...* Buat2 macam bebal gila.. *Ke mmg bebal?* hahahahahaha.. JOKING... Then lecturer point out satu satu org.. Ade yang dah siap-siap tunduk pale lagi.. Then tiba2 *RINGGG* Phone dia bunyi... Phewwwwww..!! Sape lah live saver kami tuh.. hahahahaa..after answering the call, terus dia sambung cakap pasal benda lain plak.. heheheheh..

Then masuk kelas Web Tech. There the lecturer show us about all this Web 1.0 until Web 4.0 thingy.. Hoohohoho.. Okeh.. Rupanya Web 2.0 tuh ape yang kita panggil as social networking la.. Fesbuk, Twitter semua tu menunjukkan yang kita skang dalam era Web2.0.. Hahaha.. Malunya benda tu pakai hari2 but then lecturer tanya aritu bleh2 plak tatau.. * layak kene ketawa lapanbelas round* dushuuuummm!!!

hahahahahahahahaha.. Rupanya itu ye.. Then lecturer ada la mentione now is the transition time from Web 2.0 kepada Web 3.0.. Web 3.0 tu ape plakkk?? *aduiii...bebal tahap ape la kau nehh* hahahahaha..

Web 3.0 itu lebih sikit intelligence dia berbanding 2.0.. Dia lagi pandai interact dgn users. And scope dia lagi meluas... And tahun 2011 ney termasuk dalam tahun transition from Web 2.0 kepada Web 3.0..

Hohohoho.Tbe2 rase mcm best plak blaja course nehh...hehehehehehe... Nanty kite cakap2 lagi yek...SAya nak p bukak buku... Gagagagagagaggaa.. Babaiiii..!!